Some Recommended vinyl records cleaning tools you should have

Some Recommended vinyl records cleaning tools you should have

As a collector and lover of vinyl part of the fun is cleaning your records. Look to a non-collector this sounds super weird and I get it, but you know and I know that it is very relaxing to listen to some of your favorite albums while you are making sure your collection is in tip-top condition.

I have tried many different methods when it comes to cleaning my vinyl records and thanks to the boom in vinyl collecting. You have probably noticed that there are many different products on the market that claim to bet vinyl records cleaning tools.

Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

The easiest and most straightforward thing when it comes to recommend vinyl records cleaning tools is a vinyl record cleaning kit…. But which one? There are many that you can get on Amazon and eBay and these are a few of the ones that I think deserve special attention.

Retro Musique LP Cleaning Kit

Retro Musique LP Cleaning Kit - Everything You Need To Protect Your Vinyl Records and Enjoy the Best Possible Sound.

I actually really like this set. The first thing you need to know about it is the fact it comes with a brush that does not cause static! This is great for getting out any dust or gunk that is in your grooves. When you buy a pre-owned vinyl record it can sometimes be in pretty nasty condition and this kit will get it as good as it can be.

It also comes with a microfiber cloth, cleaning solution, and some wipes. The Retro Musique LP Cleaning Kit is coming in at under 20 bucks so it is a very nice price. I think this kit has all you need to not just maintain your new vinyl, but also bring older vinyl back to life.

Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit, Anti-Static Velvet Brush for Vinyl Records LPs

Record Cleaning Velvet Brush - with Anti Static Solution Fluid and Stylus Cleaner by Record-Happy. Extend Life, Improve Fidelity and Keep your Prized Vinyl Collection LPs like New !

This is a really cool vinyl record cleaning kit. It is only a little over ten bucks so it is a very low-cost way to clean your records. The brush that this comes with is great, it can go the whole way along a vinyl record so you can clean it pretty darn quickly and it is designed to not cause any kind of static.

Also, this comes with a little brush that can be used to clean your stylus. This is pretty handy as I have bought an old vinyl record before, not checked it properly and got mess all over the stylus as a result so it can come in handy. This vinyl record cleaning kit is great if you want something that is nice and simple.

Vinyl Buddy Record Cleaner

Vinyl Buddy Original Record Cleaner - Ultimate All in One LP Cleaning Device - Anti-Static - Will NOT Damage Your Records - Rejuvenate & Keep Your Vinyl Sounding Awesome

I have always meant to check out this as it is always listed on recommended vinyl records cleaning tools lists. This is an all on one device that is kind of like a paint roller. You just roll it along your record and it will pick up any dust, debris or anything else that is in the grooves.

One thing that I really like about the Vinyl Buddy Record Cleaner is the fact that you can actually clean it off. When you buy a cleaning kit sometimes the brush or the cloth gets so dirty that you cannot use it anymore and this happens quicker than you would think. So being able to clean this off with water is pretty awesome.

These are three products that I like, with recommendations from Vinyl Factory.

How To Clean Vinyl Records With Windex!

Ok so I am not specifically talking about Windex here, but in my years as a vinyl collector, I have heard it all when it comes to cleaning vinyl records. I have heard that you can use WD-40, Windex, LCD TV cleaner, water from the sink and much more. In regards to Windex, there is a good YouTube video that talks about this, the channel is called Channel 33 RPM and he like me says to stay away from the household cleaning products.

How To Clean Vinyl Records With Soap And Water

Hmm, for me this kind of ties into the whole using household items thing so it is not something I would recommend. I mean you could use some distilled water and a microfiber cloth, but in all honesty, this would not give your record a good enough cleaning for my liking. I do not care what anyone says, do not just go into the kitchen, fill the sink with dish soap and go to town on your record with the same brush you clean the dishes with.

What About The Spin Clean Record Cleaner?

Record Washer System by Spin-Clean | Deep Groove Record Cleaning Helps in Reducing Pops and Crackles | Album Cleaner May Fix Skips That Have Lingered for Years | Proudly Made in The USA

Man, I really thought that last year Santa was going to have one of these under my tree, but a little birdy told me if I am good my wife might surprise me for my birthday. Anyway, the Spin Clean Record Cleaner for me is one of the best things you can get. I am surprised it is not on more recommended vinyl records cleaning tools lists as it looks fantastic.

Here is a YouTube Video that shows you how it works. Basically, you use water and their cleaning solution and you put your record into it and just give it a gentle spin and it cleans any mess that is on there off. It can clean all sizes of records and it to me at least looks the easiest way to clean your records. The most basic model of The Spin Clean Record Cleaner is around 80 bucks and it goes all the way up to 150 if you want a fancy clear model. The cleaning solution ranges from 10 bucks all the way to 30 depending on the size you get.

So this is not exactly the cheapest way of cleaning your vinyl, but it is something that I think looks really cool and I have not really read any bad reviews about it. Quite the opposite actually with many saying that their records sounded better than ever after being put through this.

Prevention Is The Winner!

No matter how much love you show your vinyl collection, dust will eventually get on the records. You can limit the amount of time you clean them though by taking good care of your records. Do not abuse them, leave them out or let the kids play with them. Make sure they are put away properly and if possible having some sleeves to keep them in can be a real lifesaver.

I know this is not practical if you have a super large collection, but I will make sure to put my prices records in sleeves. Not just so there is less dust getting in the jacket, but so that artwork is well looked after.

Overall when it comes to the most recommended vinyl records cleaning tools I would advise to read as many reviews as you can and to avoid any home remedies that you see online! Some of these I know sound very good, but I hate to think of what those cleaning products are doing to the vinyl. A brush, microfiber cloth, and some proper record cleaning solution are 99.9/10 more than enough. Just always remember to check your brush and cloth for any mess on it before you use it.

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