Denon DHT S216 vs Sony X8500 which is a better choice?

There is no way one can have access to a quality sound experience without the use of quality sound-producing speakers. Speakers are amplifying devices that produce sound in the form of audio format, they tend to bring out the sound from either our TVs, radios, and so on. Although these devices have their in-built speakers the sound produced by these speakers is either not audible enough or the produced sound is not clear enough. Likewise, there are so many speaker brands producing different kinds of speakers with different sound qualities. The market is now filled with different speakers with different designs, prices, and as well sound quality.

The dream of everyone is to have a beautiful design of the house with good sound damping the living room. This can only be achieved when quality sets of speakers are provided in the space. Not only in the house but also in the studio or any space as the case may be.

Are you a sound engineer or a casual listener who has tested a lot of speakers but seems they are not giving you the quality of sound you have ever dreamed of? take your time to read through this article as we will be opening our eyes to so many things to consider when planning on buying sets of speakers.

Today, it is going to be a war between two soundbars as we will be making our comparison in terms of the price difference, design, and most importantly; In other to get your dream speakers, you need to consider these features.

The two soundbars we are going to circle our minds on today are Denon DHT S216 and Sony X8500. People are always confused when it comes to the choice between these two soundbars. Do you fall into the category of these people? Take your time to read through this article as we are going to be making our comparison in detail so you can be enlightened and therefore help you to make your verdict. However, this comparison is going to enlighten us about the difference in price, design, and performance.

Alright, guys let us dive into action.


Before you set out to buy a particular good or product, you need to check the price of the product and the amount you budgeted for the product. There are different kinds of speakers in the market, and once you do not have enough bucks to pay for the quality soundbar, you will end up buying a low-quality soundbar.

Denon DHT S216 is priced at $299 while Sony X8500 is priced at $400.

The Verdict:

Economically, people prefer to go for soundbars that are less in terms of price. So at the end of our comparison in terms of price tag, we could deduce that Sony X8500 is sold at a higher price compared to the opponent. but is there anything special in this soundbar that renders it more expensive than Denon DHT S216? The answer to this question will be provided in the other section.


How a product is being built is very much essential to be taken into consideration. Have you ever been to a house and seen a speaker or soundbar falling off due to vibration? This happens when the soundbar is poorly designed. The design renders the soundbar or other product marketable and attractive.  In this section, we are going to be talking about the bodily structure of these two soundbars and make out our choice.

Denon DHT S216:

The Denon DHT S216 soundbar has an amazing design. It is a 2.1 channel soundbar that has two 3-inch subwoofers, two mid-range dual drivers, and two1-inch tweeters which are housed within the soundbar. The body of the subwoofer is made of plastic with a black finish, and the weight of the soundbar is measured to be 3.4kg. At the front of the soundbar, the drivers are covered by a piece of fabric. The fabric that stretches to the middle of the cabinet top hides all four left and right drivers. It also has two bass ports at both ends of the soundbar.

In terms of connectivity, the ports are situated at the back of the soundbar. The back of the device includes a good selection of connections, including HDMI ARC, Toslink optical, AUX-in, and another HDMI input for a variety of uses. The HDMI input is used as a means of connecting your devices such as laptops or TVs to the soundbar. It also has a wired plug for connection to a subwoofer.  For a wireless connection, it has an in-built Bluetooth connection for connecting to other devices wirelessly. In order to navigate through the soundbar, remote control is used to perform some specific function.

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Sony X8500:

The Sony X8500 soundbar is a 2.1 channel soundbar with black and unassuming in appearance. It has a metal grille on the front face and faux leather on the top face. The rest of the bar is composed of plastic. Because the subwoofers are built within the soundbar, there are two ports on either side. The weight of the soundbar is measured to be 3.1kg.

This soundbar’s back is pretty plain. The power cable has an aperture on the left side, while the input ports have an entrance on the right side. This bar also has universal mounting holes on the back, allowing it to be also has a remote control for navigating through the soundbar.

In terms of connectivity, the ports for wired connections are situated at the back of the soundbar. These ports include HDMI input and Optical input which enables the connection between the soundbar and devices such as laptops, TVs, and so on. Wirelessly, it supports Bluetooth.

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The Verdict:

These two soundbars have a great design but in the course of our comparison we can see that the material used to cover the face of the soundbar which is meant to protect the drivers is different. As we can all attest to, metal is more protective than fabrics. As time goes by, the fabric may become weakened and begin to tear off but the metal will still remain to guard the drivers.

People prefer to purchase a less weighty product, although the value of the difference in their weight is somewhat negligible as the Sony X8500 is less weighty compared to the Denon DHT S216 soundbar.


Most times, the sound produced by the soundbars determines the type of soundbars a customer needs to acquire. The higher the quality of sound produced, the higher the demand for it. This is a very important thing to look out for before making your choice on the type of soundbar.

Denon DHT S216:

The Denon DHT S216 performs well acoustically independent of the input source, which gives you an option to customize your audio experience.

The Denon DHT S216 soundbar also has a pure mode that reduces surround processing to deliver sound the way it was intended. However, this prevents additional modifications in film, music, or night mode. The soundbar has three additional settings for film, music application, and night mode, which allows rapidly dialing in the optimal tonality and balancing for the specific listening experience. The Denon DTH S216 supports both DTS Virtual:X wide sound mode and the more prevalent Dolby Digital Decoding format. The soundbar has two 3-inch down-firing subwoofers facing downward, two 1.7 inches times 3.5 inches mid-range drivers, and two 1-inch tweeters. This produces a clear and quality sound.

Sony X8500:

The stereo resonant frequency of the Sony HTX8500 is excellent. Despite the fact that it has built-in subwoofers, it struggles to replicate the low-bass thud and rumble. Although the sound is a little boxy and gloomy, vocalists and lead instruments are reproduced with great clarity and accuracy. A bass adjustment option is also included to assist you to modify the sound. The sandbar has a total sound output of 320W making it a monster at full volume. This soundbar also has a night mode.   The sony X8500 has 4 drivers producing a quality sound experience.

The Verdict:

These two soundbars produce quality and clear sound, although they both have the remote control which is usually used to navigate the sound system and customize the sound coming out of the soundbar to our taste. But the Denon soundbar has 6 in-built drivers which makes it produce more quality and clear sound. The Sony X8500 only has 4 drivers.


It has really been a war between these two soundbars as they are both eligible to be given a reasonable thought while making a choice of the soundbar to be purchased. They both have the quality of good and quality speakers as they both give clear and amazing sound.

So in the course of comparison, we were able to deduce some loopholes in these two soundbars but nonetheless, we were able to make our verdict between these two soundbars.

Economically, Denon DHT S216 is less expensive compared to the opponent bar. instead of spending more on the soundbar sharing almost the same features and producing a good sound, it is either advisable to buy another set of bars or speaker with the extra bucks or save it for other use. So on this note; I would say Denon DHT S216 is a better choice.

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