SONY HT-S20R vs HT-G700 which is better?

These two audios are of the same company type but have their little differences which we are about to compare now!


This type of audio which consists of (soundbar, rare speakers, and subwoofer) makes a very standard surround sound with 400w power output and Dolby. These 5 speakers and sub-woofer provide very big and-full frequency sounds. With real 5.1 surround sound channel speakers and an external sub-woofer with a 3cd dynamic, cinematic sounds and also give the movies the soundtrack they deserve. You can also easily play your favorite music through the audiovisual.

The Sony HT-S20R delivers a surround sound, a theatre-like experience that is good enough for a large living room and even better for a 14 feet×16 feet bedroom. This is a great value product and a roomful of surround sound that a single soundbar has. You can also feel and hear the action all around you, as sound travels behind you and draws you into the movie experience, hear all the richness of your favorite music in fine and smooth detail. The voice mode of this audio setting tailors sound settings to accentuate speech so you don’t and won’t miss a word. The favorite part of this type is when watching a movie at night: this function optimizes the sound balance so you can hear everything even at low volume levels.

You can get the best seat in the house. A soundbar, subwoofer, and rear speakers create authentic surround sound; while 400w power output and Dolby digital help put you right at the heart of all your favorite movies. Experience 5.1 channels of real surround sound. wired rear speakers, a 3ch soundbar, and a wired external subwoofer combine to produce powerful cinematic sound, while USB and Bluetooth connectivity make it easy to play your favorite music. The HT-S20R setup is also easy with a few steps like: simply plugging it in, wiring up your main bar speaker and rear speakers via color-coded connections, positioning your wired subwoofer and rear speakers, and enjoying 5.1 channels of real surround sound.

These are the specification and features:

  • Experience 5.1 channels of real surround sound
  • Wired rear speakers
  • A 3ch soundbar
  • Wired external subwoofer combine to produce powerful cinematic sound
  • USB, Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to play your favorite music and USB audio playback
  • Simple set-up with HDMI ARC, optical, and analog inputs
  • 400w power output
  • 760×52×86mm main unit size(w x h x d)
  • 192×387×342mm sub-woofer size & 6.9kg
  • Digital amplifier, S-master
  • Optical-audio input, Analogue audio input(stereo mini)USB, FAT32/NTFS
  • RX(receiver) and 5.0 Bluetooth version
  • Bravia sync(yes)
  • HDMI cec(yes)
  • Auto sound, cinema, music, standard mode
  • Night mode, voice mode, voice mode(effect)
  • Bar speaker(ss-s20r)
  • Subwoofer(sa-ws20r)
  • Rear speaker(ss-ss20r)

The HT-S20R HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) enables you to connect to compatible TVs with a single cable, reducing cable clutter.

OPTICAL INPUT -TV not compatible with HDMI ARC? Enjoy high-quality sound for movies more when you connect to the optical input.

ANALOGUE INPUT-if with HDMI ARC and the optical input don’t simply connect your TV using the analog input.


This audio(soundbar) as we said earlier both them is much more comparing but has a little difference and advancement. This audio is a 3.1ch Dolby atoms/DTS:XTM soundbar couples powerful, immersive surround sound with crystal dialogue, so you can lose yourself completely in your favorite TV and movies. It has a vertical surround engine which was the advanced surround technology, lets you enjoy the thrill of the latest cinema audio formats like Dolby atoms/DTS: XTM in a single slim unit. Its three front speakers, combined with unique Sony signal processing, reproduce “vertical” audio, creating virtual surround sound that seems to come from all around you.

Sony’s unique digital sound field processing technology virtually reproduces the surround sound field, with audio coming at you from both sides. There’s no need to add rear speakers, meaning you can enjoy rich, cinematic surround sound without cluttering your living space. In a modern movie theatre are speakers all around you, each with finely tuned sounds, combining to make a fully immersive surround sound experience. Hit the immersive AE (Audio enhancement) button and the HT-G700 can upscale even regular stereo audio to 7.1.2 surround sound treatment. And also a dedicated center speaker ensures that voice sounds can be heard, whether it’s a quick-fire dialogue in your favorite TV show or whispered lines in a Hollywood movie. It’s great for music too, ensuring a richly detailed listening.

Select the audio mode best suited to your entertainment with a direct key on your remote control. Go deeper into movies with cinema mode and hear every detail of your favorite tracks in music mode and also your favorite movies. Voice mode tailors sound settings to accentuate speech so you won’t miss a word. And night mode optimizes the sound balance so you can hear everything even at low volume levels. You can also enjoy movies in 4k HDR quality with the latest 4k HDR 18Gbps pass through and HDCP2.2/HDCP2.3, the HT-G700 is made for the latest home cinema formats including Dolby Vision, HDR10, and Hybrid log gamma.

A powerful wireless subwoofer delivers a deeper, richer bass sound, and with a simple wireless connection, where you place it is up to you. There’s a button for every sound, choose the ones that are right for whatever you’re watching or listening to. Take your pick from auto sound, standard surround, cinema, music, night, and voice modes, and use subwoofer control to fine-tune your viewing experience. The HT-G700 also has easy connections like; connect a compatible TV or device wirelessly via Bluetooth technology, or using the HDMI eARC/ARC or optical digital input for full-bandwidth sound.

Immerse yourself in TV and movies with powerful, dynamic surround sound. Stylish and easy to use, this Dolby atoms soundbar even features a dedicated center speaker for clearer dialogue.

These are the specifications and features below:

  • Experience 7.1.2ch channel surround sound
  • 3.1ch Dolby atoms/DTS:XTM soundbar
  • Wireless subwoofer for powerful bass sound
  • Center speaker for clearer dialogue
  • Immersive AE upscales audio close to 7.1.2ch sound
  • 980×64×108mm main unit size(w x h x d) & 3.5kg main unit weight
  • 192×387×406mm subwoofer size & 7.5kg weight
  • Digital amplifier, s-master
  • 3.1ch amplifier channel
  • 400w power output
  • Wireless subwoofer type
  • RX(receiver) and 5.0 Bluetooth version
  • Optical audio input, USB type A, FAT32
  • Bravia sync(yes)
  • HDMI sync(yes)
  • Hybrid log gamma(yes)
  • Dolby Vision compatible yes)
  • Auto sound, cinema, music, standard
  • Night mode, voice mode(level)
  • S- force PRO, vertical surround engine, DTS virtual:X
  • 3.1ch(wireless subwoofer)
  • Bar speaker(sa-g700)
  • Subwoofer(sa-wg700)
  • TV wireless connection

The Verdict

Thanks to Sony’s virtual surround technology, the soundbar can position sound in vertical space, so you can experience 3D audio without the need for in-ceiling or up-firing speakers. As well as Dolby atoms and DTS: X, the vertical surround engine lends a more realistic, multi-dimensional sound to other formats too. These two Sony’s creation was very impressive and more realistic in terms of audio improvement. Spend the most quality time with your loved ones watching a movie, catching up on a box set. Listening to music, cheering on your favorite team. Whenever you and your family enjoy doing together, a soundbar from Sony makes it even more fun. Experience quality time at its immersive, entertaining best you will love.

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