Yamaha HS7 vs JBL 306P which is a better choice?

Studio monitors are the need of the hour, and they are the must-have essential of audio engineers’ professional workplaces. But these monitors are equally popular among professionals and music junkies. There are several options available for studio monitors with advancements in every part of life, but today we will discuss Yamaha HS7 and the JBL 306P.

Are you confused between choosing Yamaha HS7 and JBL 306P? What are the critical differences between these two speakers? In this post we will analyze the things to consider as you choose between these two sound systems.

JBL 306P MkII:

JBL 306P MkII is a two-way powered studio monitor. It has refined transducers (woofers) and a revolutionary JBL image control waveguide. It has precise imaging, stunning details, and dynamic range that give your workplace an aesthetic and modern look.

Company Overview:

The James B. Lansing Sound that we know today was established in October 1946. Since then, providing the best quality to their customers has been their priority. They have a good history of audio innovations because of their attention to every detail in a design. They are the inventors and manufacturers of many audio devices that are the hallmarks of the town these days. Their uncompromising commitments to their goals are the key to success.



This matt black elegant box monitor from JBL’s three series MkII is the perfect audio piece for your home and office. The designers have kept the look glossy and straightforward with no extra bling.  

It has 298 mm x 185 mm x 251 mm (H x W x D) dimensions. With 4.6kg mass, it is lighter in weight than other monitors in its comparison.

Image Control Waveguide:

As mentioned above, these monitors have an Image Control Waveguide. In the beginning, this system was designed for their expensive and flagship products such as M2 Master Reference Monitors. But looking at the affordable price ($219), they have introduced it in 306P’s price range. Thanks to the creative innovation of JBL, we have been introduced to the most refined depth and details of our mixes.

You must still be confused about why I should buy this product? Let’s talk about this feature a little more. This feature ensures the most seamless transition between low and high-frequency transducers. Its precise imaging provides the best sound stage and offers a neutral frequency response. JBL 306P MkII delivers a clear presentation of your mixes.

Device Specifications:

  • The company has equipped this monitor with three series transducers for better sound performance. This system is equipped with a slipstream low-frequency port and a long-throw 5″ woofer for better accuracy, depth, and controlled bass.
  • The audio engineers took things to the next level with less harmonic distortion with an enhanced woofer design. So you can trust this monitor for neutral frequency, high peak handling, and better dynamics. So whether you are playing any game or partying, these woofers and tweeters will produce all the dynamics of your audio.
  • If you own this monitor, then the dual integrated, class D amplifiers (D 41 W RMS amplifier) and custom design of each amplifier give you an extra edge for handling the vigorous range for any project. It is podcasting, music production, cinematic use, or daily v logging. You can deal with it without any trouble.
  • JBL 306P allows you to adjust the sound according to your environmental needs. The three-position HF trim switch will enable you to high-frequency volume according to your taste or room dimensions. Its frequency range varies between 43 Hz to 24 kHz.


This system has bi-amplified input options XLR and ¼” TRS. Depending upon your needs, it has adjustable +4dBu/-10 BV input sensitivity.

Professional Reliability and Warranty:

They provide you with a years’ manufacturer warranty. You can rely on JBL’s products because before coming to the market, their three series monitors must pass the JBL’s strenuous power test. Every model must perform flawlessly for an unheard volume of 100 hours, at the maximum volume. Because of this test, you can trust 306P MkII monitors to perform constantly without failure. JBL 100 hours test ensures the years of reliability.


These studio monitors will cost you $219.00.

Yamaha HS7:

The Yamaha HS7 is the second generation of this particular series. It is a two-way powered speaker system with high-performance drivers and a mounting system. It is an advanced magnetics circuit design.

Company Overview:

Yamaha is a Japanese multinational corporation with several products and services. Its history began when Torakusu Yamaha, founder of this company, repaired a broken reed organ in 1887. Around 1900, the company started producing pianos. Since then, with several changes in the shareholders, this corporation has kept providing their customers with several services and products in the music industry such as drums, violins, woodwinds, guitars, and brass instruments.



Since the 1970s, you have seen their white woofers as an essential item to any music lover. So the Yamaha HS7 is nothing different than the previous ones. Like always, they have kept their focus on the simplicity and elegance of the monitor. It comes in a white and black color variant.

But with a mass of 8.2 kg, it is heavier than JBL 306P. So, it will be a little challenging to move it around with its weight and dimensions of 210 mm x332 mm x284 mm (W x H x D).

Advance Magnetic Circuit Design:

Yamaha HS series has extra-large magnets. Here, A question will be bugging your mind why is this feature important. It is because, during concerts or any party, this advanced circuit design will ensure uniform and controlled flex fields that will provide smooth response and dynamic efficiency over a wide frequency range.

Device Specifications:

  • Talking about the specifications, it has 6.5″ cone-shaped Woofers and a 1″ dome Tweeter to obtain highly accurate and consistent high frequency sounds with stunning clarity.
  • The shape of this system is bass reflex. It will ensure a consistent and comfortable basis throughout time and space.
  • The HS series monitors with cutting-edge woofers deliver outstanding performance because Yamaha has only one motto “accuracy.”
  • It consumes 55 W of energy with a total output of 95 W when it comes to power consumption.
  • This system has a frequency range of 43 Hz to 30 kHz with a crossover of 2 kHz. This frequency range means that this system will never miss a single beat. You can tailor your monitor according to your room and environment responses. So whether you are in an open environment or a control room, you can always trust your Yamaha HS 7 monitors.
  • The high-performance drivers in this series delivered the best audio output enhanced by a mounting system. It is a specific arrangement of screws and a mounting ring to eliminate all the undesired vibrations and other sounds.


When it comes to input-output connectors, this system has compatibility with all sources of audio varieties. This unit has bi-amplified input options XLR 31 type.

Professional Reliability and Warranty:

The Yamaha manufacturer provides one year of warranty for these studio monitors. These monitors are primarily used in studios or commercially. So when you are using it outdoor for a function or in a closed space of your room. The sound results will be mind-blowing. The bass and the sound will be smooth and crystal clear.

These studio monitors pass through a series of tests before coming into the market.


Yamaha HS monitors are pricier than JBL 306P, $639.98.

Things to Consider Before Buying:

Before you buy any of the monitors, as mentioned earlier, always consider answering the following questions.

  • What is the purpose of this purchase?
  • Where do you intend to use this monitor?
  • What type of sound range are you expecting from the device?
  • What is the size of space where you will be using this monitor?
  • What type of features are you looking for in the particular system?

The Verdict:

Although both of these speakers will be a great addition to your sound system collection systems still, the choice will most likely depend upon all of the questions, as mentioned above. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly option with all the luxuries and perks, I would vote for JBL 306P MkII rather than Yamaha HS7.

I hope that the above information will help you make a good decision about your money and purchase.

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