Luxman M900u vs M700u which is a better choice?

If you already have a preamp but want that extra power you need yourself a good power amplifier. I have already looked at both the Luxman C-700u and the two fantastic Luxman preamps. Today I have this Luxman M-900u and the Luxman M-700u contest for you which would be the perfect power amplifier to get your preamp to where it really needs to be. As these are Luxman products, these are very expensive so they are not really something that is for your average joe.  

The Price

We need to start this thing off by looking at how much you can expect to pay for these things. Spoiler alert, these are very, very expensive. However, they are regarded as some of the very best that you can get when it comes to power amplifiers and they are really aimed at hardcore audiophiles. I have to be honest and say that at this price range, I would never in a million years be a player on these.  

Luxman M-900u:

The asking price in USD for the Luxman M-900u is a massive $14,449,95 which is the same price as the Luxman C-900u.Total that up and you are at like 30 grand! You do not need the C-900u for this as it will work with other preamplifiers. However, Luxman clearly designed this with sitting on top of the C-900u in mind. When I tried to search for one on the good old eBay, I could not find one! This means you are more than likely going to have to resort to going to an authorized dealer if you really want one of these.


Luxman M-700u:

As you would probably expect the Luxman M-700u is a cheaper option for you. However, while this can be found for $9,995,95 which is a massive saving over the 900, it is like five grand, just think of what you could do with an extra five grand in your bank account! The better part of 10 thousand dollars is still a massive amount of money. As of me writing this, there are actually a handful of these on the eBay right now. There is a pre-owned one for around $6,000 and a new one for just over $9,000. To me, it seems like it is easier to track down the Luxman M-700u than it is the M-900u.


The Verdict:

With a saving of 5 grand, you have to say that the Luxman M-700u is the winner of this round. I will say that just like when I put the Luxman C-700u head-to-head with the Luxman C-900u the more expensive unit is probably going to win the other two categories, but the M-700u is getting to stand in the middle of the ring with its hard raised high this round!  

The Design

We come to the design category of our Luxman amplifiers battle. These at first glance look near identical and from screenshots, most people will not be able to tell the difference. However, there is a very “BIG” difference here and that is what we are taking a look at here. Luxman makes really awesome looking tech and these two have that Luxman style which is awesome.  

Luxman M-900u:

The build quality of the Luxman M-900u is truly outstanding and second to none. If you want to go into extreme detail about this check out this Luxman 900u Amplifier Review ! video which does just that. The dimensions of this are 17.32” x 8.81” x 19.09” and it weighs in at a very hefty 48KG! Seriously, I was pretty shocked at just how large and heavy this thing was so you will certainly want to unbox it in the same room that you plan on having it in, your back will thank you for it. On the front of the unit, we have two power displays that have a retro charm which I like, actually, the whole product has this retro Luxman charm which I am a massive fan of. With a button for input, power, and display, the front of the Luxman M-900u has a very minimalistic design which I really do like.

It is very easy to just focus on the epic build quality, weight, and classy front design of this amp, but we do have to look around the back to see what is going on there too. Luxman has made this as easy to use as possible, you have very easily identifiable ports to connect your preamp and speakers to. It is a very clean and nice interface and I really do not have any complaints about this at all.  

Luxman M-700u:

Pretty much most of what I said about the Luxman M-900u is going to apply here with the Luxman M-700u. It is made with the same amount of care and love and has that same fantastic build quality that you get with the more expensive model. However, the big difference here is that it is in a smaller scale, quite a bit smaller actually. The dimensions of this are 17.32” x 7.4” x 16.81” it may not sound like a lot, but the smaller depth and height do make quite a difference, especially when you have them side by side. The biggest difference is the weight as this comes in at 27.5KG. The front of the Luxman M-700u has that same style as its bigger brother. It has the same placement for the displays, but the displays are a bit smaller to more fit the smaller design of this unit. The same buttons are featured in the same location too.

Around the back of the Luxman M-700u, we have a very similar design when it comes to the ports. You have the exact same ports here and they are laid out in a similar way. However, things are just a tad different to accommodate the smaller size. There is also a main power switch on the back of here too. Apart from this, it is the same, but on a smaller scale.  

The Verdict:

There really is not much to go on here as the Luxman M-900u and the Luxman M-700u have a near identical kind of design to them. At the end of the day, I prefer the larger more imposing, and heftier look and feel of the M-900u, that extra weight and size makes it feel like an even more premium kind of product.  

The Sound

At this price range, we are looking at in this battle of these two amplifiers, getting some real power and sound enhancement is a must and I have to say that both of these are truly incredible and do what they do very well. I do feel that these types of products are really subjective as all our ears and tastes are different, but these are my personal thoughts on these bad boys!  

Luxman M-900u:

We are starting with the Rolls Royce of power amplifiers the Luxman M-900u. Look, you can watch a million videos about this all you want, but this is the kind of thing that you have to experience for yourself to truly understand why this is priced the way it is and also why those who have purchased it have no regrets. The way that this gives your records so much more clarity, power and hits all the notes perfectly is truly amazing stuff. I am a huge gamer as well as a music lover and I listened to the full double album of Sins of Hyrule and I was just mesmerized with this. I actually contemplated trying to hook my Nintendo Switch up to my amp so I could play The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword through this as it has an amazing orchestral style soundtrack.

I know that may make me sound a bit pretentious, but anything you play with the aid of this is going to rock your like a hurricane! Speaking of which, rock music through this is amazing. That is my genre (all though I do listen to other stuff) and Alive by Kiss is an album that I love and I can tell you first hand sounds truly amazing when played through here. The way that it manages to hit all the ranges and sound so crisp and clear, no matter the volume is truly outstanding. I could never actually afford this or even the preamp that goes with it, but man, I can tell you hand on heart that there is a huge step up from the more modest preamp that I have for my setup.  

Luxman M-700u:

To be honest with you guys, I probably should have talked about the Luxman C-700u first. The reason I say that is that the Luxman M-900u is the “better” version of what this offers. If you look at any of the videos about this such as this funny and informative Luxman M700 Ultimate Full Review HiFi Stereo Power Amplifier M 700 U video that I found. This is an amazing power amplifier and had I not played around with its bigger brother first, I would be singing from the rafters about how much of a game changer this thing is. When I was a kid, Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J was the first rap record that I bought and it was a game changer for me. Also, it is now part of this epic set of Marvel themed reissues that I am a huge fan of. The original record opened me up to a whole new world of music. I played this record with the Luxman C-700u and the Luxman M-700u along with my trusty Sony PS-LX310BT and it was truly phenomenal!


Look, side by side, the Luxman M-900u offers a more fine and special kind of experience. Your average joe is probably not going to notice a difference and I have to be honest, in some cases when playing the same record one after the other, I noticed very little difference. However, there were certain times when I was just like “holy crap” as there was a true difference to the sound.  

What Is The Best?

If you have the money to buy either one of these then you want to go for the as it is the Luxman M-900u better power amplifier. It really is that simple! The Luxman M-700u is great in its own way too, but in a direct comparison which this Luxman M-900u and Luxman M-700u article is all about. I just do not see how I could not say that the M-900u is the better product! However, is it so much better that you want to spend the better part of five grand on it? I have to say I am not so sure. These are products that are designed for the very wealthy so perhaps five grand might not be a huge difference to some people. For me, that is a lot of money and I cannot get past thinking of all the things I could do with that, all the while still having a great power amplifier in the M-700u.

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