Logitech Z407 vs Z623 which is a better choice?

Hey guys! Are you looking for the best speaker system that bring together your whole setup? Then this is it fellas, you are at the right place. Here we are having a battle between the Logitech Z407 and Logitech Z623. Logitech is a very well-reputed electronic company. They offer premium quality products at a fair price so if you’re on a budget then Logitech is the place for you. So, buckle up as its Logitech Z407 vs Logitech Z623, this is going to be a good one. In a nutshell, choosing between these two come coming down to the feature and if you’re a little flexible with that then the Logitech Z623 is the one for you. However, the winner of this battle ultimately depends on your needs.

Design: Logitech Z407 or Logitech Z623

In terms of design, the Logitech Z407 is known to be somewhat of a rarity. Logitech Z407 comes with a 5-inch driver, a down firing 20-watt subwoofer, and with roughly 2.3-inch drivers a dual 10-watt satellite speakers. The speaker dimensionally is 7.87 (H) x 3.7 (W) x 3.35 (D) inches meanwhile the subwoofer is 9.45 in height, 9.21 in width, and 7.09 inches depth. You can snap the detachable stand into the base to make the speaker stand upright or tilt it either way to align it with your ear. It is an excellent set of computer speaker perfect for gaming. The package comes with 2 satellites, 1 subwoofer, 1 x 3.5 mm audio cable, and a wireless BLE control dial along with the manual. It overall has very smart looking and available in black color.


As for the Logitech Z623, the design is just standard like the other Logitech computer system but that’s okay. Like other computer speaker systems, with Logitech Z623 you get two sleek looking satellite speakers that are attached into the subwoofer. The only difference in design of Z407 and Z623 is that everything in Logitech Z623 is a bit bigger. Each satellite speaker is 7.7 inches in height, 5 inches thick, 4.9 inches depth and weighs approximately. Meanwhile the subwoofer is 11.2 inches tall, 12 inches wide, 10.47 inches in depth and weighs approximately 15.4 lbs. The outputs to the speakers along with power, 3.5mm audio jack and RCA inputs can be found in the back of the subwoofer. In the package you’ll find two satellite speakers, the subwoofer along with 3.5 mm audio cable and the user documentation. The system works with works with any device with either a 3.5mm headphone jack or inputs including RCA like your gaming systems and smartphones or tablets.

The Verdict:

For the battle of design, both the candidates hold a strong position however the Logitech Z623 has a much more powerful subwoofer and is a winner.

Sound Quality: Logitech Z407 or Logitech Z623

The Logitech Z407 has an impressive sound quality due to its extraordinarily high-volume level which are a plus as it’s relatively compact and affordable. In order to prevent distortion at high levels, the digital signal processing flattens the dynamics a little bit. On sub-bass content, at high level of volume the subwoofer is at the edges of distortion. However, it is a rarely affordable speaker system so it is expected to have some limitation. The audio overall is very well balanced, rich, crisp and bright. The subwoofer only causes little distortion with sub-bass content but with other content Z407 delivers its most balanced and the digital signal processing is triggered less.

But for the Logitech Z623, it’s all about the bass as the subwoofer is absolutely massive and has more than half of the RMS power rating. It has the power capacity of 130W and this proves that the bass is meant to be impressive. According to the RMS power rating each satellite is 35W, which means the music is not exactly going to be crisp. It may be a problem if you’re planning on listening to classical music. The Logitech Z634 will definitely serve your needs and make everything sound perfect if you want to crank up the volume to your favorite hip-hop and metal genre. However, sadly you won’t be able to enjoy the classical genre without making it sound a little ‘muddy’. But the Logitech Z632 is favored for watching movies or playing games than actually listening to music as it enhances the experience more.

The Verdict:

Both, Z407 and Z623 have flaws but it is expected however the Logitech Z407 has better sound quality but that’s because the Z623 is not suitable for listening to music. It’s made for movie lovers and gamers.

Features: Logitech Z407 or Logitech Z623

For the features battle, the Logitech Z407 speakers can be connected to the back panel of the subwoofer with the semi-hardwired RCA-style cabling. The back panel has a 3.5mm aux input for connecting computers or mobile devices with headphone jacks and a micro-USB port for computer audio. The system comes with a roughly 2.8 inches in diameter wireless desktop remote control dial which runs on two AAA batteries. The remote-control dial has one tap play back and a rotating dial. It can easily connect to any PC or other devices with a 3.5mm jack or through Bluetooth. The remote even has a Bluetooth pairing button and a button to switch between Bluetooth and other wired sources.

Meanwhile, the Logitech Z623 has only one downside which is that it has no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi streaming and is a wired only speaker system. It has two inputs, the 3.5mm headphone jack and RCA and there is no other way to switch between these two inputs. The volume knob and the bass knobs are located on the right speaker. On the side of the right satellite, you can also find the headphone output and an aux input. The two inputs make it easy to plug in up to 3 audio devices. It is compatible with DVD players, music players, mobile phones, tablets, television set, Xbox, PlayStation or any other gaming console. Basically, it can work with any device with a head phone jack.

The Verdict:

Logitech Z407 is a clear winner here as it got a wireless remote-control dial and Bluetooth connectivity meanwhile the Logitech Z623 is a wire-only speaker system.

Price: Logitech Z407 or Logitech Z623

But the real question here is are they both worth their respective price? The Logitech Z407 was released in 2020 and has surprised us in many ways. It is very rare to find a great set of computer speakers, pricing near 100$. There are many other speakers within the same price range but they do not prove the luxury of streaming via Bluetooth. The Logitech Z407’s sleek and classy design makes it perfect for those trying to avoid flashy and its perfect smart looking set of speakers for your respective setup. If you’re looking for affordable speakers that deliver great sound then Logitech Z407 is perfect for you as it’s sound quality will surprise you and its compact design is overall a plus one.

Meanwhile, the Logitech Z623 costs 149$, which is incredibly reasonable for what it can from a home theatre perspective. This speaker system is absolutely worth its price especially if you’re watching some amazing movie or playing any latest AAA video games on your gaming consoles. It’s very obvious you can find a speaker system similar to Logitech Z623 but it’ll be nearly impossible to find a better sounding speaker system for lesser price. Even though it looks a little pricey but the amazing bass response and the hypnotic THX audio makes it easy to recommend and the movie lovers and gamers can get a lot out of the Logitech Z623. However, it is a good speaker with a fair price.

The Verdict: Logitech Z407 or Logitech Z623

As said before, if you’re choosing between the Logitech Z407 and Logitech Z623 it ultimately comes down to the features. If you’re not willing to sacrifice and the Bluetooth connectivity is a necessary requirement then the Z407 is for you. And if you want a powerful speaker and are willing to sacrifice a bit of bass then the Logitech Z623 is a much smarter choice. Overall, despite being wire-only speaker system the Logitech Z623 is a much better and powerful 2.1 speaker set and worth its price.

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