Wet Sounds Subwoofer Grilles

Our 6 Wet Sounds Subwoofer Grilles to Consider in 2022

I have really become a fan of what the folks at Wet Sounds are doing with their line of marine audio products. Here on the site, we have taken a look at many waterproof sound devices. No matter if it is for your boat or so you can have fun by the pool. If you want to have fun near the water with music, waterproof is an essential quality for a speaker, subwoofer, or whatever to have.

Today I am taking a look at the range of subwoofer grilles that the good folks at Wet Sounds have. You may be thinking “how many of these can they have?” well the answer to that is far more than you would think and we are taking a look at them today. 

Do I Really Need A Subwoofer Grille?

I get what you are thinking, but when I was looking at the different subwoofers Wet Sounds offer, I noticed that they were rather “unusual”. The reason I say this is that they sell many subwoofers, but without an enclosure or a grille. It is not something I have seen many other companies do, but that appears to be the way they do things here. Having a grille is essential to keep as much crud out as possible and they also look pretty damn cool too. 

Wet Sounds do not make low-quality stuff. As a result, many of their subwoofers come in at a few hundred bucks so the thought of buying one and not having a grille or enclosure is kind of nuts. 

Picking The Right Wet Sounds Subwoofer Grille

Go and take a look at the selection of Wet Sounds subwoofer grilles and you will be mind blown at the amount they have. By my count, they have 24! I cannot go through all 24, but they do appear to have speaker grilles for all of the subwoofers they offer so I have handpicked a few that I think look cool. It is worth noting that they have the same style of grilles for most of their subwoofer models. 

For 8-Inch Subwoofers 

Here are a couple of Wet Sounds Speaker grilles for their 8-inch subwoofers:

REVO 8 FA XS-G-SS Subwoofer Grill

This is for their 8-inch and it is pretty damn awesome. The REVO 8 FA XS-G-SS Subwoofer Grill on the Wet Sounds site is going for $49.99. However, I found the same one being sold on eBay being sold for a little under ten bucks less. I love the chrome design of this and think that it looks more like a car wheel rim than a speaker grille! 

REVO 8 FA SW-B Subwoofer Grill

At only 30 bucks I feel that the REVO 8 FA SW-B Subwoofer Grill is great value for money. It may lack the wow factor of the other one I just mentioned, but it is still cool. In many ways, I feel that this one has a more “nautical” look to it, but to be fair that could be just me! I think if I were to use this, I may actually go for some silver chrome bolts to attach it to the subwoofer as I feel that would make it really pop. 

For 10-Inch Subwoofers

These are the name suggests are for those of you with a 10-inch subwoofer:

REVO 10 XW-W Subwoofer Grill

Next up we have one for their 10-inch range of subwoofers with this REVO 10 XW-W Subwoofer Grill which is being sold for $39.99. I wanted to show this one as it is white, but I feel it looks more like the kind of thing you would see on a bathroom fan than a badass subwoofer that is there to rock when you are on your boat. It is worth noting that they do have much cooler looking (well in my opinion 

REVO 10 XS-G-SS Subwoofer Grill

I know I already have talked about the 8-inch version of this, but man this REVO 10 XS-G-SS Subwoofer Grill is so cool! I love it, it looks like something from Pimp My Ride! It is $59.99, but you are getting a really cool looking way to protect and finish off your grille. I love the style of this thing! 

For 12-Inch Subwoofers

For those of you who are packing the bass, check out these Wet Sounds subwoofer grilles for 12-inch subs! 

REVO 12 SW-W Subwoofer Grill

Ok so I know this is going to sound odd and random, but this REVO 12 SW-W Subwoofer Grill kind of reminds me of the badass logo that West Coast Choppers have. This thing has an awesome chrome look to it and while it is $49.99, I do not actually think that is a bad price for this at all. 

REVO 12 XS-B-SS Subwoofer Grill

Cool, elegant, and high-quality are the three words that spring to my mind when I look at this REVO 12 XS-B-SS Subwoofer Grill. It does cost a bit more at $79.99, but that is because this is one that is a real showcase piece. If your sound system is there to look cool as well as sound great, this is the kind of subwoofer grille that you need. 

What If I Am On A Budget?

Ok, so we have been looking at Wet Sounds subwoofer grilles today, but let’s face these are a premium product with a premium price. Now, I cannot say for sure that these will be 100 percent suitable. However, if you do a bit of digging around you can find stuff like this 10 INCH Steel Speaker SUB SUBWOOFER Grill MESH Cover W/Clips Screws GLKT-10 Kit which cost a fraction of the price, still, look kind of cool and according to the description they do fit most subwoofers of the right size. While the one I have used as an example is for a 10-inch sub, they do come in other sizes as well. 

If you do decide to spring on a Wet Sounds Subwoofer, you would be crazy not to get a Wet Sounds Subwoofer Grille as well. I am not just saying this because they look cool, but because they will also protect your sub as well. Please check out our other waterproof audio articles on the site for a deeper look at the world of waterproof audio equipment! 

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