Focal Alpha 50 vs KRK Rokit 5 G4 which is a better choice?

I love good-quality music. Don’t we all? The Focal Alpha 50 or Rokit 5 G4 should be a good option for a music enthusiast to start when shopping for mid-priced sound monitors. These are some of the best speakers that are guaranteed to help you enjoy every nuance of your tunes.

Placed side by side, the Focal Alpha 50 and the KRK Rokit 5 G4 are similar in many aspects, but a closer look will reveal just how different they are. The Focal Alpha series monitors offer next-generation engineering features. However, the KRK Rokit 5 4th generation speaker boasts a pro-grade design that enthralls. It is a unit whose low-distortion Kevlar drivers are pushed by a Class D power amp, delivering crisp, clear sounds.

About the manufacturers

Focal JMLab has been around since 1979 and has been playing a leading role in the design and delivery of exceptional acoustic equipment. Focal has a strong presence in the car speaker, loudspeaker, monitoring loudspeakers, and headphones markets. Focal prides themselves for being a French company based in Saint-Étienne. Audiophiles from all over the world continually get wowed by the acoustic technologies employed by Focal. The company’s expertise in Polyglass, Beryllium, Magnesium tweeters, and Tuned Mass Dampers ensures the brand remains a bench marker.

On the other hand, KRK Systems has given us great sounds for 35 years. Indeed, the company is a serious contender if one considers the consistent quality of its products. For ardent music lovers, the mention of KRK Systems means world-class gear that is highly reliable. KRK doesn’t loosely throw terms such as precision or accuracy, each of its products is expertly designed and made to suit the end-user needs. Furthermore, the Sound Republication world professionals find joy in using these products because they ensure every acoustic interpretation of the mix is delivered.

The size

The size of the speaker goes hand in hand with precision and the overall quality of the tunes it produces. That being the case, then the size of the speaker plays a significant role when purchasing one. The Focal Alpha 50 measures 11.81 x 13.19 x 12.01 inches (LxWxH), while the Rokit model measures 9.49 x 7.48 x 11.22 inches. This makes the Focal speaker more than double the size that of Rokit 5. Don’t be mesmerized by the size of the monitor. There is much more to a speaker than the size, as we shall see below.

Both the speakers are armed with a 5″ woofer. It then means that the smaller Rokit 5 will be ideal for smaller studio spaces as compared to the Alpha 50. The tweeter for both the speakers is 1″.

The design

When you take a look at the KRK Rokit 5 G4 speaker, you’ll love the high-grade feel it offers. The manufacturer has invested in state-of-the-art DSP that also offers room correction. An LCD graph with visual EQ comes in handy when you want to control the speaker’s acoustic optics. KRK has designed a brickwall limiter. This is to help ensure it delivers balanced sound while guaranteeing your audio dynamics and preventing any damage. The KRK app available on iOS or Android helps you get the best out of the Rokit 5. This app helps with level matching, cross-over settings, speaker placement, and polarity. The yellow color of the woofer and the tweeter further serves to accentuate Rokit’s appeal.

The Focal Alpha speaker offers a low directivity design. While this goes against most speaker designs, it ensures that the 5″ woofer and the 1″ dome tweeter distribute sound evenly throughout the room. The speaker is also designed to turn off after 30 minutes of inactivity automatically. While this is an entry priced level speaker from Focal, its design and performance easily outclass many premium-priced ones from the competition. The plastic edges of the monitor complement the black-covered ½ inch MDF, making sure they easily integrate with the rest of the room’s upholstery, whether a studio or home.

The Performance

The one thing that will grab your attention when listening to the Focal Alpha 50 speaker is the sheer clarity and crispiness of midrange and high-end. Whether you are looking to use the Alpha 50 for instrumental or electronic music, you are assured of getting high-quality sounds every time. The frequency response of the speaker ranges between 45Hz and 22Hz. The 5″ woofer made with a polyglass cone and then placed in a laminar port guarantees quality bass with no added ‘color.’ The 25cm (1″) tweeter and the woofer, when combined with the power of 35W and 20W amplifiers, does the Alpha 50 justice.

As for the Rokit 5 G4, the low-resonance compartment affords you accurate low-end performance. The DSP-driven graphic EQ guarantees a premium acoustic environment while at the same time ensuring higher levels of versatility are achieved. KRK has invested in cool driver designs to ensure quality sonic integrity across frequencies. This feature offers the listener an amazing balanced listening experience while reducing listening fatigue. The Kevlar drivers further ensure low distortion when reproducing every sound.  

Technical features

The Rokit 5 G4 is armed with a Class D amplifier, ensuring high-quality music. The power amplifier helps keep the operating temperature low, but it also helps maintain the integrity of the sound coming from the speaker. A brickwall limiter engages automatically whenever the amp’s power is maxed. With a 5″ woofer and 1″ tweeter, this Bi-amped speaker is meant to deliver balanced sound in every room. Kevlar technology has been used to make the HF tweeter dome and the iOS and Android operating app. It comes with 1 x XLR-1/4 combo input. The maximum peak SPL is 104dB.

The Focal Alpha 50 studio monitor comes with an LED stand-by indicator at its rear. The monitor will automatically switch off if left idle for 30 minutes for those looking to save on energy. The unit is wired to be compatible with almost all modern sound sources. Looking at the back panel, you will find two input options: RCA unbalanced and XLR balanced. Also present is a sensitivity switch that allows you to switch between +6 dB and 0 dB. The 2-way drivers guarantee you get crisp quality sound in any environment. The monitor’s maximum output power is 103W, and the Polyglass sound frequency ranges between 22 kHz and 45 Hz. The maximum peak SPL is 103dB.


Price plays an important part when shopping for the right speaker monitor. The Alpha 50 monitor is larger and offers more punchy sounds. On the other hand, the Rokit 5 monitor has suave features that will persuade you to overlook the size factor. The great thing about these two speakers is that they offer superior accuracy and much better-balanced sound than the competition. With both companies having packed a good number of decades in experience and R&D in making these units, the mid-entry price tags won’t bother many music and sound enthusiasts.

The Differences

The first difference to point out is the size of the sound monitors. But don’t be mistaken to think that the larger Focal Alpha 50 sound monitor can’t deliver exceptionally well in any room. The low damping of the body guarantees no distortion when it comes to delivery. The Rokit 5 speaker boasts an LCD visual EQ, making it slightly more user-friendly than the Alpha 50, which doesn’t have volume controls.

The Rokit 5 comes in a deep resonance enclosure, and you will not experience loosening of parts when you play your music. The speaker will never bounce around with the bass sounds as some entry monitors do. The Focus Alpha 50 offers the same experience but not as Rokit does.

The Verdict

One cannot deny the superior quality of the Focus Alpha 50 monitor. It delivers a lively, clear, uncolored sound, and no ear fatigue is suffered. When put side by side with other entry monitors in the market, the Alpha 50 easily outclass them. It will serve perfectly in small and medium rooms.

The Rokit 5 G4 is an intuitive studio monitor that boasts of being sleek and powerful. Audiophiles can work with it for hours without complaining of ear fatigue. The big plus that this unit carries is its technological compatibility. Its Kevlar technology is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Moreover, its LCD visual EQ and Iso-foam pads make it a worthwhile contender for buyers.

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