Kanto YU6 vs Audioengine A5+ which is better?

The surest way to get value for your money when purchasing bookshelf speakers is to choose brands from established companies, that way you will get quality speakers that give you the best output. Kanto YU6 and Audioengine A5+ are such speaker brands and they have superb playback capabilities. Although the companies producing these two speakers were established recently, they have emerged as market leaders in offering quality audiovisual equipment for all types of users.

Let’s explore different aspects of these two brands that will help us make a fair judgement on which is the best between the two.

Detailed Analysis of the Kanto YU6

Let’s look at the unique features, design, efficiency and playback abilities of the Kanto YU6 in detail.

The Kanto YU6 belongs to the YU series which is famous for being among the quality powered speakers that cost less than $1000. There are four models under that series, that is the YU, YU3, YU4 and YU6. Among all these models, the Kanto YU6 has the highest performance capabilities which is why people opt for the YU6.

One of the most desirable features of the Kanto YU series is their Bluetooth connectivity. As long as your audio source is Bluetooth enabled, you can conveniently play music wirelessly. In addition, the speaker can connect to both analog and digital devices without any complications making it a great choice for different types of users with different audio playback devices.

The Kanto YU6 will please you with its refined sound quality. If you are looking to better the audio output from your TV, computer or any other audio source, settling for the Kanto YU6 will be a great option. You can play your music as loud as you want and the quality will still not be distorted because of the awesomeness of this speaker. Most low quality speakers, and which are many in the market, distort the sound with every increment of the volume. So if you enjoy loud volume, but still want quality sound at high decibels, the Kanto YU6 will be a perfect fit for you.

The Kanto YU6 Design

You will not fail to notice the aesthetic and modernized design of the YU6 that makes them fit into any room in modern times blending well with either your computer or TV. The modern era demands for updated designs to allow for the versatile use of powered speakers whether it is in a study room, living room or a studio and Kanto understood that when designing their speakers.

The Kanto YU6 speaker cabinets are made from bamboo making them solidly strong in addition to enhancing their acoustic qualities. You have the option of choosing among four color options. Either Matte Black, Matte White, Bamboo or Walnut according to your preferences.

The output devices are located on the front face of the YU6 speakers, specifically the 1-inch tweeters and the 5.25-inch woofers made from Kevlar. The combination of these two provides for a high-frequency sound delivered to all the corners of your room because of the dome shape of the speakers thus increasing the efficiency of sound delivery. The tweeters and woofers do not have grills and cannot be covered.

If you do not want to purchase a subwoofer, you need not worry because inside the cabinet is a D-class amplifier giving the speaker an ability to produce sounds ranging between 50 Hz and 20 kHz, a range that provides for heavy bass lines. Therefore, with or without a subwoofer, you will still get to enjoy some heavy bass sound.

Kanto YU6 Efficiency

Every single component that is included in the Kanto YU6 is made to last and can go on for many years despite usage on a daily basis. It is for this reason that the manufacturers guarantee their products with great confidence. Part of the package once your purchase their product is a two-year warranty which covers damage to the original components.

Another factor that makes the Kanto YU6 very efficient is its high-frequency response range, wide range of connectivity options and its 200W maximum power output making it very sturdy and giving it an ability to handle heavy wattage.

If you purchase Kanto YU6 speakers, you can be sure that they will give you quality sound many years later just as the time you bought them, making them a valuable investment in your audiovisual equipment.

Playback Abilities

Although they are simply bookshelf speakers and not large per se, the Kanto YU6 perform at par with the best speakers and the quality of the sound is not hindered because of the genre of music. Whether you are listening to Hip Hop, Country, Jazz, Blues or whatever kind of music, the quality of the sound will still be top notch.

At the back are RCA with phono switch inputs together with a 3.5 mm mini-jack input giving you great flexibility with your input options. You can connect the speaker to either analog or digital audio devices including turntables with ease.

If you want to connect your speakers to a computer, the TOSLINK optical inputs are just for that. If you prefer wireless connection, then the Bluetooth option is your pick.

In addition, you have the flexibility of making adjustments remotely via the accompanying remote control. With it you can adjust the volume, switch between different input options or change the bass and treble levels which is pretty sweet.

Additional features of the Kanto YU6

Among other great features of this speaker is the USB charging port located at its rear with which you can charge your audio device while simultaneously using it. It also has an automatic signal detection feature such that during the times the speakers are not in use they go on sleep mode, but as soon as you play a track they will resume playing.

Part of the package includes 16 feet of speaker cable and 6.5 feet auxiliary cable.

You can mount the speaker on the wall or on stands which you will need to purchase separately. In case you are mounting them on the wall, you must be cautious of how you do it because the right and left speakers are 8.7lbs and 11.4lbs respectively. Make sure the mounting is strong enough to handle such weights. Ensure to use at least ¼-inch threaded mounting.

Detailed Analysis of the Audioengine A5+

Just like we did with the Kanto YU6 it will also be appropriate to consider the unique features, design, efficiency and playback abilities of the Audioengine A5+ in detail.

The downside of the Audioengine A5+ is that it lacks optical inputs and only has RCA and Aux input ports.

Audioengine A5+ Build Design

Unlike the Kanto YU6 speakers that are made of bamboo, the Audioengine A5+ speakers are made of MDF material making them strong and hardy. The material is also the reason why they are heavier and larger than other Audioengine’s A-series speakers.

The front of both the left and right speakers have a ¾-inch silk dome and 5-inch woofer. The left speaker has a bit more components for it has the power indicator, remote receiver and also the volume control knob.

Unlike the Kanto YU6, the Audioengine A5+ has a wider frequency response ranging between 50 Hz and 22 kHz. It therefore has a greater capacity to handle higher frequency sounds.

If you opt for the Audioengine A5+ you will have only two color options to pick from; the Hi-Gloss white and Satin Black making it a bit limited in terms of finding the best color finishes most suitable for your space.

Playback Abilities

Audioengine A5+ speakers are quite versatile and prove invaluable when used for TV, computers or turntable audio devices.

The design and positioning of ports and features is what makes this speaker even better. The RCA inputs and jack inputs are located just below the Bluetooth antenna which makes it easy to connect because of the easy access.

The power consumption is constant throughout at 4W even in sleep mode making them great for conservation of power.

The sound output from these speakers is exquisite only that it is nothing compared to the powerful sound produced by Kanto YU6 speakers.

Audioengine A5+ Efficiency

You can be certain that all the parts of the Audioengine A5+ are manufactured with adherence to the highest levels of standard and therefore, can be relied upon to function for many years without failure.

To give you more confidence in this product, the company gives you a 3-year warranty and a 30 days window period in which you can return the product after purchase in case you feel disappointed with it.

Although the sound quality remains the same even at high volumes, playing music at high volumes repeatedly will interfere with the audio playback capabilities overtime. Also, they are not as good with high bass and you may need to compliment by connecting them with a subwoofer.

Additional features of the Audioengine A5+

You will get a remote control when you purchase these speakers, but the functionality is very limited. The remote only serves to adjust the volume and there are no bass and treble adjustment options.

Expect to get 13 feet of speaker cable and mini jack cable and RCA audio cables both 6.5 feet in length. If you want speaker stands you will have to purchase them separately. If you are the kind of person that prefers to mount your speakers on the wall, expect to face challenges with the Audioengine A5+ because they have no mounting holes. It is best not to mount them on the wall though because they are way heavier than Kanto YU6.

A great feature of the Audioengine A5+ speakers is their thermal protection making them hard to overheat and safe to use as desktop speakers. They also have a feature that limits the output current and voltage which is great for your peace of mind.

The Verdict

Both the Kanto YU6 and Audioengine A5+ are quality speakers with great qualities and known for producing quality sound. However, when it comes to performance, the Kanto YU6 is superior and beats the performance capability of the Audioengine A5+ even though it is more expensive.

We also recommend choosing the Kanto YU6 rather than the Audioengine A5+ because of its numerous connectivity options and its light weight speakers that are suitable for use anywhere coupled with many other reasons that are apparent from the detailed discussion above.

Hoping that you enjoyed reading this comparison of Kanto YU6 vs Audioengine A5+ please leave a comment and let us know what you think about these two speakers.

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