harman kardon soundsticks 4 vs audioengine a2+

Harman Kardon Soundsticks 4 vs Audioengine a2+

Desktop speaker systems have become increasingly popular for users seeking high-quality audio for their computers and personal entertainment setups. In this article, we will compare two notable options: the Harman Kardon Soundsticks 4 and the Audioengine A2+. Both speaker systems offer impressive sound performance, sleek designs, and convenient features. By examining their unique characteristics, audio capabilities, and functionality, we aim to help you make an informed decision and choose the desktop speaker system that best suits your needs.

Design and Build Quality : The Harman Kardon Soundsticks 4 and the Audioengine A2+ boast distinct designs that enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

The Soundsticks 4 features a striking and iconic transparent design with a 2.1-channel configuration. It consists of a central subwoofer unit and two satellite speakers that resemble a collection of glass sticks. The speakers have LED illumination, creating a visually stunning effect. The subwoofer unit contains a downward-firing driver, and the satellite speakers have four drivers each, producing a balanced and immersive sound experience. The Soundsticks 4’s transparent design allows you to see the inner workings of the speakers, adding a unique touch to any desktop setup.

The Audioengine A2+ has a more compact and traditional design, featuring two separate speakers. Each speaker is built with a handcrafted MDF wood cabinet, which helps reduce resonance and provides a warm aesthetic appeal. The speakers have a clean and minimalist look, making them suitable for various desktop environments. The A2+ also includes front-facing drivers and a rear bass port, ensuring accurate sound reproduction and enhanced low-end performance.

Sound Performance : Sound quality is a crucial aspect when comparing desktop speaker systems, and both the Soundsticks 4 and the A2+ deliver impressive audio experiences.

The Soundsticks 4 provides a well-balanced sound performance with its 2.1-channel configuration. The satellite speakers offer crisp and detailed audio reproduction, especially in the mid and high frequencies. The downward-firing subwoofer produces powerful and punchy bass, adding depth to the overall sound. The Soundsticks 4 utilizes Harman Kardon’s DSP technology, which optimizes the audio for enhanced clarity and accuracy. It also supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for seamless audio streaming from compatible devices.

The A2+ offers a rich and immersive sound experience despite its compact size. The speakers deliver accurate and balanced audio reproduction across the frequency spectrum. The custom-designed drivers provide clear and detailed mid-range, while the rear bass ports enhance the low-frequency response. The A2+ has a built-in DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and amplifier, ensuring high-quality audio playback. It also features a stereo analog input and a USB input, offering versatile connectivity options for various audio sources.

Connectivity and Features : Both the Soundsticks 4 and the A2+ offer convenient connectivity options and additional features.

The Soundsticks 4 supports both wired and wireless connections. It includes Bluetooth 4.2 technology, enabling wireless audio streaming from smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices. The speaker system also features a 3.5mm audio input, allowing you to connect non-Bluetooth devices directly. The Soundsticks 4 offers touch-sensitive controls on the satellite speaker, providing easy access to volume adjustment and Bluetooth pairing.

The A2+ offers versatile connectivity options for different setups. It includes dual analog inputs (RCA and 3.5mm), allowing you to connect multiple audio sources simultaneously. The speakers also feature a USB input, which can be used for direct digital audio streaming from computers. The A2+ includes a built-in headphone output for private listening, as well as a variable preamp output for connecting a subwoofer or other audio equipment.

Conclusion : In the comparison between the Harman Kardon Soundsticks 4 and the Audioengine A2+, both desktop speaker systems offer impressive sound performance, unique designs, and convenient connectivity options. The Soundsticks 4 stands out with its iconic transparent design, 2.1-channel configuration, and powerful bass output. It is a visually striking option that adds a distinctive touch to any desktop setup. The A2+ excels with its compact and versatile design, accurate sound reproduction, and multiple connectivity options, making it a suitable choice for users seeking a more traditional speaker setup.

Consider your preferences in terms of design, sound performance, connectivity features, and intended usage to determine which desktop speaker system best fits your needs. Whether you choose the Soundsticks 4 or the A2+, both speakers provide excellent audio experiences for your desktop enjoyment.

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