Sony HT-G700 vs Yamaha YAS-209 which is better?

Well, this will be the second time I’m going to be writing about the Sony HT-G700 soundbar. Just recently, I wrote an article on the HT-G700 soundbar comparing it to the HT-Z9F, which it won, but it was a close match. For today’s match-up, we’re going to take a look at how it stands up to the Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar. This one’s going to be a bit more interesting since these two are quite different from each other unlike the last one, where both were on a similar spectrum. But enough about that, let’s start this off with some basic information about the two.

About Sony HT-G700

Coming in first we got Sony’s HT-G700 soundbar. It was released in 2020 and has a good reputation among users. It’s a decent soundbar that’s got Dolby Atmos sound technology and runs on a 3.1 channel setup. It’s got Full HDMI ports that allow it to play all common audio formats. There is also seven EQ presets available to add to your experience.

Depending on what kind of music or media you consume, it can also get pretty loud. Though, there’s noticeable thumping and compression at higher volumes. Also, the Dolby Atmos feature has to be converted to stereo, which is disappointing.

About Yamaha YAS-209

Next up, we’ve got the Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar, a successor to the Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar. Also, launched in 2020, YAS-209 is a well-rounded soundbar with a 2.1 channel setup. It’s good for different uses. It has a built-in feature that allows you to use Amazon Alexa. There’s also a virtual surround setting to cover the setbacks of the two channels. It can’t get very loud but, there’s also less compression when compared with other models.

The surround sound is the department where it lacks since it’s got two channels and no satellite speakers. It can’t give a very immersive listening experience and also doesn’t have Dolby Atmos technology so not a great option for movies.

The Price

Let’s talk money for a bit. Everyone wants good value for their investment. Yeah, no shit, get to the point. Look, I’ll just say, the price for both of these products is well-balanced and whichever one you decide to get your hands on is going to give you a well-rounded audio experience. So, let’s talk about the prices for these two soundbars and where your money should go.

Sony HT-G700:

So, right now this soundbar is available on Amazon for $499-$599, which is a fair price for a mid-range speaker. It all depends on your budget but for just that much money, you’re getting a really good soundbar adding to your audio experience with Dolby Atmos technology. I would recommend going to eBay to check out the prices for yourself and if by chance you come across a deal selling it at a price, close to $400 then that’s honestly a steal.

Yamaha YAS-209:

At the moment, this soundbar is sold out on Amazon but the price range for this card is around $269-$369. This is quite a cheap soundbar that many people purchase to start improving their cinematic experience. Also, the wireless subwoofer is a plus and is usually not available in this price range. You’re getting really good value for your money if you can get this under $250.


Both of these soundbars are quite reasonably priced, though I’ve got to give the win this time to Yamaha. The YAS-209 is a great beginner’s soundbar that comes with a wireless subwoofer and has a well-balanced price range. Don’t get me wrong, getting a Dolby Atmos-supported soundbar at a price close to $500 sounds pretty good but it’s just a few extra features available with the YAS-209 that puts it in my favor.

The Design

Moving on to the next category, the design of a soundbar is very important. Everyone loves clean and premium-looking theatres so why not make yours like those fancy ones too? Both Yamaha YAS-209 and Sony GT-700 have cool designs adding to your room’s aesthetic. There’s no right or wrong in this stage and it all just comes down to my personal preference.

Sony HT-G700:

What I love about this soundbar is the overall build quality. The body is made from dense plastic and comes with a metal grill to protect its speakers. The grille gives it a nice overall feel adding to the premium aesthetic. Other than that, the subwoofer is also made of good quality plastic and the woofer is covered with a metal grille instead of mesh fabric. The overall size of the soundbar is fairly wide and requires a good amount of space. It’s not too tall though so no risk of it blocking your screen.

Yamaha YAS-209:

The Yamaha YAS-209 is also a nice-looking soundbar with a cool design and overall decent build quality. The controls are at the top of the soundbar and are made of plastic, while a mesh fabric covers the soundbar. This mesh fabric is prone to acquire dust with time and there’s also the risk of tearing it but that can be avoided if you don’t change its position too much. The subwoofer is made of melamine and a mesh fabric covers the front and side of the bar. It’s pretty wide but not tall so it shouldn’t cover your screen. That’s about it.


Sony HT-G700 wins this one. Though it’s based on preference, I do have my reasons to share for why I made this pick. As you might’ve guessed the mesh fabric is the cause, and while it looks good when new that look is going to fade over time quicker than its rival’s due to its vulnerability to dust and the risk of being torn.  

The Sound

Ok, finally we’re in the most important category. How do these two compete with each other in the sound battle? Well, let’s find out.

Sony HT-G700:

The HT-G700 is an overall great soundbar that projects dialogue in movies and TV shows well. It’s Dolby Atmos technology allows for an immersive and exciting cinematic experience. It lacks low bass which is a bit disappointing for some listeners especially fans of action movies. It has voice enhancement features and seven EQ presets too, which greatly enhance the overall listening experience. The Atmos and DTS content is a tad disappointing since it is downmixed to stereo, but it’s still really nice. It can also project high volumes but that doesn’t sound very good.

Yamaha YAS-209:

The Yamaha YAS-209 has an overall well-balanced sound profile. It’s not immersive due to the lack of surround sound channels but it’s got excellent frequency response and overall stereo performance. The subwoofer also adds good bass. The dialogue handling is alright for a 2.1ch system and it’s got a dialogue enhancement feature as well to improve clarity. It doesn’t get super loud but there’s also very little compression, unlike other models. The music output is also quite good as compared to its rival.


The Yamaha YAS-209 has an overall better performance in this category. The stereo performance is excellent and as a result, the music and dialogue handling for TV shows are really good. Though it may not output very loud sounds, there’s also less thumping at max volumes. The only thing where it lacks is the surround sound but other than that, it’s an overall well-balanced stereo soundbar.

The Verdict:

The winner of two of the categories described above and overall, the better soundbar in my opinion is the Yamaha YAS-209. Though it may not have the best surround sound and isn’t able to reach loud volumes, it’s superb at projecting stereo sound, can output clear dialogue, and is cheaper too. The build and design are inferior to Sony’s but that’s up to personal preference.  These are all the reasons why I declare it as the winner.

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