How hard is it to play never going back again on guitar?

How hard is it to play never going back again on guitar?

“Never Going Back Again” is a beautiful and intricate fingerstyle guitar piece by Lindsey Buckingham, famously performed by Fleetwood Mac. Known for its intricate fingerpicking patterns and melodic complexity, this song has become a favorite among guitarists and fans of the band. However, tackling this song can be a challenging endeavor, even for experienced players. In this article, we’ll explore why “Never Going Back Again” can be considered a challenging piece to play on the guitar and provide some insights for those looking to take on the task.

  1. Fingerstyle Complexity:

    One of the primary challenges of playing “Never Going Back Again” is its intricate fingerstyle arrangement. The song requires simultaneous fingerpicking of multiple strings while maintaining a consistent rhythm. The fingerpicking patterns can be intricate, with finger rolls and arpeggios that demand precision and control.

  2. Finger Independence:

    Achieving independence among your fingers is crucial for playing this song. Each finger has a specific role in plucking strings, and coordinating them can be demanding. This level of finger independence can be challenging for both beginners and intermediate players.

  3. Alternate Tuning:

    The song is played in an alternate tuning, often referred to as “open C” tuning. This means that the standard tuning of the guitar is altered, requiring you to adjust your finger positions and chord shapes. This can be unfamiliar territory for players used to standard tuning and may take some time to get accustomed to.

  4. Melodic Complexity:

    “Never Going Back Again” features a beautiful melody intertwined with the fingerpicking patterns. Maintaining the melody while executing the fingerstyle technique can be challenging. It requires a good ear for musical nuances and the ability to bring out the melody amidst the complexity of the arrangement.

  5. Practice and Patience:

    Due to its complexity, mastering this song will likely require substantial practice and patience. Breaking the song down into smaller sections and gradually piecing it together is a common approach. It’s important not to rush the learning process and focus on accuracy and precision.

  6. Intermediate to Advanced Level:

    Given the technical demands and fingerstyle complexity, “Never Going Back Again” is generally considered an intermediate to advanced-level piece. While beginners can certainly aspire to learn it, they may find it more manageable once they have a solid foundation in fingerpicking and alternate tunings.

  7. Enjoying the Journey:

    Despite its challenges, learning to play “Never Going Back Again” can be a rewarding experience. The sense of accomplishment that comes with mastering such a beautifully intricate piece is part of what makes playing the guitar so enjoyable.


“Never Going Back Again” is undeniably a challenging song to play on the guitar due to its fingerstyle complexity, finger independence requirements, alternate tuning, and melodic intricacies. However, it’s precisely these challenges that make it an attractive piece for those looking to push their guitar-playing skills to the next level. With dedication, practice, and patience, even intermediate players can aspire to master this iconic song. Remember that the journey of learning such a piece is just as important as the destination, and the skills you develop along the way will serve you well in your guitar-playing endeavors.

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