Audioengine HD6 vs KEF LSX which is a better choice?

Are you looking for a speaker system to enhance your TV watching experience to provide a cinematic quality or give soul to your party? Then a good quality speaker system is the essential requirement for it. Now there is a wide variety of speakers- both wired and wireless- options available at a range of prices; today, in this article, we will be comparing Audioengine HD6 and KEF LSX to conclude which is the best choice.

Both of these speakers have been top of the list for customers’ choice and have been reviewed by numerous people online on multiple platforms such as YouTube, Tiktok, and blogging sites. They are also praised by their users with high ratings and feedback on their official websites and Amazon.

About the Audioengine HD6:

Audioengine HD6 is marketed for being one of the best Bluetooth and wireless speakers for music and TV. They are accessible for all the online apps such as Spotify, Tidal, and Pandora.

Even though the word wireless is a part of its name, it still contains both wired and wireless options to connect it with any device. Have a USB port to connect it with devices such as your television and vintage tape deck to listen to your favorite old songs with some bass and volume.

The HD6 system is a complete wireless Bluetooth speaker system that works flawlessly on all your devices and apps. It connects hassle-free to the devices such as television, mobile phones, and tablets and provides an extended range of connectivity.

Audioengine has removed all the problematic hassles of buttons and passwords to connect quickly and start the fun immediately with a single touch. They also have an incredible wood touch design for a sleek and innovative look.

About the KEF LSX:

KEF LSX is specially designed to provide the best home listening experience to their users for both their movie and TV watching and music listening experience. Available in various colors and designs to go well with all the settings and backgrounds.

They are a music lover’s dream come true as they contain Apple airplay 2, Spotify connects, and tidal is built in to start the music without the need o a single touch ( the availability of Siri allows you to use voice commands from any apple product such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod).

Comparing the price:

Comparing the price for any two objects is the most crucial aspect when deciding. But price comparison is not only about looking at the numerical value and then coming to the conclusion that the cheaper one is, the better option instead price comparison means looking at the features offered, its color, designs, and options available to reach the decision about which one is the best choice.


The price for KEF LSX on it =s official website and amazon are about $1250, offering a variety of features and accessibility. It may be a bit expensive than the other music systems, both wired and wireless. Available all around the internet, but according to its numerous users, the price compensates for its features.

It has high-resolution support of 24 bites and 124 kilohertz, with apple airplay 2, Spotify connect, and tidal. It is also lightweight with 3.5kg each so can be easily carried from one place to another with availability in different colors.

Audio engine HD6:

The price for the HD6 is $699, which is a pretty affordable price for a wireless speaker system with Wifi. Its sleek and modern wooden design makes it stylish and worth the price. HD6 offers you a Bluetooth system, numerous input and output ports to connect different devices- ones that don’t have Bluetooth, such as old and antique music systems, and hassle-free access to all the apps.


Both the speakers provide quality with quantity and are best for those who are explicitly looking for different and newer features in a speaker. But at a glance, they both are Bluetooth and wireless speakers. Their essential part is to connect easily with all the electronic devices and have untroubled connectivity to the apps they both flawlessly provide. So, in my opinion, The HD6 might e a better option for fulfilling the need at an affordable price.

The Design:

You actually look at the color scheme and design when you look at something. If it isn’t exciting, then that product gets rejected immediately, so to hold the customer’s interest, companies work hard to find the perfect method to maintain the good and go well with different surroundings.  

Audio engine HD6:

The audio engine has made their HD6 speaker bookshelf speakers meaning that they are compact enough to hold all the features and not take much space or are too heavy to carry. This makes the device easily fit in small spaces and easily too near the computer on the desktop.

Its main features of designs include; Full-range variable output and dual audio inputs, Advanced Bluetooth with aptX HD, more straightforward setup, enhanced range of 30 meters, and 24-bit up sampling 24-bit digital optical (SPDIF) input, Die-cast aluminum woofer baskets with custom 5.5″ Kevlar woofers, neodymium magnets and ferrofluid-cooled voice coils in custom 1″ silk tweeters, Cabinets made by hand with furniture-grade finishes, Magnetic speaker grills that can be removed, Speaker supports are secured with threaded inserts.


This KEF LSX speaker system comes in five different colors; white, red, green, blue, black. These speakers are covered with modern industrial fabric – made by Kvadat, a contemporary Danish designer- to appeal to the user’s eye.

LSX has KEF’s music integrity system to improve the sound system, providing transparent bass and reducing distortion. Using finite element analysis, they have a contoured baffle, so the music is not echoed through the cabinets and walls.

There are no cables to connect both the speakers so you can position them at a distance from each other for a better sound experience. It is done in a small enough system to fit practically everywhere easily.


Even though both have the best and most well-loved features, there can still only be one better than the other. In my opinion, KEF LSX is a better option due to the different vibrant color availability and different features available in a compact form.

The sound and other features:

The main reason for investing in a speaker system is the sound quality, and hence the customers need their price worth, so the sound is one of the main points that need to be researched before making a decision.

Audio engine HD6:

HD6 built-in aramid fibre woofers produce sound that more than covers the majority of medium-sized venues, the 1″ silk tweeters provide crisp and clear highs. They also sell subwoofers separately, which may be used to change the bass and boost levels.

Built-in amplifiers, extended-range Bluetooth, customizablbe input and output features, and Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters all help to increase sound and accessibility.


The sound system for the LSX speakers includes; Active digital two-way 2.0 audiophile speaker with 4.5″ uni-Q driver, Cabinet with restricted layer dampening that has been acoustically optimized, Active system with four amplifiers (2 x 30W + 2 × 70W Class D), EQ settings that can be changed (via KEF Control app).

Apart from an adequate sound system, it has apple airplay 2 ( as discussed before) which allows you to use Siri and voice control demands on all Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It also has Spotify Connect, Tidal, Bluetooth, 3.5mm auxiliary input, and Android and iOS.


In my opinion, both speakers’ sound quality is out of this world, but still, KEF LSX takes it a step ahead with built-in music app features.

The Verdict:

Even though both are Bluetooth speakers, their features are vastly different and hence will attract other people according to their style, design, price, and feature requirements. For me, the best option is the KEF LSX speaker set which provides quality and quantity of features with its price. 

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