If Your Victrola Record Player wobbles here are some reasons why it wobbles and How to Fix it

If Your Victrola Record Player wobbles here are some reasons why it wobbles and How to Fix it

Many people who are getting into vinyl will end up with a Victrola record player as they are one of the main companies out there making budget priced record players. For example, for under 100 bucks you can get their Victrola Wood Metropolitan Mid Century Modern Bluetooth Record Player which is a decent entry-level turntable. They also have stuff like their Victrola 50’s Retro Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center which is a bit more of a showcase turntable. 

While they may not be the highest quality turntables around, a Victrola record player is a great place to start, especially if you want to get into vinyl and you are on a bit of a tighter budget.

The Wobble Effect

Today we are talking about turntable wobble. Now you may think that we are looking at Victrola record players because they are more budget-friendly and that is why we are singling them out for wobbling. Well, that is not true at all, wobble can affect any kind of turntable. If you look at our turntable reviews that we have done over the years, any one of those brands could have a wobble issue. 

We feel that many people getting into vinyl will go for a Victrola record player due to them being so readily available and affordable, but it is worth noting that the causes and the tips we are looking at today can be applied to most other brands of record player. 

What Is Making My Record Wobble?

There are two main reasons (well one major) that you may be experiencing wobble on your turntable. 

The Record Is Warped 

Sometimes if a record is stored incorrectly it can become warped and this will make it wobble as it revolves. This makes the sound super trippy, if you think listening to some Led Zep can be a “psychedelic” experience, try listening to a warped Zeppelin record. If the record is stored in a place that is at an extreme temperature it can warp the vinyl, if the vinyl is stacked weirdly this can also warp it. 

Fixing Your Warped Record

To be honest with you I have had a few records be warped over the years and if they are cheap enough, I will just buy another. However, there are some fixed. Full disclosure here this first one I am telling you about in regards to fixing a warped record is not something I would do as it involves putting the record in the oven! I know people who swear by this technique, but there is a large room for error here in m opinion. 

One way that I have managed to fix a warped record is putting it between a couple of very heavy books (while it is in its sleeve of course). If you do this and leave it a while it can sometimes fix the warping. I like this method as it is very low risk of your vinyl getting wrecked. 

The Platter Wobble

If it is the record that is causing the issue that is not great, but it is not the end of the world. The most likely cause of wobble is the platter (the thing your record sits on) that is causing the wobble. If you get down eye level, you can see if it is wobbling. The majority of record players, not just Victrola record players have a little bit of wobble and most of the time it does not make a difference to the sound. 

It may sound daunting that your record player is not spinning properly, but do not worry as we are looking at a few causes of your platter wobble and also a few ways that you can fix it yourself. Of course, a huge part of the appeal of a Victrola record player is the very low price so you may very well want to just call it a day and buy a new one rather than trying to replace parts, but that is up to you. 

Platter Wobble Fixes

Here are a few causes of platter wobble and also a few things that you can try and do in order to fix it. 

A Good Cleaning Can Do Wonders

Let us start with the easiest thing you can try and that is giving your record player a good cleaning. Most of the Victrola record players such as the Victrola Parker Bluetooth Suitcase Record Player have some kind of lid on them. The thing is this lid is open a great deal when you are using it and dust and all kinds of muck can get in there and cause your problems. Taking off the platter and checking for dust and giving it a good cleaning can do it a great deal of good and getting it spinning as it should. 

Is The Platter Itself Warped? 

Is the actual platter that your records are sitting on warped? I have to be honest and say that I am not exactly sure how this could happen over time, but I am sure it could. This is more likely to be a thing that happened in the factory when your record player was made. If you want to be 100 percent sure that the platter is warped you can use a spirit level. You can take the platter off and lay it on a flat surface so that you can be 100 percent sure. 

That of course may void your warranty if it is still under it so be sure to check that first. If the record player is under warranty, return it and get a new one. If you get in touch with Victrola, they may even just send you out a new platter. You can purchase a new platter if you want, but with how cheap a Victrola record player is, it very well could be more worthwhile to just buy a new one. 

What About The Rubber?

Most turntables will have some kind of rubber under the platter, this over time can come loose when the glue wears away. If there is a bit of loose rubber on the underside of your platter this can cause all kinds of problems. It can make it bump along and wobble and be annoying as hell when you are trying to listen to music. 

You can glue this back in place, just make sure that you fully remove the platter and that you are doing the gluing in a safe place. I would also suggest that you do not use a ton of glue, just a small amount to make it stick back in place. 

Treat Yourself To A New Record Player 

Ok, so this may sound a bit extreme, but I did touch on this just before. With Victrola record players being some of the most affordable record players on the market right now. I mean, look at this! You can get this stylish looking Victrola All-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player for a little over 50 bucks right now! So, you have to weigh up the pros and cons of going through the steps to try and fix your Victrola record player wobble rather than just buying a brand new player that is also going to come with a brand new warranty as well. 

I hate to use the term, you get what you pay for, but Victrola record players are at the lower end of the pricing spectrum. Do not get me wrong, for most people these things are awesome and a great way for them to enjoy vinyl collecting at an affordable price. The thing is at this price range, you have to expect things to sometimes not be 100 percent ok. 

From my research, the majority of people who buy a Victrola turntable will have no problems. However, if you do have any kind of record player wobble with your turntable then I would say unless it is under warranty, I would probably just buy a new one, unless it was a quick and cheap fix. 

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