Fully automatic: AT-LP60BT Bluetooth TT

If you are looking for a fully automatic turntable with a small budget, this AT-LP60BT is something that you don’t want to miss. This model comes with built in Bluetooth and this implies that you can play your vinyl straight to your wireless sound system. This is what you need in the 21st century where everything is connected seamlessly having the modern yet retro feel.

Compact size

This turntable actually takes up very little space, surprisingly and it also has the 1980s kind of feel. Being pretty small compact in size means for those of you who are looking to save space and make the most out of small spaces, this model is most suitable for you. I have a preference for black and it also blends in well easily to the other gadgets.

Benefits of a fully automatic TT

The modern AT-LP60BT brings you the convenience that you are yearning for, equipping you with automatic start, return functions plus the button to lift and lower the needle. These functions are a great plus for automatic TT. Other than that, you can also effortlessly switch between 33 rpm and 45 rpm speeds using the controls on the deck. You also have a lever to move between those 7 and 10 inch records, this will help the automatic start function to understand where to put the needle. When you want to use the Bluetooth function, you also have the LED button at your disposal. At the back of this model, you will see a 3.5mm stereo output that allows you to toggle between a phono output and a pre-amplified line output.

Belt-driven platter

The platter in this model is belt-driven, made from cast metal material that is definitely more reliable and more possibly able to give you stability, compared to the lousier cheaper platters. It comes with a felt mat with the AT image on it. Appearance wise, does look a little more for DJs usage, but I still find it very cool looking.

Facts about the tonearm

Tonearm of this model comes in the form of a simple metal tube having a plastic counterweight at one side and the other end it has a plastic headshell. It performs the function of holding the moving magnet cartridge with the diamond stylus. You cannot upgrade the cartridge or the arm. You can however replace the stylus if you want.

The tracking force of the cartridge may be a little bit too strong and could possibly bring more wear and tear to your vinyl records if you are not careful. Should you repeatedly listen to the same vinyl, they may begin to degrade bit by bit over time, much more compared to other more proper TTs (which are more expensive of course). If you don’t use it too often then this concern would not be vaild for you. As with most TTs, this model comes with the dust cover. There is also a record adapter of 45 rpm which is situated in the round depression fitted into the left back area of the plinth.

Performance of the AT-LP60BT

When it comes to setting up of this LP60BT, it is as simple as ABC, literally. After you put the platter on the spindle, get through 1 of the holes in the platter and hook the drive belt around the motor pulley. Next you put the mat on the platter and all you need to do is to connect the TT to your speaker system.

Most people get this because of its Bluetooth function, and it works very well connecting to the main sound system. You just have to put the LP60BT beside your Bluetooth enabled device and press the Bluetooth button for until it has twice the purple flash. Next to know if its in pairing mode, observe the color which flashes blue and red. Once it shows blue only, you will know its successfully paired, simple and fast process.

After I set the ideal speed and record, click on start, the TT will settle everything else. Such as lifting the tonearm automatically and bringing it over the record before placing the needle slowly and carefully into the lead in groove. This model generated surprisingly pleasant music. It has awesome tunes and so far I have not experienced anything awful.

Some drawbacks…

As with the above pros, some areas that this TT can do better is in its detailed soundstage. There is a lack of emotional connection or rather I could not feel the musician’s prowess hence this part was kind of lacking. Perhaps I am demanding too much for this price range and to be fair for a Bluetooth enabled turntable, it does bring justice to my vintage albums bringing some warmth and convenience for most audiophiles.

Is this a good buy for me?

Well, this AT-LP60BT is fully automatic, very simple, super convenient and small in size for your vinyl records. For this price range, you cannot complain but in fact its outdone itself in my view. Furthermore, you have the Bluetooth function which adds sweetness to the deal. Well of course if you can afford more, you should check out the other higher quality ones in my previous posts.

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