Jamo S81 vs S83 which is a better choice?

Jamo S81 vs S83 which is a better choice?

Are you considering adding jamo series speakers for your home theater but can’t decide between the S81 and S83 models? Don’t worry; we are here to help you get your hands on the right one. We understand how tough it can be to choose the perfect speaker among two models the same manufacturer offers.

However, we also understand that selecting a pair of speakers based on their higher star rating is no more than a gamble. Well, you are not alone; everyone would be in the same scenario before purchasing from the Jamo series as their brand is famous for quality speakers.

So if you’re still puzzled about which jamo speaker is best for you, sit back and relax because we’ve got you covered. Well, it’s a good idea to give a five-minute read to this article rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a product that doesn’t fit your needs. Let’s dig deeper into the paper and explore it together.

The Detailed Comparison between the two speakers

We realize that deciding between these two speakers can be difficult. One speaker is designed to give excellent acoustics in larger rooms, while the other is designed for small spaces but still has phenomenal sound quality.

However, for your ease and comfort, we compared both models. So take your time reading this section to ensure you choose the most suitable option for your home setup.


Jamo S81:

The S81 is designed to reproduce clean and balanced sound, making it an excellent center channel for a high-end surround sound system. The waveguide directs frequencies in the vocal range to the listening area, ensuring that communication is clear, articulate, and accurate and that no detail is overlooked.

Jamo S81 ensures that all of your audio needs are met in the best possible way. Moreover, the Jamo SB 81 sound bar is made to connect to your TV instantly. You can connect with the accompanying HDMI cable to immediately improve the sound quality of your TV.

Jamo S83:

The S83 is specially designed for precise, balanced dialogue reproduction, making it an ideal center channel for an exceptional surround audio system. The S83 is designed to deliver incredible acoustics for larger rooms. The listening location is directly supplied with the frequencies in the voice range using a waveguide technology, which results in a realistic sound.

Furthermore, many music fans like the deep bass of these front-firing ported bookshelf speakers. Moreover, it Works excellent will all Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, and computers allowing you to play music directly from your device.

The Verdict

Because both have nearly identical features, make the selection based on available space. If you need a small speaker, the eS81 is ideal, and vice versa.


Jamo S81:

When it comes to a theatre speaker, the beautiful and contemporary style is everything you need, and this is exactly what jamo S81 offers. The new Jamo S81 has been fully redesigned to fit modern, high-end settings. Furthermore, it is available in two different colors, allowing you to select the best suits your needs.

Jamo S83:

It is simple yet elegant, and because it comes in three different shades, it can effortlessly merge into your home theatre settings. The Large linen grilles in a woven design with substantial texture give more visual appeal. It also incorporates trim rings that hide fasteners around the woofers, giving it a more sophisticated appearance.

Moreover, the topper’s metal feet smartly line with the speaker’s embedded conductive metal connections for a clean, wire-free design. The speakers’ wood grain features on the tweeters, bases, and feet give them a polished, unique look.

The Verdict

Both have a beautiful modern sleek design, but the S18 only comes in two colors, whereas the S83 comes in three.



It produces a crystal-clear sound. The 1″ soft dome tweeter has its smooth and polished high frequencies. While balanced, booming bass frequencies are produced by the dual 4″ poly fiber woofers.

It has embedded waveguide acoustic technology used to increase the integration between the various drivers on a speaker, allowing the speaker’s sound to better fit that of a woofer.

Jamo S83:

This speaker contains two 5″ woofers and a 1″ soft dome tweeter for smooth dialogue and natural-sounding special effects. The dual 5″ woofers surround your listening area with up to 120 Watts of fantastic sound. Its integrated WaveGuide technology concentrates high-frequency sound for dynamic, lifelike reproduction.

At the same time, the rear-firing slot port improves low-frequency extension. Thus provides consistent sound throughout the area. In addition, it produces noise in the complete 360-degree angles, thus providing excellent sound quality.

The Verdict

Both have woofers. Because the S81 has dual (four) woofers while the S83 has dual (five), thus S83 produces slightly more bass.


Jamo S81:

The price of the jamoS81 is lower at $219.00 because it does not support Bluetooth connectivity to a greater range, and the battery timing is also lower than that of the S83. However, it still has good sound quality.

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Jamo S83:

The price of the jamoS83 is $129.00, which is a bit higher than that of the S81 model. But expensive speakers will outperform budget speakers, especially if the most accurate audio quality is desired. And the Jamo S83 proves this as it offers excellent features that are well worth your money.

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The Verdict

If you have a limited budget, consider S81,if you have a larger budget, consider S83 as it offers great features.

What are the Similarities between the two speakers? 

  1. Front-Firing Tube Port 

Both models have front-firing tube ports. The ports release pressure in the box and allow the woofers to move freely. When the woofers move backward, the ports push air out, and when they move forwards, they draw air in.

The ports make a ‘fire’ sound in whatever direction they face. So this offers more placement options such as in cabinets, against walls, etc.

  1. Magnetic Grille / Meshes

Both models contain grilles/meshes. This is used to keep extraneous particles out of the speaker’s principal elements and other internal components while enabling sound to get through as clearly as possible.

However, the great woven linen grille cloth provides solid texture but still it’s visually appealing. In contrast, the fully magnetic grille has no mounting holes or push pins for a clean, elegant, and straightforward front baffle design.

  1. Dolby Atmos

Both models support Dolby Atmos, which works to provide your home theatre with a more immersive sound experience. These Dolby Atmos speakers bring sound from all angles, even overhead, to fill any room with clarity, detail, and depth.

What are the Differences?

  1. Frequency Driver 

Both models have a different low-frequency range. The low-frequency range varies in both models. In general, the lower the Hz, the more the bass. The frequency range indicates that the bass gets deeper as you go down on the scale until you reach a point where you can essentially feel the bass rather than hear it.

As a result, the S81 features 2 x 102mm (Dual 4) poly fiber woofers for a balanced, dramatic low end. While on the other hand, S83 features 2 x 102mm (Dual 4) poly fiber woofers that give a flat, dramatic low end.

Remote Control

Both models include remote, but their settings are different. As a result, the jamoS81 remote control is pretty compact. It has a few preset modes and can perform more functions than a standard touch-sensitive button remote.

The Jamo S83 remote, on the other hand, has touch settings and a kid lock feature. So you can control the volume of the speakers and the subwoofer separately. With a simple button press, you may switch between various sound settings.

Some Commonly Asked Questions 

1. Which Jamo Speaker has a Greater Power Range? 

Both have a great power range, with the S81 having a power range of up to 60 watts and the S83 having a slightly higher power range of up to 80 watts. As a result, S83 has comparatively better sound quality than S81.

2. Do Both the Speakers have Bluetooth?

Yes. They both possess Bluetooth connectivity. However, the S81 does not support Bluetooth connectivity to a greater range, whereas the S83 does, which means you can listen to and enjoy music from any room in your house.

3. Which Is Better for a Larger Room?

The Jamo S83 is ideal for larger rooms or open areas because it has a higher volume sound that spans a larger area without noise disruption. It’s the larger of jamo’s two center speaker options in the S series portfolio, so it’s best for medium- to large-sized spaces.

The Verdict 

It’s all about the Jamo speakers. We realize that making a decision is not as simple as it sounds because both models are well-designed and produce excellent sound quality. However, both models appear identical, but each has its own set of features.

After reading our article, we hope you feel a little less pressure in your mind because we have provided you with a comprehensive comparison between the Jamo S81 and S83 models. However, if you are still unsure, we may add our views on what we would do if we were in your situation?

So, if we prioritize bass and budget over all other features, we’d choose the Jamo S81. Although it has excellent audio quality, it is only ideal for small spaces.

However, aside from this, we’ll go for Jamo S83 due to its numerous speaker drivers and high-pitched frequencies. Moreover, it blends in seamlessly with the aesthetics of your home without sacrificing sound quality.

So, what do you intend to buy?

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