Focal Alpha 65 vs Yamaha HS8 Which Is A Better Choice?

Setting up a medium or small monitor is often enough for a studio. But when your studio space is larger, you might need larger studio monitors. A large studio monitor can fill the entire room with incredible sound. But it’s normal to feel confused about which studio monitor to set up in your studio space. But good news awaits all music lovers. In this article, the features of Focal Alpha 65 and Yamaha HS8 will be compared. In the end, a final verdict will be given to help you make your choice between the two.

Focal Alpha 65

The company boasts of strong history in the industry. Therefore, expectations from Focal Alpha 65 are quite high.

Yamaha HS8

The Yamaha HS8 series is a replacement for the NS10 series of studio monitors. The 8-inch woofer of Yamaha HS8 ensures punchier and deeper bass. The good range of tuning options makes the audio monitors one of the best.

Comparison Between Focal Alpha 65 And Yamaha HS8

The comparison between the two products will be made based on the following criteria:

1. Sound quality

Focal Alpha 65 consistently delivers in the category of sound quality, just like its predecessors. It maintains balance and neutrality while offering depth in sound. The sound is quite warm without the bass tones turning muddy. Focal Alpha 65 will work perfectly well even without a subwoofer. The mild tones of Focal Alpha 65 are as impressive as their predecessors. The sound projection allows Focal Alpha 65 to have a flexible and precise placement within any studio space.

The sound quality of HS8 is also impressive when compared to other models in the HS5 series. The low-end can handle bass perfectly well due to its satisfying and meaty thump. Yamaha HS8 can be run comfortably even without a subwoofer. Music enthusiasts with an inclination towards music heavy in the bass are in for a treat. A nice flat response is accompanied by an incredible balance across different frequency levels. If you are someone who loves mixing their music, Yamaha HS8 will tell you whether you need to work more on your mixing.  

2. Build Quality

Focal Alpha 65 shows the company’s attention to detail habit. The cabinet can be considered even thicker, solid, and robust than the previous models. A Slatefiber low-frequency driver accompanies a high-frequency driver with an inverted aluminum dome. The more expensive products from the brand are even more redefined. But it cannot be denied that Focal Alpha 65 has been designed with precision and care. The Slate Fiber cone found in this model is quite stiff. It ensures better control of distortion, which is a big improvement from the previous model. The monitor might be a little heavy, but it’s still lighter than Focal Alpha 50 or the original Alpha 50. As long as the monitor is handled with care, Focal Alpha 65 can sustain itself for a long time.

Yamaha can be given credit for manufacturing premium-quality speakers. Yamaha HS8 speakers are as solid as they can be. The surface of Yamaha HS8 has been built from a dense MDF board. The textured finish of Yamaha HS8 accompanies the woofer with high power. The rugged speakers are durable and also add to the reduction of resonance. The skills of the company in designing a piano have been integrated with Yamaha HS8. Have you noticed the three-way mitered joint in Yamaha HS8? It ensures some additional reduction of resonance. Yamaha HS8 can be concluded as a solid speaker with the ability to improve the sound to a great extent.

3. Tuning Options

Another outstanding feature of the Focal Alpha 65 is its tuning options. Both high-frequency and low-frequency shelving controls are a part of the model. You can fine-tune the performance of Focal Alpha according to the acoustics inside the studio space. But you should know that room dynamics greatly influence the audio quality of Focal Alpha 65. You also need to place the speakers strategically to get audio of the best quality. The shelving controls of Focal Alpha 65 are quite accurate and offer precise sound quality as per your requirement. It also has an added sensitivity that might be in need under certain niche circumstances.

You can get a wide range of tuning options from Yamaha HS8. You will have to place your speaker within the room and adjust the direct output from the speakers. Yamaha HS8 has High Trim, and Room Control features. The features will help with the adjustment of both high and low frequencies. Consequently, you will get the best possible audio balance from the speakers. When you alter the Room Control feature, you will eliminate unwanted build-up in the low end.

4. Design

The Focal Alpha 65 is one of the most attractive and appealing studio monitors in the market. The performance of Focal Alpha 65 is its highest priority, but the company is also focusing on improving the appearance of the model. The speaker cabinet is pretty sleek. The distinctive feature of the studio monitor is the angled edges at the side. The cone has a bluish tone which provides a pop of hues to the eyes. The front bass port helps with improved delivery of the bass. An on/off switch is also available to take care of the auto-standby option.

Yamaha HS8 boasts of an understated and simple design. The white woofer tone helps the plain matte design of the box stand out. The black and white combination exudes professionalism without making it look boring. If you are looking for something more classy, you have the option of going with the white Yamaha HS8. It might look better in your studio space than the all-black model. Another advantage of the Yamaha HS8 is the dedicated mounting screws and points. You can easily fix the Yamaha HS8 on the wall or ceiling of your studio space. Some people prefer the mounting option to keep their studio space clean.

The Verdict

The Focal Alpha 65 and the Yamaha HS8 put up quite a tough fight against each other. Both the speakers can work without a subwoofer. But Yamaha HS8 might get an edge in this aspect due to its thumping bass. However, Focal Alpha 65 offers a deeper bass than Yamaha HS8. The textured finish of Yamaha HS8 works in its favor. On the other hand, the Focal Alpha 65 is quite a robust model. In terms of tuning options, both the speaker sets can be placed at the same level. Both Focal Alpha 65 and Yamaha HS8 can provide control over high and low frequencies.

In terms of design, the Focal Alpha 65 is only available in black. The company needs to focus more on the appearance of the speakers. Even though the speaker cabinet is sleek, it might not look cool in front of the Yamaha HS8. People who are planning to give their studio an even more classy look can settle for the white Yamaha HS8 instead of the all-black matte one. Yamaha HS8 also comes with easy mounting options on the ceiling or wall, which the Focal Alpha 65 lacks. Even though both the speakers are great, Yamaha HS8 seems to be winning this. However, your budget and personal preference will determine your ultimate purchase decision.  

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