LG SP8YA vs Sonos Beam which is a better choice?

Getting a good and durable sound system is one of the most essential keys to delivering original sound experiences. In making out your choice of blessing your home with a good sound system, many things must be put in place as the TV soundbar alone cannot provide you with the kind of sound to suit your mood.

Soundbars are devices that help to convert electrical energy to sound energy. They help to amplify our sound from the sound player. A good soundbar helps produce a clear and amplified sound without any alteration. Today, there are different kinds of a soundbar with different brands, amplifying ability, output, and structures. Imagine you bought a soundbar and you later realize it is not giving you the quality of sound you wanted, such a soundbar will later be rendered useless and one will end up blaming oneself for buying that kind of soundbar.  For this reason, the aim of this article is to make a comparison between two notable soundbars. So sit back as we will be exploring making a comparison between these sound systems.

Today there is going to be a rift as we will be making our comparison between the LG SP8YA and Sonos Beam soundbars. These two devices are made from different companies, in other words, these two brands have produced quality soundbars but in the course of comparing them, we are going to spot out or determine the better one. The comparison between these two soundbars will cover the price, quality of sound, performance, and design of the product.


Before a product can be bought, we must sort for how much we are willing and able to pay for that particular product. It is usually said that the higher the price, the higher quality of the product, although this is not always applicable to some products. In the comparison of these two products, the price of one will definitely be higher than the other because of some special characteristics exhibited by these products.

Sonos Beam soundbar:

Currently, the Sonos beam soundbar is sold for $410, this price is enough to get a quality product of soundbar, and although it is not up to the amount the opponent soundbar is being sold. In the course of the study, we will see whether the product is worth the price attached to it.


LG SP8YA soundbar:

The LG SP8YA soundbar is priced at $700; you will all agree that the price of this soundbar is on the high side. This price is more than the opponents’ due to some special features attached to this device. As a sound engineer, what matters most is the sound quality produced by the soundbar and not the price.


The Verdict:

Most times the price at hand may hinder one from getting a quality product. Most people may try to be economical in making the decision between these two soundbars. Instead of going for LGSP8YA, one may easily go for the Sonos Beam soundbar and either keep the extra cash or buy another pair of soundbars from it.


Design is the structure of a material. It means the shape of an object. The design of a product plays an important role in the marketing of a product. One may be convinced to see a product for the first time without knowing how quality the product is, but since the body shape is enticing and eye-friendly, one tends to be convinced to buy the product.

The manufacturer needs to study the choice of the general public and be able to phantom how the product is to be designed so as to render it marketable.

However, the choice of speaker is also determined by the body structure and the material used to construct it.

Sonos Beam soundbar:

Sonos beam speaker is a bar-like structure and usually comes in two ranges of color which is either black or white. The company has gone as far as making research in other to design their product in a way to suits people’s taste by choosing to always design their product with either white or black color. It is the bar- a design that makes it stands without falling off even when the vibration or the wave is extreme. It is on the long side of 25.6inches therefore you will need to be careful when setting it up so that it won’t block the TVremote control censor.

It also has a very small design with a play or pause button surrounded by volume controls. It is designed as a product that you do not need to turn off because, at the top of the bar, there is a microphone icon indicating that you can control the device by voice if needed.


LG SP8YA soundbar: 

LG SP8YA speaker is a bar-like structure with a black coal house consisting of a plastic base that extends to the back and bottom panels. The front of the audio bar has a protective metal grill that locks drivers and an LCD display.

The solid frame of the subwoofer is a black chassis that comes with plastic or wood. It stands more than 18 inches high, which means you will need to find enough space for it. The subwoofer has a driver in the front and a bass hole at the back.


The Verdict:

The appearance of a product plays an important role in distinguishing or making a comparison between two products. Although they both have the same structure, the design of the Sonos Beam soundbar is more attractive and classier than the other soundbar due to the dual color of the soundbar. People who like incorporating designs will surely go for the white-colored bar.

On the other hand, LG SP8YA has succeeded in countering the opponent by making sure that they produced a subwoofer with the soundbar. This subwoofer gives support and also amplifies the sound.


Sonos Beam Soundbar:

The Sonos Beam soundbar has a decent frequency response that has a number of channels of 3.0.  Its trueplay remodeling feature automatically prepares audio reproduction based on your room acoustic but this feature is only available on IOS devices. With this feature turned on, its audio profile is neutral with additional sound in the bass range that can sing softly with leading musical instruments. As a stand-alone bar, since it has no remote control, it struggles to reproduce the deep thump and low bass thunder but there are bass and treble adjustments to help you customize your sound to your own taste.

LG SP8YA soundbar:

The LG SP8YA soundbar has a good stereo frequency response that has a number of channels. It comes with a room renovation feature called AI Room Calibration that automatically prepares sound reproduction based on your listening room. With this feature turned on, it has a heavy bass sound profile that adds more shock and beat to your sound, so you hear movies full of action and bass-heavy music. The rest of the scope is fairly balanced, making it ideal for conversation-focused content such as TV shows and music programs.

The Verdict:

In the area of sound quality, the LG SP8YA is better than the Sonos Beam soundbar because it has a subwoofer that helps to reproduce an amplified sound. The subwoofer helps to harmonize the sound. The Sonos Beam is lacking in this aspect as it has no subwoofer.

However, with this comparison, the LG SP8YA produces a better soundstage.   


In other to be sure of what we want to purchase, one must be literate enough to always check the specification before giving out the cash. The specification shows the full features of a product or material. in this section, we shall be comparing the specification of the two products and what makes one unique from the other.

Taking a close look at the two products there are some features found in one that are not in the other, LG SP8YA has Bluetooth connectivity and make it easy to connect with our mobile phones anytime but Sonos Beam does not. The digital Theatre System (DTS) present in LG SP8YA soundbar but Sonos Beam does not. With these the LG SP8YA gives out more quality sounds than Sonos Beam soundbar.





It has really been a rift between the two soundbars as they both serve the same purpose but in the course of comparison, we could deduce that LG SP8YA is better compared to the Sonos Beam soundbar. As a sound engineer, price is not the main thing to consider in getting a soundbar, but the quality of the product. There are different kinds of soundbars in the market with different capacities and sound quality. It also supports more wireless playback options such as Bluetooth. However, the soundbar is worth the price.  

On the other hand, the Sonos Beam soundbar is still a solid choice for users who prefer a more compact standalone bar.

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