reloop rp-7000 mk2 vs audio technica lp140

Reloop RP-7000 MK2 vs Audio-Technica LP140: A Battle of Turntable Titans

The art of vinyl playback has experienced a remarkable resurgence in recent years, with music enthusiasts and audiophiles embracing the warm and rich sound that only vinyl records can offer. When it comes to turntables, two names that often stand out are the Reloop RP-7000 MK2 and the Audio-Technica LP140. In this article, we’ll compare these two turntable titans, exploring their features, performance, and overall value, to help you make an informed decision on which one is the right choice for you.

1. Design and Build Quality

The Reloop RP-7000 MK2 boasts a sturdy construction with a solid metal chassis, ensuring stability and durability during intense DJ sessions. Its sleek design incorporates a familiar layout with a smooth black finish, offering a professional aesthetic. On the other hand, the Audio-Technica LP140 features a robust construction with a more vintage-inspired design, complete with a high-torque direct-drive motor. Its all-black exterior exudes a classic appeal, making it an attractive addition to any setup.

2. Performance

Both the Reloop RP-7000 MK2 and the Audio-Technica LP140 offer exceptional performance, but they cater to different audiences. The RP-7000 MK2 is specifically designed for DJs, providing precise pitch control and a torque-adjustable direct-drive system. Its quartz-driven motor ensures excellent speed accuracy and stability, making it ideal for beat-matching and scratching. On the other hand, the LP140 caters to both DJs and audiophiles. With its high-torque motor, it delivers consistent rotation speeds and exceptional audio playback quality, appealing to those who value faithful sound reproduction.

3. Features

The Reloop RP-7000 MK2 comes equipped with a plethora of features to enhance DJ performances. It offers adjustable pitch control, reverse play function, and a powerful motor with a variable torque range. Additionally, it includes a dual start/stop button layout, allowing for flexible placement in various DJ setups. The Audio-Technica LP140, on the other hand, focuses more on simplicity while delivering a great listening experience. It features a fully manual operation, anti-resonance construction, and a selectable phono preamp, catering to those who appreciate a straightforward approach.

4. Connectivity and Customizability

Both turntables offer a range of connectivity options to integrate with different setups. The Reloop RP-7000 MK2 features a detachable RCA and power cable, making it easy to connect to mixers and audio interfaces. It also includes a USB output for digitizing your vinyl collection. The Audio-Technica LP140 provides a built-in phono preamp, allowing for direct connection to speakers or audio receivers without the need for an external preamp. It also offers a USB output for digitization purposes, providing versatility in archiving your vinyl records.

5. Price and Value

When it comes to pricing, the Reloop RP-7000 MK2 tends to be positioned in a higher price range compared to the Audio-Technica LP140. However, the RP-7000 MK2 justifies its price with its exceptional build quality, precise performance, and DJ-oriented features. If you’re a DJ looking for a reliable and feature-packed turntable, the RP-7000 MK2 is a worthy investment. On the other hand, the LP140 offers a more affordable option without compromising on performance and sound quality, making it an excellent choice for both DJs and audiophiles on a tighter budget.


Choosing between the Reloop RP-7000 MK2 and the Audio-Technica LP140 ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re a DJ seeking a robust turntable with advanced features for professional performances, the Reloop RP-7000 MK2 is an excellent choice. Its solid construction, precise pitch control, and torque-adjustable direct-drive system will ensure seamless beat-matching and scratching capabilities. Moreover, its connectivity options and USB output make it convenient for both live performances and digitizing your vinyl collection.

On the other hand, if you’re a music lover who appreciates the nostalgic charm of vinyl and seeks a versatile turntable that caters to both listening and DJing needs, the Audio-Technica LP140 offers a compelling option. Its high-torque motor delivers consistent rotation speeds and faithful sound reproduction, pleasing both DJs and audiophiles. The built-in phono preamp and USB output further enhance its convenience and flexibility.

Ultimately, the choice between the Reloop RP-7000 MK2 and the Audio-Technica LP140 boils down to your specific requirements, budget, and intended use. Consider factors such as your DJing style, preferred sound quality, and the importance of additional features like USB output or built-in phono preamp. It’s also worth trying out both turntables in person, if possible, to get a firsthand feel for their build quality and performance.

In conclusion, both the Reloop RP-7000 MK2 and the Audio-Technica LP140 are formidable contenders in the realm of turntables, each catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you’re a DJ seeking professional-grade performance or an audiophile looking for an affordable and versatile option, both turntables offer solid choices that will allow you to indulge in the magical world of vinyl and enjoy the unique sound experience it provides.

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