How good is the Technics sl 1200 (honest opinion)?

If you are reading this right now you have probably noticed that we have been on a real Technics kick on here lately and I will not apologize for that. I have been collecting vinyl and vintage record players for a while now, but the last few years since I got my first Technics SL-1200MK2 I have really embraced what is regarded as one of the greatest turntables ever made. While I have only personally used the MK2, this is probably the greatest series of turntables ever created and today I am sharing with you why I feel that the Technics SL-1200 is so good.

It Is Like A Tank

I knew before I got mine that the SL-1200 was a bit of a beast, but nothing could prepare me for the weight that this thing had. This is a very hefty and sturdy turntable and while I would never test this myself, I would wager you could drop this thing and it would just laugh it off. The build quality of this thing is through the roof and I have read many reviews where people have stated they have had one for decades and only ever had to replace the cartridge or stylus! When you hold this and feel how solid it is, you know that it is a very well-built piece of electronics!

It Looks Cool

The SL-1200 was actually designed with DJs in mind and as a result, it has a really cool and smart style to it. Even though this is an old turntable it will never go out of style in regards to its design. Many other record players have tried to rip the design off over the years, but none have actually managed to do it in my opinion. This is a turntable that deserves to be out on display.

People Take Care Of Them

Ok, so I got really lucky with mine in that I picked it up for a steal thanks to a thrift store not knowing what they had. However, when you look on eBay, you will notice that most Technics-SL1200 record players and their authentic parts tend to have a high-price tag. This may put you off, but I actually see this as a plus. Anyone who has had one of these for a long time and is at a point in their life when they have to sell it has probably taken great care of it over the years. This is a turntable that people love and if you are buying one from, someone, chances are it is going to be in good condition.

A Rocking Good Time

I mentioned before about how this was made with DJs in mind, but audiophiles have a real love for the SL-1200 too. With mine, I use an Ortofon and I know many others do, but there are many brands of cartridge that are suitable for this turntable. The sound quality is incredible it truly is, my wife got me S&M2 by Metallica for Christmas and I knew it had to be my SL-1200MK2 that did the honors. I have even used old vinyl like my original first pressing of Poisons Open Up And Say Ahh and it is just so crisp and real that this is my number one record player when it comes to playing my favorite albums.

When you get into vintage turntables there is always that thought “surely something made now sounds better” and that is far from the case most of the time. This is truly a soundless record player and I would put it against any of the modern record players that I have reviewed over the last couple of years. You could take this, plug it straight into your receiver, not change any settings, and like the sound that it produces!

It Is A Real Collectors Item

If you ask my wife, my vinyl collecting is getting out of hand, I probably buy at least one record a week from some kind of vintage or second-hand store, I just cannot resist it. To be as a person who collects vinyl, collecting vintage record players is just as much a part of that. Now, I know that if you have limited space you cannot be hoarding record players, but I do feel that if you are a collector, you need to have the SL-1200 no matter what version of it, on your want list. Trust me, if you collect vinyl, this is the perfect record player to really help you get more into your collection.

It Is A Great Project

Ok, so I know this one is not going to be to everyone’s taste, but a while back I found a broken Technics SL-1200MK3 which just screams the 1980s which is something I love. My wife asked the question “why did I spend 80 bucks on something that I know did not work?” while to some people that sounds insane, to me I thought that it would be a fun project to try and bring this thing back to life. It has been a fun project and something I am doing slowly purchasing a part here and there when I come across one or when I even remember this is something that I am doing. Even a broken SL-1200 (especially an MK2) can be expensive and that is because some folks love tinkering and trying to get it working. There are many aftermarket parts these days so it may not even cost you all that much to get it working as long as you do not mind not having “authentic” parts.

I have yet to come across one person who has used a Technics SL-1200 that has not loved it. In an ideal world, I would love to add one of each model to my collection, but I would probably end up divorced and living on the streets! Still, if you are a vinyl collector, I strongly advise you to think about getting an SL-1200 to play your records on.

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