Best Stereo System for Jazz

Our 5 Best Stereo System for Jazz in 2022

Today we are taking a look at what is the best stereo system for jazz. Not all that long ago we looked for the 6 Best Vintage Speakers For Jazz Music and that was a lot of fun. We also looked at what were the Best Jazz Albums For Beginners too! Today though, we are having a look at some cool stereo systems that would be great for you guys who like jazz music and music in general. It was my grandparents that listened to jazz when I was a kid and not too long ago, I got them a stereo system and a bunch of CDs that I remember them having the vinyl of back in the 80s and they loved it. That was really the inspiration for me writing this article today.

Getting Jazzy About Jazz Music

One thing I want to mention before we get started today is that while I am on this jazz kick right now. I must say that these stereo systems we are looking at are not just exclusively for jazz music. No matter if you like hard rock, country, or even some god-awful pop music that the kids listen to today. These stereo systems are more than good enough for that as well. I just thought it would be fun to focus on jazz as this was my mindset when looking for a stereo system for my grandparents.

The 5 Best Stereo System For Jazz Reviews

These are the best stereo system for jazz in my humble opinion. These are the ones that made my shortlist when purchasing one for my grandparents. I have picked two that are just CD players and three that also have turntables too. For me, jazz music is best experienced on vinyl, but I know that not everyone shares that opinion so that is why I have gone for a mix.

  1. PHILIPS Bluetooth Stereo System for Home
  2. Sharp XLHF102B HI Fi Component MicroSystem
  3. JENSEN JTA-475B 3-Speed Stereo Turntable with CD System
  4. Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center
  5. DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player Turntable with Stereo Speakers

1. PHILIPS Bluetooth Stereo System for Home

I thought it was best to start with the PHILIPS Bluetooth Stereo System for Home which is the system I purchased for my grandparents. At $129.99 I think you are getting amazing value for money here. This is rather compact in its size which I knew my grandparents would find appealing, but I do also think that it has a very cool and sleek style to it and I like the way that the main unit is two different shades of black. I think that it really does make it pop. This is not a top loading unit; it is a CD tray which is something I have always liked. This is not just a CD player; it also has Bluetooth connectivity (which my grandparents in a million years will never use) as well as this you do also have a standard AUX port and a USB port as well and these are on the front of the unit so they are always easily reached. The two speakers it comes with are decent enough, but the speaker wire is a tad on the short side.

What really makes this perhaps the best stereo system for jazz is the sound that it produces. I was very impressed with the sound quality. My grandfather god bless him needs the TV and stereo up nice and loud and thankfully, even at louder volumes, the sound quality this produces is nice and clear. While I do not agree, he is adamant it is better than his old records. While I would not go that far, I can say that it sounds fantastic. They do give you a little remote control that has some advanced functions like various presets, but it is very easy to use. I think that considering the asking price, this is just amazing value for money.

What Other People Are Saying

What first drew me to this was just how many people were in love with this thing on Amazon. There are currently 1409 customer reviews for this over on Amazon and 83 percent of them are positive reviews. If you want to get a better look at it, be sure to check out this short video unboxing and review which does a great job of showing this off.

Unboxing and review of the Philips BTM1360 mini hifi

Music Recommendation

Along with the actual stereo system, I made sure to buy my grandparents a selection of CDs to go along with it. I remember as a kid they loved Ella Fitzgerald so I went for Gold which is a fantastic collection of some of her best work, it actually features 60 songs. They were very happy with this and I am sure it is one of their favorites. I do also have this on vinyl myself and highly recommend it.

You really cannot go wrong with the PHILIPS Bluetooth Stereo System for Home as it does all you need a stereo system to do. It is made very well and I think it has a really timeless design that is appealing no matter age or style. Best of all, the sound quality this thing produces really is quite spectacular considering it costs very close to 100 bucks. If you are not bothered about a record player and just want something that can play CDs and stream music from your phone, this is ideal.


  • This looks very cool and modern
  • It takes up next to no space at all
  • I was very impressed by how clear the sound was
  • You have plenty of options in regards to playing music


  • The speaker wires are way too short
  • No idea if you want a record player as well as a CD player

2. Sharp XLHF102B HI Fi Component MicroSystem

Next up we have the Sharp XLHF102B HI Fi Component MicroSystem which is a real contender for the best stereo system for jazz! This was one that I came really close to pulling the trigger on…. So close that I ordered this as well as the Phillips and currently, my niece has this in her room. This is priced at $129.99 which I think is a fair price for something like this. It is a front-loading CD system and I think it looks cool, it has a very modern look and as well as a remote, you have all the buttons to control your music right on the front, these are a tad on the small side, which is why I gave my grandparents the other one. It does also have Bluetooth, my niece streams music from her phone with this and has no complaints. You do also have a headphone jack, an AUX port, and a USB port on the front as well. As is the case with all these systems these days, they give you next to no speaker wire with the speakers so they have to be fairly close.

While this is very easy on the eyes, I think that it sounds great too. It gives you different presents and options so that you can tinker with the settings. However, even on the default settings, I feel that the sound quality is great and more than fine for most people. My niece for example just has it as is and her “awesome” music of people like Dua Lipa and Harry Styles sound great. At this price point and at this size, you will probably be very impressed and quite shocked at just how much punch this little system and its speakers offer.

What Other People Are Saying

I found a very informative video review for this that shows off the design as well as gives you an idea of what to expect from the sound. I came across a few video reviews and they were all pretty positive. Speaking of positive, the amount of positive customer reviews for this on Amazon is good. From 766 customer reviews, 89 percent of these are for either five or four stars which is always good to see.

Sharp XL-HF102b Bluetooth Stereo Review (2015) (4K)

Music Recommendation

I cannot talk about jazz music and not mention Duke Ellington who is my absolute favorite jazz artist of all time. He has so many great albums to choose from, but I am going for Masterpieces By Ellington which features some of his most iconic work. This is a very well made and produced album and if you are new to jazz or just want another great collection you cannot go wrong with this one here.

I think that the Sharp XLHF102B HI Fi Component MicroSystem really is a great system and well worthy of consideration for the best stereo system for jazz award. I like the design; it has plenty of connectivity options and it takes up very little space. I have to be honest and say that between this and the Phillips there really is not much between them and that I would probably go for whatever one you feel looks the most stylish to you.


  • The asking price is very reasonable
  • You have many different connectivity options
  • The sound is great!
  • I liked the different options for tinkering with the sound


  • If you want a record player on your stereo, this is not for you
  • I wish that they gave you longer speaker cables with this

3. JENSEN JTA-475B 3-Speed Stereo Turntable with CD System

Next up we have this JENSEN JTA-475B 3-Speed Stereo Turntable with CD System which I like because as well as having a CD player, it also has a turntable as well. The current asking price for this is $149.99 which I do not think is bad at all. It has a kind of 80s vibe to the design as it is black kind of like most 80s stereo equipment was. I do like how it has a little bit of chrome on the speakers and the actual stereo itself though. This does also come in walnut, but that version does cost an extra 10 bucks. While this may not have Bluetooth connectivity, it is still pretty stacked. It has a CD player, turntable and a radio. The biggest surprise for me though was that on the side there is a tape deck. I overlooked this when reading about this so when my review unit came in it was a very nice surprise to see this.

On the front, there is also an AUX port (so you could connect your phone) and also a headphone jack. The sound is not bad at all, sure it is not going to give a high-end Sony Hi-Fi a run for its money, but I was still pleasantly surprised. It does give you some presets and options for messing with the sound. I tested out a bunch of CDs, records, and tapes on this and had an absolute blast doing so. I think anyone who wants a stereo that can do it all, this is what you need. The speakers are decent enough, but I will say that at the highest volumes there was a wee bit of distortion. However, considering the asking price, I think that the sound is more than good enough.

What Other People Are Saying

Ok, so I know that this is a sales pitch from the home shopping network, but this video still shows this off very well and gives you all the details you need about the unit. This video also does a great job of showing off how compact this is. As of me writing this, there are 1642 customer reviews for this on Amazon and 80 percent of these are positive. That number is actually higher than I thought it would be so I was pleased that so many people were as impressed with this as I was.

Jensen JTA475 Stereo 3Speed Turntable w/Radio, CD Cass…

Music Recommendation

For this one, I am going for a record as it has a turntable and my recommendation is Birth Of The Cool: The Original Monophonic Recordings by Miles Davis. This is a fantastic album and it sounds great on vinyl. There is actually a remastered version on CD that I keep meaning to check out and writing this has just given me the motivation I need to do that. You cannot be looking for the best stereo system for jazz and not also recommend at least one album by Miles Davis!

I was not sure what to expect from this JENSEN JTA-475B 3-Speed Stereo Turntable with CD System. I know that JENSEN speakers were a big deal back in the day, but I thought for sure this would be lacking somewhere, but I am very pleased to say that it really is quite fantastic. I love the fact that it has a record player, CD player, and even a tape deck. Even though it does lack Bluetooth, you can still hook your phone up to it via the AUX port. If you want a stereo that, does it all then I really think you have to strongly consider this.


  • I think the design is very cool
  • I love how it has a tape deck
  • It also has a CD player and a turntable!
  • You are getting a lot for your money with this


  • The style may be a bit too 80s for some people
  • I did think the sound struggled at higher volumes

4. Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center

As soon as I saw this Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center I knew that it had to be on our best stereo system for jazz list. I mean, just look at this thing could it look any more like something your grandparents would have had back in the 50s? As of me writing this, it is currently available for $124.99 which is a fantastic price for something like this. Victrola makes many lower priced turntables and I think that some of them are pretty damn good. This model comes with a turntable, CD player, radio and it also has Bluetooth connectivity for wirelessly streaming music too. There is even a tape deck on the side which is neat. A standard AUX port and a USB port are also included so it really does have all you would need.

This comes in a few different colors, but they all have that classic wood grain type effect which I like, but I can see why some people would not. Like most other record players from Victrola, this has speakers that are built in. I kind of like this as it keeps everything in one place. Of course, this does mean that the speakers are not going to be all that large and as a result, the sound you get from this is not exactly going to make you think you are in New York City watching Miles Davis and John Coltrane. I think the key here is to be realistic with the sound quality you are going to get. For a non-audiophile, I am sure that the sound will be fine. For those that like to obsess about sound, you will probably spend more time picking apart the sound than just enjoying the music.

What Other People Are Saying

I love the way that in this video review they say that this does everything as that is how I feel about this too. When you read the comments on the video, people seem to really like this and the fact the design is kind of a novelty seems to make people very happy. This is a very popular stereo system on Amazon as there are over 10 thousand customer reviews for this and 90 percent of these are positive which is just crazy to me!

The Victrola 8-in-1! Record-ology!

Music Recommendation

I really wanted to put another Duke Ellington album on here, but I thought I would put The Great Summit which is an album with Duke Ellington and Lois Armstrong. This is a great album and to be honest with you it is one I do not play a great deal as the version I have comes on this very nice colored vinyl that I am scared of ruining. You can also get it on CD, so I guess I should pick that up so I can actually listen to this great album.

I really do love this Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center. It is an all-in-one stereo system that can do it all and that makes it a ton of fun and also very practical. It can be purchased in different colors and the asking price even when it is not on offer (around 150 bucks) is very fair. If you want a stereo system that is a real showcase piece and also has an old school soul, you cannot go wrong with this.


  • I liked how you can choose from different colors
  • This thing is stacked with what you can play on it
  • The bonus tape player on the side is awesome
  • It is very affordable and takes up hardly any space


  • The sound is not exactly powerful
  • The design may be a bit too retro for some people

5. DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player Turntable with Stereo Speakers

For $169.99 this DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player Turntable with Stereo Speakers really is excellent value for money. A friend of mine has this in his mancave and I think it is an excellent stereo and really wanted to include it on our best stereo system for jazz list. I love the all-black design, but I am a kid of the 80s. I know that the 80s style of this may make it a strange choice as we are talking about jazz music today, but I do hand on heart think that this ticks all the boxes in regards to what you need from a stereo. It has a turntable, CD player, tape player, radio and you can even stream music from your phone thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity that it offers. A headphone jack, AUX port, and USB port are also here for your convenience.

The speakers that this comes with at first glance look and feel like they may be a bit on the cheap side. However, I have listened to a lot of music through this at my buddy’s place and can tell you the sound quality is pretty damn good. At mid volumes, it really hits a sweet spot and as he mainly listens to vinyl through this, it just manages to capture why I (and many other people) love listening to vinyl. At louder volumes, it still sounds pretty damn good too. It is quite impressive that the speakers they include with this are as good as they are. Granted like most other similar units, the speaker wire is not all that long, but it is easy enough to put new speaker wire on a set of speakers so I will forgive it for that.

What Other People Are Saying

Well, my good friend Steven has no plans to replace this any time soon so that is good enough for me. However, as you do not know my friend Steven, I thought I better give you some more examples. You cannot go wrong with a video unboxing and review which is what I have for you guys here. You get a good idea of how it looks and also what you can expect from the sound quality as well. On Amazon from 1000 plus customer reviews, it is sitting at 74 percent for positive reviews.

DIGITNOW All in One – Unboxing & Review!

Music Recommendation

I decided to go with Charlie Parker with Strings: The Master Takes for my final music recommendation. From my experience, Charlie Parker playing with strings seems to be something that people either dig or they do not. I think this is a very interesting album and an album that I only have on CD so you better believe that I am planning on getting the vinyl! There are so many great Charlie Parker albums out there, but if you want one that is a bit more on the unusual side, I highly recommend this one.

Much like the Charlie Parker album I just suggested I feel that the design of the DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player Turntable with Stereo Speakers is going to be one that you either really like or you not. I think this is a great stereo system as it is offering you everything that you could need in regards to playing jazz music. Plus, it is being sold for a very low price and the sound quality was far better than I thought it would be.


  • I like the kind of 80s design this has going on
  • It has a tape player, CD player, and turntable
  • The speakers provide much better sound than you would think
  • It has a very fair asking price


  • I think the design might not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • Why do they give such short speaker wire?

What Is The Best Stereo System For Jazz?

I have had a lot of fun putting this article together today. Sometimes when I write a guide like The Best Vintage Speakers For Rock Music I did a while back, I have not personally tested all of the products. However, I have actually used all of the stereo systems we have looked at today. That makes picking the best stereo system for jazz extra tricky as I do like all of these. My personal choice, if I had to buy one of these right now, would be the PHILIPS Bluetooth Stereo System for Home I just think for the money you are getting a very high-quality stereo system. If you want something that can do it all though, I think the Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center with its retro style may be more what you are looking for.

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