Edifier S1000MKII vs S2000MKII Which is Better?

If you are looking for a soundbar alternative for your TV, then a powerful bookshelf speaker would be worth considering. Edifier is a reputable brand for manufacturing high-quality speakers, and the S1000MKII and S2000MKII are no exceptions.

But which between the two is a better option when you are seeking active speakers? Well, if you are confused about which model to settle for, use this comprehensive review as your guide.

What is Edifier S1000MKII?

Simply put, Edifier S1000MKII is a 2.0 HiFi speaker that works very well as music and home cinema system. It is designed as a bookshelf speaker with all useful features to give you an exceptional music experience.


  • Offers balanced performance
  • Allows multiple connections
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Lightweight design
  • Offers excellent value for the money
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Lacks subwoofer

What is Edifier S2000MKII?

The Edifier S2000MKII system is a pair of active speakers from Edifier. These speakers are a significant upgrade to the brand’s flagship S2000, 2.0 desktop speakers launched in 2016. Unlike its predecessors, the S2000MKII comes with audio technological improvements and excellent sound quality, making it a great alternative to a soundbar for use with TV.

This speaker is known for its low-frequency performance and mid-to-high frequency performance.


  • Stylish and solid build
  • Delivers a precise, crisp, and detailed performance
  • Connects well with other devices
  • Wider and fuller soundstage


  • Heavyweight design
  • Dulled treble performance

Comparison Between Edifier S1000MKII Vs. Edifier S2000MKII

Although S1000MKII and S2000MKII are from the Edifier brand, they have their differences. Here are some notable differences between these two models.

  • Appearance


From the appearance of these speakers, you will notice their simple but stylish look. These speakers feature classic wooden side panels and satellites that look more like the S1000DB.

You will also notice that the speakers are slightly angled, allowing front-facing drivers for proper positioning. Basically, the sound will be propagated to your ears, allowing it to deliver exceptional performance for close-range listening.

These speakers come with a protective grill that is not only sleek but also very functional. The grill can protect your speakers from sharp and damaging objects.

If you are after a lightweight bookshelf speaker, you will love this speaker. Compared to the S2000MKII speaker, the S1000MKII has a lightweight design. It also comes with wireless remote control that lets you adjust the volume, playback, or change the inputs. Thanks to its wireless setup, you can take control of your sound in the comfort of your sofa.


If you are like most bookshelf speaker lovers, then appearance matters to you. From the first look, the S2000mkii has a nice wood-paneled finish that gives it a stylish design.

This speaker’s well-built and solid construction is something else that stands out. The speakers look pretty stable and are built to last for a long time. However, weighing 17.1 kg, this speaker can be quite hefty. Also included is a remote control that has a fantastic build quality.

  • Sound Quality


When it comes to sound quality, the S10000MKII is a medium bass unit that delivers a cleaner, accurate, faster, and powerful sound. Generally, it is a good choice for music and as a home system.

This is a 5.5 mid-range/ bass unit that is designed with Digital Sound Processing (DSP) technology. Hence, you can be guaranteed to get a powerful and enriched sound of 120 watts. The overall bass of this speaker may not be very heavy because it omits a subwoofer. This may limit this speaker to a conventional home theatre speaker. Nevertheless, it still sounds perfect.

Better yet, the upgraded built-in titanium tweeter delivers accurate and pure audio. The speakers also give high strength and low distortion, and the treble feels like it has some sparkle to it. This is thanks to the Class D Amp and DSO that reduces distortion, allowing the speakers to produce clear and louder audio.

Something else that we find impressive is the vocals. These speakers deliver an outstanding vocal performance that improves the overall quality.


The S2000MKII speakers deliver an impressive sound that is more balanced and clear. This means that it is more versatile and can tune itself depending on the genre that you are playing. This speaker has a wider and fuller soundstage and works well when placed in a small or medium-sized room.

This mid-woofer speaker features a 5.5’ aluminum diaphragm, which is an outstanding spec for the price. Although it delivers a clean and crisp bass, we definitely believe that it could be better and have more depth. Nonetheless, we like that the speaker features dials that you can use to adjust the bass and treble.

Something that stands out about this speaker is that it features four pre-configured audio profiles to choose from your remote. Whether you want Monitor, Dynamic, Classic, or Vocal, you can change between the modes without affecting the overall tone.

You should choose the Monitor EQ mode if you want a flat audio response without coloration. The Dynamic option delivers more punch and dynamism for the tunes, while the Classic gives a more traditional hi-fi sound. You can choose the Vocal if you want to emphasize more on the vocals.

Being an active speaker, the S2000MKII does exceptionally well when played on the loudspeaker. The best thing is to adjust the volume to a maximum level of 50. Also, it has an exceptional high-frequency extension compared to that of S1000MKII. The Mid-range is rich and can significantly enhance the human voice performance. Regarding the bass performance, the S1000MKII has a specific low frequency of below 60 or 80 Hz, which is better than that of its predecessors.

  • Ports and Connectivity


The S1000MKII features multiple input connections, allowing you to connect it to various devices. Basically, you can connect this speaker to any device, whether it is a TV set, game console, computer, mobile phone, Blu-ray player, TV boxes, and CD and DVD players.

Some of the inputs you can expect from this speaker include;

  • Digital coaxial
  • 2x line-in through RCA
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with compatibility for aptX and aptX HD
  • Optical audio cable

Also, you can get three dials; volume, treble, and bass for adjusting the volume, treble, or the bass. The best part is that the package comes with all the necessary cables. However, you should note that you will need the remote to tweak between the different inputs.


A unique feature of the S2000MKII is Hi-res audio support. It can support aptX-HD for Hi-Res music and can accommodate files up to 192kHz/ 24-bit. This is unlike the standard 16-bit of aptX and AAC.

This speaker also has an optical audio cable and coaxial mode that makes it possible to accept PCM signals. Together with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, this speaker can easily connect with a game console, Blu-ray player, TV, set-top box, and CD player.

Like the S1000MKII, this speaker is designed with three dials for adjusting the bass, volume, and treble. Three dials are located at the back of the speaker.

Something else to note about this active speaker is that it comes with 2 RCA inputs, allowing you to use two devices simultaneously. This speaker also offers Bluetooth connectivity, and you can pair your phone with no issues.

This speaker utilizes a PCM9211 chip that acts as the digital signal reception. Like the previous generation models, there is a need for PCM18032 to convert the input signal of the analog signal using the ADC chip.

  • Price

During the writing of this piece, the price of S1000MKII is $349.99. Based on the feature included in this speaker, it is safe to say that it is excellent value for money.

Inside the box, you will get valuable accessories such as optical audio cable, remote control, 5-pin XLR cable, 2x AAA batteries, and RCA to 3.5mm audio jack cable.


For $499.99, you can get the S2000MKII on Amazon, which is a bit higher than the Edifier S1000MKII speaker. When you purchase this speaker, you will get optical cables and two RCA cables for connecting up to two devices. Also included is the speaker connecting cable, remote, and user manual.

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The Verdict

There is no denying that the S1000MKII is a high-quality Edifier speaker packed with decent features to give you clear, detailed, and precise sound. It is a great upgrade from its predecessor, S1000DB. Designed with a dome tweeter, these speakers offer great quality and are outstanding to meet your audio needs. Overall, it is a great speaker for the price.

The S2000MKII is an epic bookshelf speaker that features a fantastic build quality. The speakers deliver significantly better and richer sound performance compared to previous generations. Although it has the same flat-diaphragm tweeter design, this speaker has dramatically improved sound performance.

Ultimately, we believe that the S2000MKII takes the crown for the best Edifier speakers between the two models. Generally, you should buy this pair of speakers if you seek active speakers with a stylish design for your home studio space. Nevertheless, the S1000MKII will be an ideal choice if you are looking for a lightweight and compact that can connect to virtually any device.


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