LG-SN7Y Vs Sony HT-G700 Which is Better?

Are you looking to buy soundbars to enhance sound quality when listening to music or watching movies? Are you torn between LGSN7Y and Sony HT-G700? Don’t worry because we can make your work easier by expounding on their features.

LG and Sony are brands that are superior to the rest. They have many electronic devices that have a 5-star rating and compared to other brands, LG and Sony offer better quality. This is because the companies have invested in ethical and above standard production.

LG-SN7Y and Sony HT-G700 have revolutionized the entertainment industry with superb quality and sound, making choosing challenges. So between LGSN7Y Vs. Sony HT-G700, which is better?

LG SN7Y Soundbar

LG soundbars are known for their serial production. They have numbers that represent the time they came into existence. SN7Y is also on the list of the devices that came to life in the 2020 lineup. It is the best soundbar for that period.

It is known for 3.1.2 channels and many audio formats, including the DTS: X and the Dolby Atmos. LG sound bars are fairly priced, and despite the rear speakers, they offer quality surround sound. This soundbar is superior to other soundbars from the big brands because of the reasonable price and the tremendous performance.

SN7Y design

The size of this soundbar is 89cm which is almost similar to the significant competitor from sony. It has a smooth surface and slim design that makes it look classy. It has speakers covering the left, right, and middle hence a big sound.

You will also get the upward sound as speakers on the side, with each speaker having 30W. Its power range is 32W and has an additional subwoofer of 7.7 kg closer to the competitor.

There is no wireless wifi and the google assistant button on the remote control. If you want a better sound, you can get additional speakers which perfectly work with it at $189


Setting up the speaker is very easy as no app uses and cables are connecting to the rear speakers. Immediately you turn the soundbar on, the components will automatically connect.

If you need to make other connections, you will check the availability and connect at any point so long as they can work together. Once connected, you can choose to place it anywhere inside the room.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the soundbar is extensive and impressive as it can handle multiple audio files. It offers support to the 24bit/192KhZ resolution and supports a wide range of files. Some of the formats it can work with include the USB, AAC, FLAC, and WAV.

Dolby Atmos, Dolby digital plus, and the DTS also conveniently work with the speaker. Other preset sounds also exist in the speaker, such as al sound pro, bass, treble, flat, movie, blast, standard, and music. You can easily choose from the one you feel works better for you.

Another fantastic thing is the choice of LG to partner with Meridian Technology. It has helped improve sound production, which has helped improve the excellent quality. Connecting with what the speaker is producing is easy as you will choose what you want to hear for what you have.


The soundbar comes with a wireless connection that allows speakers to connect. You will use HDMI, USB, optical audio, and ARC channels for your connection. It supports the passage of the 4K audio. The HDMI ports are dual, meaning you can use them either as input or output.

What About the Dolby Feature

SN7Y has the Dolby feature, allowing you to conveniently choose the mode you need to enjoy a separate action. For example, if you hold the F button for 5 seconds, you will have the feature turning on. You will enjoy various effects such as flying birds, thunder, raindrops, and many other features.

The processing technology of the Dolby is fantastic and makes music listening good. It has the 7.1.2 virtual experience that allows you to work with other speakers. You can compare the performance in this case with the home theater, ceiling speakers, and others.

Why should you buy the LG-SN7Y

Although we have seen some flaws in the soundbar, it is worth investing in. The sound is better, and the quality is much excellent. Comparing the price and the quality, then you would instead pick it. The quality is high and puts it at the competitive edge while the price is lower. The superiority, design, outcome, and quality make it an excellent option.

Sony HT-G700

Sony’s competitive edge is due to its quality and unique devices. However, this Sony HT-G700 soundbar face stiff competition from other soundbar brands, such as the LG-SN7Y. And despite both having different features, their performance is almost similar.

It has a vertical support system that fills all corners with quality sound. With the advanced surround technology, you will have the latest cinema and audio. Virtual surround sound and signal processing gears ensure effective sound production. Better yet, you can pair it with smartphones, TVs, and tablets.


The soundbar has a slim design similar to the competitor LG-SN7Y. It weighs 11.02 kg which makes it portable and easily accessible. However, at 98 cm, it is slightly bigger than the competitor.

It features a vertical design and a center speaker to create any dialog. It has wireless and wired connections that you can pair with various devices. A slim design makes it look classy, and it is pretty affordable. Speakers are at the center but have rear and from design for better sound sending. 3.1ch amplifier channels are also part of the speaker.


The soundbar has components that are wireless such as the subwoofer. Therefore, it has better compatibility . it supports all the audio formats using wired and wireless connections. Your work is to choose the kind of connection you want to use and then connect.

 A remote allows you to manage the various settings. On switching it on, it will automatically connect to the wireless devices. The Dolby Atmos feature is also active in this soundbar, making operating this soundbar easy.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the Sont HT-G700 is quite interesting. It has an audio enhancer that makes it easier to amplify the sound. In addition, an S-Force surround sound from the front with the wave-front technology makes the single bar deliver its sound in 3 dimensions.

A 7.1.2 audio enhancer will make the sound much more considerable and of better quality. Having a 4k compatibility allows you to watch movies, listen to music, and do many other activities. The bass is deeper, richer, and better in quality. The sound coverage is good as you will have it reaching a more expansive space and delivering the best quality.

Moreover, an HDR pass-through makes the sound’s quality more interesting. Depending on your choice, you can place the system at any point in the house, and the sound will be good.


You can use cables and a wireless connection for the soundbar. It comes with an installation guide, which helps you know the use of each port. If you have to connect the wireless devices, there is an option for smart devices and televisions.

Ports such as the USB, HDMI, and audio ports make manual connections straightforward. If you need to add more speakers, some options will help you do the same. Your work is to ensure that you have compatible models. The best about using this soundbar is that it can pair it with other models to boost its effectiveness.

Why buy Sony HT-G700

The initial thing you need to know about the Sony brand is that its reputation is enough to have you buying their devices. The Sony HT-G700 soundbar is of superior quality and performance with extraordinary features. It’s a bit complicated when setting it up, but once you master it, you will have fun moments with it. A richer bass and perfectly balanced sounds are the best things about the soundbar.

Sony HT-G700 Vs LG-SN7Y which is better?

We have analyzed the features and the performance of these two soundbars. Although their performance is outstanding, they have considerable differences despite their structural similarity.

However, SN7Y has several flaws, such as the absence of rear speakers. When we look at connectivity, you will also experience a challenge as it is limited. Furthermore, it does not have an option to use the apps and wifi for connection, making it lag in technology. However, the price is fair than that of the Sony brand.

Looking at Sony HT-G700, we note a higher price than the SN7Y. However, this is all worth it as it has better and many options for connectivity, allowing you to pair it up easily and implement the rest of the connections.

Therefore, Sony HT-G700 is better than LG-SN7Y. It has better performance, advanced features, and future technological advancements. So, don’t look shy away from it because of the price as you get your money’s worth.

The Verdict

You don’t need to worry anymore because of the two Sony and LG brands’ soundbars. Each one of them has an advanced performance. However, you will note the differences in the kind of features each one of them possesses. Sony HT-G700 is a better option than LG-SN7Y as it has more advancements and future considerations.

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