Ways to Fix your Wockoder Record Player Skipping

Ways to Fix your Wockoder Record Player Skipping

Wockoder makes some pretty damn awesome record players. For example, for under 100 bucks you can get this very stylish looking Suitcase Design Turntable that would look great in any room. They are all about people getting into listening to music on vinyl, but in a more modern way.

As a matter of fact, I have suggested Wockoder record players to a few friends who have gotten bitten by the vinyl bug. While they make great record players, they like pretty much all the rest can end up skipping which is very, very annoying when you are just trying to listen to some tunes, and then a skip happens. 

That is why today I am sharing with you a few tips and tricks that will help you stop your Wockoder record player skipping. Please note that while I am using Wockoder as an example these tips will also be great for helping other brands of record players that have issues with skipping. 

No Such Thing As Good Vibrations

I like to workout in my living room, but there is no way I can have my record player on while I do. The reason for this is all the jumping around causes vibrations which can make the records skip! I know that some people have said their records can skip if they just walk past their record player and hit a certain floorboard!

A way that you can counter this is by making sure that your record player is on a fully flat surface. One way that I have found greatly helps this is some kind of mat that you have your record player sitting on. This can help stop vibrations causing problems and help you be able to listen to your music skip-free!

Checking The Cartridge

Getting a new cartridge can give your Wockoder record player a new lease on life. We have many cartridge reviews here on the site if you do need a new one. However, one reason that your records could very well be skipping is because of your cartridge. 

The cause for this most of the time is if the cartridge is not aligned properly. By this I mean has it been attached to the arm correctly? If it is not then the weight may be off-balance and this could be what causes your records to be skipping. Try removing and putting the cartridge back on to see if that helps with the skipping.

Under Pressure

While the whole cartridge not being aligned properly may be an issue. It could actually be your stylus that is causing you trouble. Styluses will wear down over time, that is just the way listening to vinyl goes. I found this awesome Wockoder record player on Amazon for under 70 bucks! At this price range, you will probably have to change the stylus or even the cartridge after a few years. If the stylus is worn down, skipping could happen.

Another thing to check for with your stylus is the pressure. Stylus pressure is how hard the stylus sits on the record. If the record is skipping a lot, chances are the stylus is not on the record hard enough so that there is no weight to hold it down. So, when the record rotates, it will cause the stylus to bump along. 

Could It Be My Records?

We have just looked at a few reasons as to why your Wockoder record player skipping may be happening, but it could be the records you are listening to. So that is why I want to take a look at some of the things to watch for when it comes to the actual vinyl records you are using on your Wockoder record player. 

Are Your Records Clean?

I am a bit of a freak when it comes to cleaning my records and making sure that they are in tip-top condition. My wife says I borderline have a compulsive obsession with it! However, if your records are dirty and the grooves are full of dust and dirt then there is no way in hell that it is going to play properly.

If one of the grooves is full of dust the stylus cannot register properly and thus create a very annoying and abrasive skip. I have looked at some great record cleaning items before that will help you keep your records in great condition and sounding good. If I buy a record from a thrift store or off eBay, I always make sure I clean it first. Having a load of crud on your records could potentially damage your stylus! The last thing you want is to get a good deal on a record at the flea market and then damage your stylus because you forgot to clean it! 

Is The Record Broken

Even though a Wockoder record player may be a more modestly priced record player it will play a damaged record just the same way as a very expensive one would. If you buy a record and it has a nasty big scratch in it or some kind of other defects, skipping is pretty much guaranteed! I have purchased records before that are dirt cheap even if they have a scratch on the off chance that they will play ok, sometimes they do, sometimes they skip like crazy and sound like garbage. 

The Way The Record Is Made

Ok, so this one here just came to me after I watched a YouTube video where this guy had the same problem I did. If you buy a fancy record like this Final Fantasy soundtrack this guy is talking about that is a picture disc. It may look cool, but the way the disc is made can cause it to not play as crisp as a “normal” record. To be honest, I am not sure skipping would be an issue here, but the way the record is made could certainly have an effect on the sound you are experiencing. 

I am a huge fan of Wockoder. They have such a great variety ranging from a more classic wood grain record player to this more modern and stylish record player which ensures they have a record player to suit all tastes and budgets. I know firsthand how annoying a skipping record can be. It is like my ears are being pierced when I am having a good time listening to some great music and a skip happens.

Hopefully, a few of these tips will help you out and get you rocking without skipping in no time at all. 

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