The 5 Best subwoofers for Yamaha YAS-109

The 5 Best subwoofers for Yamaha YAS-109

Today we are taking a look at what is the best subwoofer for Yamaha YAS-109. I think that this is a great soundbar and recently I wrote this Yamaha YAS 109 vs 209 is it a significant upgrade? article, which put it head to head with the newer version, the Yamaha YAS-209. The 209 comes with a subwoofer so I said that was the winner of that battle. The thing is, while I would say that you are better off getting the 209 if you are trying to decide between the two. What if you already have a Yamaha YAS-109 soundbar and now want a dedicated subwoofer to give your bass a real kick in the rear end? Well, you need to buy a subwoofer and that is what we are looking at today.

Doesn’t The Yamaha YAS-109 Have Built In Subwoofers?

If you look at this Yamaha Sound Bar YAS-109 | Clear TV sound like never before video you can see the “holes” on the side of the soundbar. Those are there because the Yamaha YAS-109 does have a built in subwoofer and it is ok, but I would say ok at best. So much so that I would not really mention it as a main feature. It does provide you with a bit of bass, but if you want to get closer to the cinema experience at home, you do need a dedicated subwoofer.

Getting The Right Cable

Before we start, I also want to take a moment to say that you need to make sure you have the right cable to hook up your Yamaha YAS-109 to the subwoofer. On the back of the YAS-109 is a port called, subwoofer out and this is a standard RCA port. This means that you may need an Amazon Basics Digital Audio Coaxial Cable if you do not already have one. Depending on the subwoofer, you may need something like this Amazon Basics 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable. Just do your homework and make sure you have the right cable needed to connect the soundbar to whatever subwoofer you decide to buy.

The Best Subwoofer For Yamaha YAS-109 Reviews

Currently, you can get the Yamaha YAS-209 for anywhere between 300 to 350 bucks. The Yamaha YAS-109 I have found for 200 to 220 bucks. With that in mind, you do not want to be spending a fortune on a subwoofer for this soundbar! That is why I have picked three soundbars that are going to keep this at around the price range of the 209. However, I did pick another couple that will take the price over that of the 209.

1: Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer

2: BESTISAN Powered Subwoofer

3: Acoustic Audio PSW-6 Down Firing Powered Subwoofer

4: Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer

5: Yamaha 10″ 100W Powered Subwoofer

Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer

Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer - 8 Inch With Auto-On Function, For Studio And Home Theater Black

We are starting with this Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer which is the lowest priced subwoofer on our best subwoofer for Yamaha YAS-109 list. As of writing, this is priced at $66 so it is a rather modest subwoofer in every regard. I do like the design, it is made from black wood and has a kind of ash effect to it. The front has some nice fabric which fits in well with the fabric coating the 109 has. It uses RCA cables for its connection and there is one included in the box. The dimensions of this subwoofer are, 14.8 x 16.1 x 15.4 inches and it only weighs three pounds so it is very modest in its size as well as price. On the back, we have the ports for connecting this to your soundbar.

This is powered with an 8 inch driver so that along with the rather “basic” nature of the subwoofer in general means that it is not exactly going to shake the room. Still, this along with the two subwoofers already in the Yamaha YAS-109 do work well and give you a bit more bass than you would normally get. This is great if you feel the bass was lacking in the 109, but at the same time, you did not need movie theatre level bass, just a little bit more punch to make those action-scenes feel a bit more on the epic side.

What Other People Are Saying

I found this Monoprice 8-Inch 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer video that has an unboxing of this subwoofer which lets you get a better idea of how this thing looks, but they do not do a sound test. On Amazon, this is actually a pretty popular subwoofer as there are (as of writing of course) 1,148 customer reviews for this on there. The reception seems to be mostly positive, with 88 percent of the reviews being for either five- or four-star reviews. I must admit, that is higher than I expected a budget subwoofer like this to be so that was nice to see.

Movie Recommendation

My movie recommendation here is a movie that my son and I had a lot of fun with and we have watched a few times and that is The Meg. I think a movie like this would be great for a subwoofer like this as it has a lot of action, ambient sounds, and talking so you get to see what this can really do. At the same time, you do not need that movie theatre rumble to get the best out of the movie from a sound point of view either. This one is fun and one that I feel is a little harshly reviewed.

I have to be honest and say that the Monoprice 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer is about as basic as you can get when it comes to a subwoofer. To be fair, at under 70 bucks that is to be expected and I feel that as far as budget priced subwoofers go, you could do a lot worse than this. It is certainly going to fill your room with more bass and give the Yamaha YAS-109 a little helping hand in the bass department. Plus, it keeps the overall price lower than that of the 209.


  • I like the style
  • It feels a bit more sturdier than you would think
  • The price is great
  • They throw in a cable in the box which is a nice touch


  • Do not expect room rocking bass here
  • It is a very, very basic subwoofer in every regard

BESTISAN Powered Subwoofer

BESTISAN Powered Subwoofer, 6.5’’ Bluetooth 5.0 Home Audio Subwoofer, Deep Bass Response Subwoofers in Compact Design, Easy Setup with Home Theater Systems, TV, Speakers, Optical/Bluetooth/RCA, Black

Next, up in our search for the best subwoofer for Yamaha YAS-109, we have this BESTISAN Powered Subwoofer which is way better than I thought it would be! This is coming in at $78.99 as I write this which is a great price and again, like the one we just looked at keeps us under that 300 bucks price tag when paired with the 109. I love the style of this as it has a more contemporary kind of design and is not just black, it is much lighter when you see it in person which I liked way more than I thought I would have. I really like the compact size of this as it comes in at 6.3 x 12.6 x 12.6 inches so it takes up very little space. On the back, you have all your hookups, including optical which I was surprised to see. It is worth noting that this does also support Bluetooth connectivity.

Powering this is a 6.5-inch side firing subwoofer and the bass it produces is decent enough considering the price. It is certainly not going to make you say wow, but I will say that you will notice an improvement over the built-in subwoofer that the Yamaha YAS-109 is offering. I know if I gave something like this to my grandparents they would be blown away and say it is the greatest thing ever and just like being in the cinema. I though, think that this is very basic and if you have higher expectations when it comes to home audio you will not be blown away. Still, at the end of the day, this is a subwoofer that costs under 80 bucks and I feel that they did as good as they could without having the price get closer to that $100 mark.

What Other People Are Saying

There are not exactly a ton of reviews for this on Amazon as I write this, but there are over 100 of them. Currently, 85 percent of the reviews for this are positive and many people who are happy with it state that they think it is great value for money. I did find this Bestisan 6.5 Subwoofer For Existing TV or Soundbar Speaker Easily! video which does a good job in showing you how this thing works. What I like about this video is that it shows you how easy it is to connect this to your soundbar.

Movie Recommendation

The movie I am suggesting here is one that has become a bit of a modern favorite of mine and I watched it just the other night on Netflix actually and that movie is, The Martian. This is a fun science movie that has you really pulling for Matt Damon to make it and survive being stranded on Mars. As well as being a good movie though, there is a scene near the start, actually the scene where Matt Damon gets stranded on Mars that has some great Martian atmospheric sounds which I think would be a good test of this subwoofer’s abilities!

I have to say that the BESTISAN Powered Subwoofer turned out way better than I thought. On paper, I was pretty sure this was going to be very underpowered and not impress me at all, but to be fair, it put up a hell of a fight and I think along with the Yamaha YAS-109’s own subwoofers, you get a pretty neat effect here that I am sure most people will be more than happy with.


  • I think the design is modern and cool
  • You are spending under 80 bucks
  • It offers Bluetooth connectivity
  • Overall, it is very well made


  • It is not the most powerful subwoofer I have tested
  • Some may not like that it is a bit lighter in the color department

Acoustic Audio PSW-6 Down Firing Powered Subwoofer

Acoustic Audio PSW-6 Down Firing Powered Subwoofer (Black)

Priced at just under 100 bucks, This  Acoustic Audio PSW-6 Down Firing Powered Subwoofer is taking us closer to the pricing of the Yamaha YAS-209. Still, I really wanted to have this on our best subwoofer for Yamaha YAS-109 list as I have used this one a few times and it did leave quite a lasting impression on me. So far, out of the other two that are under 100 bucks, this one by far has the coolest and sleekest design. Based on the way it looks alone, before I knew what was in here, I would have believed you if you told me this was in the 150 to 200 bucks’ range. I love the black wood and it just has a very high-quality and smart look to it. The dimensions of this are 11.1″ × 9.25″ × 10.04” this is actually part of a series of subwoofers and this is the smallest variation of it. Round the back, you have your various controls and hookups and they do give you a cable with it which is something that I always like to see.

As this is a 6.5-inch subwoofer, you probably think that it may be lacking a tad in the power department, but this provides way more kick than you would think. It is a down firing subwoofer and I think that helps make up for the size, this and the clever way that Acoustic Audio has designed this make it far more powerful than it has any right to be at this price point or size! I think that it manages to fill the room pretty well and even when cranked all the way up, you get a nice and clear level of bass without any real distortion to ruin the experience for you.

What Other People Are Saying

Be sure to have a look at this FULL TEST Acoustic Audio PSW-6 Down Firing Powered Subwoofer REVIEW which tells you how good this is in regards to helping with movies. It is a very complimentary video and the guy’s views are pretty much the same as mine. On Amazon right now there are 1,669 customer reviews for this and it is sitting at 80 percent for positive reviews. Just know that Amazon lump the reviews for this along with the four other versions of this subwoofer together so make sure you do a search for PSW-6. From what I read, many people were like me and surprised at how powerful this is considering the size and the price.

Movie Recommendation

I know I already have one Jason Statham movie on this best subwoofer for Yamaha YAS-109 list, but I never get the chance to talk about the hilarious Spy. Which in my opinion is one of the best action comedies of the last decade. Jason Statham is basically playing an exaggerated version of himself here, which alongside Melissa McCarthy is just a riot to watch. This is a movie that has it all in terms of different types of sound so it would be a pretty good showcase for just what this can do.

I am a pretty big fan of what Acoustic Audio does and this Acoustic Audio PSW-6 Down Firing Powered Subwoofer really is pretty special. Now, is this able to stand up to what the Acoustic Audio PSW-15 offers? Of course not! However, for a sub 100 bucks subwoofer, I was very impressed with this. Not just because of the sound, but the impressive build quality and the sleek design as well.


  • I love how cool and modern the design of this is
  • It costs under 100 bucks
  • Even with the low price, this is very well made
  • It offers very impressive sound


  • This is the weakest version of this subwoofer
  • The little cone feet it sits on may not be to your liking

Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer - Power Port Technology, Up to 100 Watts, Big Bass in Compact Design, Easy Setup with Home Theater Systems Black

Priced at right around 150 bucks, the Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer is one that is certainly a lot pricier than what we have looked at so far on this best subwoofer for Yamaha YAS-109 list. This does put the whole packaged of the soundbar and the subwoofer up pretty high, but this is a pretty awesome subwoofer. I am a huge fan of Polk Audio and this has some serious style. It is a pretty impressive size coming in at 16.2 x 14 x 14.4 inches so it is great if you want something that looks cool if you have a home theatre. Round the back, you have a nice selection of hookups and controls. In all, I love the design of this thing and while it is more expensive than the previous three, we have looked at, this has a much higher-quality look and feel to it.

Sound wise, Polk Audio has never let me down and that is the case here. I have actually used this on a few different occasions and have always been impressed. This offers 10 inches of power and thanks to Polk’s clever design, it provides you with some really powerful bass that is very impressive. It is a fantastic subwoofer and one that will go great with the Yamaha YAS-109. I can hand on heart say that you will notice a big difference between what this offers and the ones further up the list. This is a subwoofer that just ticks all of the boxes when it comes to what I personally would be looking for in a subwoofer.

What Other People Are Saying

I found this Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Subwoofer Review which is pretty awesome and shows this off very well. There are a few different reviews for this on YouTube and all of them are positive. This also rings true for the reviews over at Amazon as there are 12,874 customer reviews for this on Amazon so as you can see this is a very popular subwoofer. That number is impressive, but even more impressive than that is the fact that 94 percent of these reviews are for four and five stars!

Movie Recommendation

As this offers some good thumping bass and as the Yamaha YAS-109 offers clear voice I thought I would go for a movie that I feel offers something that will showcase all of this and that is why I am going for The Dark Knight. This is just such a great movie and one of the best Batman movies ever made. I think that it is the best out of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. This is a great movie and one that I think holds up over repeated viewings and it would be a great way to put this subwoofer through its paces that is for sure.

I have said a few times that I love Polk Audio and I think that this Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer is pretty awesome. I would hand on heart have this in my own home theatre or living room. I think that it has a very cool style and that is great, but it is the bass and power that this adds to your soundbar that makes me really love what this is offering.


  • It has a very smart and cool style
  • This is way more powerful than many other similar priced subwoofers
  • It has a very solid and sturdy feel to it
  • Polk Audio always make great products


  • It is a bit pricier than other subwoofers we have looked at
  • Some might want a smaller subwoofer

Yamaha 10″ 100W Powered Subwoofer

Yamaha 10" 100W Powered Subwoofer - Black (NS-SW100BL) & Amazon Basics Subwoofer Cable - 8 Feet

As we are looking for the best subwoofer for Yamaha YAS-109 I felt that we had to have a subwoofer from Yamaha on here and that is why I have gone for the Yamaha 10″ 100W Powered Subwoofer. This is priced at $188, but it does come with your cable that you will need to hook it up to your 109. Of course, the price of this plus the 109 at above the 209 so that is something you do have to take into consideration. This looks very cool and while I have not gotten my hands on this myself, I can tell from the images that it has a style that will fit in very well with the Yamaha YAS-109.

As this is a 10-inch subwoofer, it is going to have more than enough power to take your sound to the next level. Yamaha makes fantastic audio equipment and in reading about the design of this, I am sure it is going to offer some real power and clarity that is going to make your movies, TV shows, or whatever it is you are watching sound even better. Again, I have not had the pleasure of testing this out myself, but I have never been let down by Yamaha when it comes to the sound, so I do not see this changing that trend.

What Other People Are Saying

I did come across this very short Yamaha 10″ 100W Powered Subwoofer video which shows off this subwoofer with some fantastic studio style shots. Over at Amazon, this does not quite have 1000 customer reviews, but the reviews it does have are mostly positive. Of the current 925 customer reviews that are on there right now, 94 percent of these are overwhelmingly positive.

Movie Recommendation

Back when Armageddon first came out I thought it was the most awesome movie ever! It holds up fairly well today, but I will admit that it is a heck of a lot cheesier than I remember it being. Anyway, this is a movie that is greatly enhanced by a subwoofer as there is a great deal of bass and deep sounds in this movie which I have no doubt will sound fantastic pumped through this.

The Yamaha 10″ 100W Powered Subwoofer is a great looking subwoofer and one that I would really like to be able to get my hands on to see what it can do for myself. I think that this has a very smart style and from what I have read about the tech inside it and what people who have used it have to say, it is great sounding subwoofer too.


  • It has that Yamaha style
  • I like how they have designed this subwoofer
  • It is offering you fantastic levels of bass
  • I think the asking price is not that bad if you shop around


  • It does get the price closer to the 209
  • You may not need a subwoofer quite this big for your home

What Is The Best Subwoofer For Yamaha YAS-109?

I have to say that I really do like the Yamaha YAS-109 and think it is a very impressive soundbar. As far as what is the best soundbar to go along with it, I think if you want to be under the 100 bucks mark you need to go for the Acoustic Audio PSW-6 Down Firing Powered Subwoofer which is a great subwoofer for under 100 bucks. If you want my opinion on what I feel is the best, I have to give it to the Polk Audio PSW10 10″ Powered Subwoofer which I can hand on heart say is going to really take your 109 to the next level.

If you already have a Yamaha YAS-109, one of these subwoofers is going to make you very happy. However, I do have to say that if you have not yet pulled the plug on the 109, rather than also buying a subwoofer. You may want to consider getting the Yamaha YAS-209 which is an improved version of this soundbar and it comes with its own dedicated subwoofer.

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