6 Best Soundbars without Subwoofer under $200 (Compared) in 2022

We have looked at all kinds of soundbars here on the site before, but today we are getting a bit more specific. You see, today we are looking for the best soundbar without a subwoofer for under 200 bucks. Why would you want one without a subwoofer? Well, maybe you have a lack of space, maybe you want one with a subwoofer built in? No matter what, we will find you the perfect soundbar for your home today without a big bulky subwoofer along for the ride. So, if you are looking to kick your audio up a few notches I am 100 percent certain you will find the perfect soundbar for you down below.

The 6 Best Soundbars Without Subwoofer Under $200 Reviews

I have handpicked a few soundbars over at our buddies Amazon that I feel fit this criteria perfectly. Full disclosure here folks, I have tested a couple of these out myself, but the other ones I have picked, I picked because I thought they seemed great for what our criteria today is.

1: VIZIO SB2020n-G6M Compact 20” 2.0 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Bar
2: SAMSUNG – HW-S40T 2.0 ch All-in-One Soundbar
3: Yamaha SR-C20A Compact Sound Ba
4: Sony S100F 2.0ch Soundbar
5: Hisense 2.1 Channel Sound Bar
6: BESTISAN 80 Watt Sound Bar

1. VIZIO SB2020n-G6M Compact 20” 2.0 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Bar


  • It is a very affordable soundbar
  • I liked the small stature of it
  • It is going to sound better than your TVs speakers
  • It has Bluetooth and physical connections


  • It may lack that room-filling sound you want
  • The remote can be a tad fiddley when playing with the settings

First up we are looking at this VIZIO SB2020n-G6M Compact 20” 2.0 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Bar which had to be on our list looking for the best soundbar without subwoofer for under $200. To start with this is actually under 100 bucks as it is currently priced at only $89.99! Also, this is a very compact kind of soundbar with it only being 20 inches in length and weighing in at just a tad over four pounds. Even with its small stature, it has a cool, modern, and elegant design.

For a smaller and lower-priced soundbar, I was impressed with the sound quality. It is certainly going to be an upgrade on most TV speakers and it can get pretty damn loud without any distortion. It comes with a handy remote that lets you play around with the settings so you can get it just the way you want. This is a Bluetooth soundbar, but on the back, it does also have an optical input as well as your standard AUX input Seriously, for under 100 bucks this is a damn fine soundbar.

What Other People Are Saying

There are over 300 customer reviews on Amazon for this with 86 percent of them being for four and five stars. “No, it’s not gonna fill a large room with chest-thumping base, but it sounds good for the price and size. If you have a small TV it is light years better than the tinny TV speakers.” This pretty much sums up how I also feel about this soundbar.

In all the VIZIO SB2020n-G6M Compact 20” 2.0 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Bar is a great little soundbar that is going to 100 percent sound better than the speakers that are on your TV. It makes movies have that extra bit of punch to them and it is also great if you want to connect it to your phone to stream some music off something like Spotify.

2. SAMSUNG – HW-S40T 2.0 ch All-in-One Soundbar


  • This is a very powerful soundbar for the price
  • It can be connected to many different devices
  • Everything that goes through this sounds great
  • I liked the fabric design of it
  • It does not take up too much space


  • It has this annoying voice when you turn it on
  • Some may not dig the fabric design as I do

As I write this, I have a 4K Samsung TV in my game room with this very SAMSUNG – HW-S40T 2.0 ch All-in-One Soundbar connected to it. This is priced at around the 150 bucks range and it is one of the best soundbar without subwoofer under $200 you will ever find. It looks cool and has that Samsung style that I always like. The fabric design makes it look “cooler” than your standard plastic in my opinion. This does have an optical jack, but it is designed with Bluetooth in mind and it is very easy to connect to multiple devices, you then control it with an app.

The sound quality of this thing is incredible At under 30 inches wide, you will be amazed at how much punch this offers. No matter if it is action movies, video games, or music, everything sounds nice and clear when coming through this. Samsung crammed in two woofers and two tweeters into this and the results are amazing. Even at louder volumes, this holds its nerve and sounds fantastic. I cannot see myself looking for an upgrade over this for a very long time.

What Other People Are Saying

I found this cool video showcase that gives you a better idea of just how cool this soundbar is as well as showing off a few of the different features. If you look at the Amazon reviews for this as I write this there are 611 customer reviews on there. 84 percent of these reviews are for four and five stars so it has a very positive reputation online.

I am about six months in with the SAMSUNG – HW-S40T 2.0 ch All-in-One Soundbar and I could not be any happier with it. No matter if it is for a game room, bedroom or even the living room with your main TV, you are going to be very happy with this. It also looks cool in my opinion and will go along with any TV.

3. Yamaha SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar


  • I love the design of this soundbar
  • It comes with a very handy remote
  • You will have no trouble setting this up
  • It is clear, even at louder volumes


  • The remote is great, but it does have a slippery feel to it
  • The settings do not save

I have had a thing for Yamaha electronics ever since I was five and the teacher in my primary school would play songs on this Yamaha keyboard. Anyway, the Yamaha SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar is a fantastic soundbar without a subwoofer for under $200. You are looking at around 180 bucks for this and it is a nice and compact size coming in at 26 inches in length and under four pounds in weight. The low weight is great if you want to hang this bad boy on the wall, which is easy to do thanks to the holes on the back of this. Speaking about the back of this it can be connected via Bluetooth, aux, HDMI, and optical.

This has some great sound quality and it is quite surprising at how loud this thing gets (thanks to the built-in subwoofer no doubt) and how clear the voices are even when there is a lot of action going on. The included remote control is great and it gives you a great deal of options to play around with so that you can get the sound just the way you want it to be. Even those of you who love their movies, music, games, or whatever very loud will be happy at the clarity on offer here.

What Other People Are Saying

I was surprised at how little information and praise there is for this soundbar online. The best place to look is Amazon here as of writing there are many customer reviews there are 89 percent four and five-star reviews actually. One review that caught my eye had this to say, “The sound quality is just superb. The built in subwoofer does a great job of giving your music a bass. While watching a movie/series the dialogues are crisp and clear. Overall, it’s worth buying.” This really sums up my feelings on this soundbar perfectly.

I think that this is a damn fine soundbar. It may not be the fanciest around, but it does the job and it does it very, very well. It has a great look to it no matter if it is on the wall or below your TV. I was impressed with the sound quality in pretty much every regard. The Yamaha SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar is well worth taking a closer look at.

4. Sony S100F 2.0ch Soundbar


  • It has the Sony name on it
  • I think the style is really cool
  • This is very easy to wall mount
  • It sounds great for the price


  • It may not rock the house like more expensive soundbars
  • This is very popular and goes out of stock often

Under 100 bucks for a Sony soundbar? Yep, that is what we have here with the fantastic Sony S100F 2.0ch Soundbar. I bet many of you are surprised to come to this quest for the best soundbar without subwoofer under $200 and see a Sony product on it, but here we are. I actually got this to check out and was so impressed I gave it to a buddy and he has it in his living room. It is one of the longer soundbars at just under 38 inches in its length. It does allow you to wall mount it if you want which is what my buddy decided to do with this. It can be connected via Bluetooth, but it also has HDMI and optical on the back too.

The sound quality out of this for under 100 bucks is great and 100 percent an upgrade to most TV speakers. As I said, my buddy now uses this and he loves it and has no desire to upgrade. It is a two-speaker system and it is great in that it has a clear voice and it can also kick some ass if you want it to be loud for an action movie or even if you are blasting a little Metallica. If you are an audiophile, I have to be honest and say you may not want it as your main source of sound, but for a spare room or something like that, it is great. Also, most “normal” people will be over the moon with this.

What Other People Are Saying

I found a great short video review on YouTube that does a wonderful job showcasing just how great value for money this is. Over at Amazon, this currently has close to 800 reviews and 84 percent of these are for four and five-star reviews. There are a few that were not happy, but I think they were expecting something extra which is crazy considering the asking price.

You cannot go wrong with Sony and this Sony S100F 2.0ch Soundbar is offering you fantastic value for money. If you want a soundbar for under $200 that has a brand name that you recognize, looks cool, and most importantly of all, sounds good. This one ticks all of those boxes and is well worth being in consideration.

5. Hisense 2.1 Channel Sound Bar


  • This thing has a cool design
  • Hisense has been making great products the last few years
  • It offers different presets
  • It has a very solid reputation online


  • It may not “rock” like some want it to
  • It is perhaps a tad too long for some peoples setups

Next up we have this Hisense 2.1 Channel Sound Bar which I have not personally had in my grubby little hands, but I wanted to put it on here as Hisense has been impressing me a great deal lately. This is currently available for under 100 bucks at $99 and that is a great price if you ask me. While this is a Bluetooth soundbar, it does also have HDMI connectivity and if you have a Roku TV, you can connect this to that and it supposedly works seamlessly. It is 38 inches wide so make sure you have enough space for it.

Hisense has two speakers in here and they say that this is designed for TVs that are 32-inches and higher. It has a few different modes such as movie mode, music mode, and news mode and you can tinker with it, changing the levels to get it just the way you want. I think this sounds really interesting and something that you could get, set up, and let it go or you could get more specific with it and get it just the way you want.

What Other People Are Saying

As of me writing this review, Amazon has 288 customer reviews, and 86 percent of these are positive reviews which is more than respectable in my humble opinion. I went through many reviews, but this one caught my attention. “It can go louder than you’d ever want to use, good quality sound, and the added bonus of bass” that right there sounds pretty good to me!

I think that Hisense are probably the best company out there when it comes to modestly priced electronics, but still solid quality. The Hisense 2.1 Channel Sound Bar is very impressive looking and if I ever get the chance to check it out myself, I am sure that this is going to be something that I have a lot of fun with and am pretty impressed with.

6. BESTISAN 80 Watt Sound Bar


  • The asking price is fantastic
  • There are many great reviews for this soundbar
  • I like the curvy design of it
  • Plenty of connectivity options for you


  • It is not going to be the most powerful soundbar
  • That curvy design may not be your cup of tea

At 60 bucks this BESTISAN 80-Watt Sound Bar could be perfect if you are looking for something that is better than your TV speakers, but is pretty basic and not going to break the bank. It has a very curvy design to it and this version I have selected is 34 inches, it does have a smaller 24-inch version, but for some reason, that one is 2 bucks more expensive. It has numerous hookups for you to take advantage of. I am sure most folks will use Bluetooth, but this does also have AUX and optical connection options too.

Ok, so at this price range, you have to be realistic with what you are getting. This is 80-watts so it is not going to blow you away and you probably will not want to crank this too loud. However, after reading about what the two speakers inside this are offering, I do not doubt that it will provide better sound than what your TV speakers are offering.

What Other People Are Saying

Due to the low price, this has a ton of customer reviews over at Amazon. As of me writing this review, there are 863 reviews for this soundbar and 87 percent of these reviews are for people who gave this four and five stars! “The bass is really amazing and really shows its power when watching an action sequence in a game/movie, and if you aren’t a fan of a bassy experience, there are three preset modes for different viewing experiences and the ability to manually increase/decrease the treble and bass” I was surprised to read this as it sounds like this offers way more power than I thought it would.

While it may not be a brand that tons of people know about, I think that the BESTISAN 80 Watt Sound Bar sounds very interesting. This could be perfect for someone who just wants something that is better than the speakers their TV is offering them and they want to be closer to the 100 bucks mark than the 200 bucks’ mark!

What Is The Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer Under $200?

I think we have looked at some fantastic soundbars under $200 today. My first-place trophy has to go to SAMSUNG – HW-S40T 2.0 ch All-in-One Soundbar which is a soundbar I have a lot of love for. It is amazing at how good this is for the asking price and I would say that it is better than some more expensive soundbars I have tested out the last couple of years. I also have to give a shoutout to the Sony S100F 2.0ch Soundbar which is another fantastically priced soundbar. An outside choice for me and one I am interested in myself is the Hisense 2.1 Channel Sound Bar which sounds very interesting too.

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