Can you connect a turntable to an AV receiver

Connecting a Turntable to an AV Receiver: An Audiophile’s Guide

In an era of advanced digital audio technology, the warm, nostalgic sound of vinyl records continues to captivate many music enthusiasts. To fully enjoy the rich tones and authenticity of vinyl, connecting a turntable to an AV receiver is a must. This article will guide you through the process of connecting a turntable to an AV receiver, ensuring optimal audio performance and an immersive listening experience.

Understanding the Basics

Before delving into the connection process, it’s crucial to grasp some fundamental concepts. An AV (Audio/Video) receiver serves as the central hub for your home theater or audio system, allowing you to connect multiple devices, including speakers, televisions, and various audio sources. Turntables, on the other hand, use a stylus to read the grooves on vinyl records and convert the physical vibrations into electrical signals.

Phono Preamp

Unlike modern audio sources, turntables require a phono preamp or a phono stage to amplify the delicate signal produced by the cartridge. Some AV receivers have a built-in phono preamp, indicated by a dedicated “Phono” input. If your receiver lacks this feature, you’ll need an external phono preamp. Connect the turntable’s output cables to the phono preamp’s input, and then use a pair of RCA cables to connect the preamp’s output to an available audio input on the AV receiver.


Grounding is a vital step to minimize unwanted noise, such as humming or buzzing, in your vinyl playback. Most turntables have a grounding wire, usually attached to the turntable chassis or the tonearm base. Locate the grounding terminal on the AV receiver and connect the turntable’s grounding wire to it. If your receiver lacks a dedicated grounding terminal, consult the user manual for alternative grounding options.

Adjustments and Playback

Once the physical connections are established, it’s essential to ensure the correct settings for optimal playback. Some AV receivers have a dedicated phono input that automatically adjusts the EQ curve for vinyl playback. If not, access the receiver’s audio settings menu and select the appropriate input type (usually “Phono” or “Turntable”). Additionally, verify that the turntable’s cartridge is properly aligned and calibrated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Connecting a turntable to an AV receiver allows vinyl enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite records with the convenience and flexibility of a home audio system. By understanding the basics, utilizing a phono preamp, ensuring proper grounding, and making necessary adjustments, you can achieve high-quality sound reproduction and fully immerse yourself in the unique vinyl experience.

Remember, each AV receiver may have specific instructions and variations in terms of connection options, so it’s crucial to consult the user manual for detailed guidance. Embrace the timeless charm of vinyl records and savor the warmth and character they bring to your listening sessions. Happy listening!

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