The top 20 most expensive phono cartridges ever made

Vinyl records have been making a resounding comeback in the world of music, attracting audiophiles and collectors alike. For those who value the highest fidelity in their vinyl playback, the choice of a phono cartridge can be as crucial as the records themselves. In the realm of high-end audio, some phono cartridges are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and precision engineering, often demanding an exorbitant price. In this article, we will explore the top 20 most expensive phono cartridges ever made, each a masterpiece of audio engineering and craftsmanship.

  1. Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement – $15,000: This cartridge is a pinnacle of engineering, featuring a body made of 14-karat gold and a diamond-coated cantilever.
  2. Lyra Atlas Lambda SL – $12,000: Renowned for its exceptional tracking and resolution, the Atlas Lambda SL offers a uniquely crafted design.
  3. Koetsu Jade Platinum – $9,500: The Jade Platinum cartridge boasts a stone body with a diamond cantilever, delivering an elegant blend of beauty and performance.
  4. Air Tight Opus-1 – $8,000: This cartridge offers pristine sound quality and features a core made from rare, aged iron.
  5. Burmester 100 – $7,000: Known for its brilliant soundstage, this cartridge is handcrafted in Germany and offers superb detail.
  6. Transfiguration Proteus – $6,000: With its unique ring-magnet system, the Proteus delivers remarkable transparency and detail.
  7. Benz Micro LP-S – $5,000: This cartridge features a Micro Ridge stylus and has gained acclaim for its precision and accuracy.
  8. Zyx Universe – $4,400: The Universe employs a boron cantilever and a micro-ridge stylus for impeccable tracking and sonic performance.
  9. Van den Hul The Condor – $4,000: This cartridge, known for its high-end build and sound quality, is crafted from exotic materials.
  10. Haniwa HCTR01 – $3,500: Featuring a unique stylus design and excellent detail retrieval, the Haniwa HCTR01 is a standout in the audiophile world.
  11. Ortofon A90 – $3,200: The A90 is renowned for its transparency and precision, utilizing cutting-edge materials in its construction.
  12. Kuzma CAR-50 – $3,000: This high-end cartridge offers remarkable dynamics and precision in sound reproduction.
  13. Dynavector XV-1t – $2,800: Featuring a micro-ridge stylus and a boron cantilever, the XV-1t excels in clarity and detail.
  14. My Sonic Lab Hyper Eminent – $2,600: Known for its impeccable tracking and resolution, this cartridge is handcrafted in Japan.
  15. B&O SP-10 – $2,300: Boasting a unique and stylish design, the B&O SP-10 is crafted from precision materials.
  16. Grado Epoch3 – $2,200: Renowned for its dynamic range and low distortion, the Epoch3 stands out as a top-tier cartridge.
  17. Sumiko Palo Santos Presentation – $2,000: This cartridge offers excellent balance and a beautiful wooden body, enhancing both form and function.
  18. Kiseki PurpleHeart NS – $1,800: With its distinctive purple heartwood body, this cartridge offers a balance of beauty and audio performance.
  19. Soundsmith Paua Mk II – $1,500: Known for its smooth, detailed sound, the Paua Mk II features a low-mass stylus assembly.
  20. Hana ML – $1,200: The Hana ML offers exceptional value for its price, providing a high level of performance with a micro-line stylus.


These top 20 phono cartridges represent the pinnacle of audio engineering and craftsmanship, catering to audiophiles who demand the utmost in sound quality and precision. While they come with a premium price tag, their performance and craftsmanship justify the investment for those who seek the ultimate vinyl listening experience. These cartridges are not just audio components; they are works of art that elevate the analog listening experience to new heights.

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