If Your Turntable Hums When Touching The Tonearm Try These Possible Fixes

If Your Turntable Hums When Touching The Tonearm – Try These Possible Fixes

You know we have looked at many turntable issues and how to fix them here on the site. Today though we are looking at what to do if your turntable hums when touching the tonearm. This is a bit more of a specific kind of “issue” that we are looking at today. The thing with this is that when you are describing this issue to some people it sounds like it is not a big deal. However, it can be annoying as hell when you are just trying to listen to some music and when you go near the tonearm it has this very noticeable hum.

Here we are looking at a few of the common causes of tonearm hum and some of the things that you can try and do in order to fix it.

The Ground Wire Causing Tonearm Hum?

There are many reasons why a record player can hum and each and everyone can be annoying. The main cause if it is your turntable tonearm though can be down to the way it is grounded. Most turntables will have no need for an extra “ground” port on the back of them.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK Fully Automatic Wireless Belt-Drive Turntable (Black) (ATLP60XBTBK)

However, some like this Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT-BK do and the idea is that you would connect an additional  Phonograph Turntable Ground Wire that would help with shielding.

Phonograph Turntable Ground Wire for Magnetic Cartridge Turntables, 5-ft Technic

Not all turntables have this though as some companies do not see them as being necessary due to the way they have designed their turntable.

Is It The Cartridge Causing Tonearm Hum?

One of the things that can be a lot of fun when you get seriously into vinyl is upgrading your cartridge.  We have had a lot of fun reviewing cartridges here on the site, but a new cartridge is something that needs to be handled delicately. One other thing that you can do if your turntable hums when touching the tonearm is to completely disconnect the cartridge. From here, you would then want to reconnect it, but in doing so making sure that you are taking your time and it is connected properly. Sometimes if the cartridge is not connected just right, it can cause all kinds of problems with your turntable.

Take It Down Put It Back Together!

I know that this sounds kind of crazy, but this is usually one of the first things that I will do when having any kind of problems with a turntable that is mine or I have been sent to have a look at for a review. It sounds like the laziest piece of “technical” advice I know. However, a loose cable that is not all the way plugged in can still enable your turntable to technically “work” however the performance can be less than ideal. Making sure all the connections are nice and tight and that nothing is loose should probably be the first thing you try when you are looking at any kind of issue your turntable has.

Changing Location

Static electricity can be a royal pain in the butt as can any kind of interference. I know that this tip is less than ideal, but it may work. A few years back in our game room I had a relatively cheap turntable in there just for fun. It was plugged into the same socket as the kid’s Nintendo Wii and every time I would use this turntable it would have a low-level hum that drove me nuts. So much so that I eventually took it out of there and put it somewhere else and there was no hum! It was the fact that there was some kind of interference coming from that Nintendo Wii that caused the issue. So, I know it may be less than ideal, but just try changing the placement of your turntable and see if that makes any kind of difference.

To Sum Up

I know firsthand how annoying it can be if your turntable hums when touching the tonearm and hopefully one of the fixes that we have looked at today is going to be able to help you out. It is also worth noting that here on the site we have looked at a ton of different turntable tonearm issues and there may be something in one of these articles that can help you out too. While some are written about a specific turntable, it is still worth checking out as there could be the fix you are looking for in there.

Hope this has been useful in helping you try to fix the humming sound produced by your turntable when it touches the tonearm. You may also be keen to read how to fix your record that skips on first track and how to fix your needle jumping on your turntable.

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