Kanto YU2 vs YU4 which is a better choice?

In this era of the technology boom, it is tough to make the right choice for the product that suits the best to your needs, whether it is a LED or a washing machine, or any sound equipment—continuing with the audio types of equipment. There are so many companies in the market that competition has undoubtedly augmented, and it is not easy to handpick the most satisfactory choice. But you do not need to worry about it because, in this article, we will discuss the two highly in-demand speakers of Kanto, YU2 and YU4.

To help you choose which speaker suits your listening needs best, we will compare YU2 and YU4. We will discuss each product’s pros and cons, technical and physical features in detail.

Company Overview

Kanto is an excellent brand of audio CE products. This company was founded in January 2007. David Reid, the founder of Kanto, started this company to bring high-performing products to the market in an affordable price range. This is very prominent in their recent YU speaker series.

They have been in the market for quite a while now, but in the past, we brushed them off by simply considering them another brand trying to make its name in the market with every possible opportunity they can get. But when you look at the colorful and sophisticated designs and an excellent beat radiating from the speakers, you would want to give it a try. Kanto offers a great selection of sealed subwoofers, bookshelf speakers, computer speakers, and extensive audio systems.

The Comparison between YU2 and YU4

Kanto YU series are powered, speakers. With remote and powered cord, they have made listening to audios more convenient. You can quickly fix the volume to fit your mood and space, and you can quickly switch between sources and many more. We are going o discuss the core features of YU4 and YU2 from this series.


One of the critical features of Kanto speakers is their striking and stylish designs. The same goes for this series, and it will be hard for you to find a better design with all the other features in the marketplace. Their designs are the most beautiful blend of high quality and modern look. You will love to have them on your shelf or desktop.

The YU2 and YU4 speaker comes in the range of matte black, teal, and white to gloss red with the bamboo scheme. The compatible size and design of these speakers make it easier to adjust them on a cabinet, a bookshelf, or any location of your choice. These speakers are built using premium material, and these are pretty heavy. This feature helps in the better placement and durability of the product. In YU4, the doomed-shaped woofers are silk, and the Kevlar drivers ensure better performance even at the high volume.

Sound Quality & Performance

Although these are not the most prominent speakers in the market, they produce an outstanding sound quality regardless of their size.

  • Kanto YU2 has 50 W RMS rated power, while YU4 speakers have 70 W RMS rated power.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for Kanto YU2 is 0.1%, and for YU4, it is 0.25%.
  • The YU2 comes with a tweeter diameter of 0.75 inches, and for YU4, it is 1.0 inches as a standard.

If you play music at a higher volume, it will not cause any distortion. In fact, there will not be any vivacious sound even if the song has a high beat and bass. Whatever theme you listen to, these speakers give you a clear sound.

These speakers have been designed by keeping versatility in mind. These speakers can be used in multiple scenarios, such as watching dramas, listening to music, or playing a video game. They perform well in every set-up with numerous connectivity options.


When we look at the connectivity options, the YU4 speaker has wired and wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth. By introducing Bluetooth in their products, Kanto has given their customers the most accessible access to high-quality sound. You can directly connect these speakers to your smartphone, laptop, or other Bluetooth connectivity devices.

The YU4 speakers come with ⅛” AUX input and standard RCA input. These are the best options for those who want optimum sound quality while listening through an analog device, for example, a record player or HiFi System.

As compared to this, YU2 comes with wired options only, such as AUX and USB DAC. This means you can plug in any audio source in these speakers using AUX.

The YU4 and YU2 speakers also have subwoofer connectivity options. This means you can add an extra woofer to boost the bass and sound of your audio.


As a standard, Kanto includes a two years warranty. This will cover the issues caused by poor craft. So it is good to know that the thing you are investing your money in provides you with the security of accidental damage.

What is common between Kanto YU2 and YU4 speakers?

For ease of understanding, here is a brief on the everyday things between these two products.

  • The YU2 and YU4 both are bookshelf speakers.
  • They have a monitor-type look with silk doom tweeter and woofers.
  • These are powered, speakers. It means that you don’t need any separate amplifier to play them because they have a built-in amp.
  • These Kanto speakers are ported in design.

What is different between Kanto YU2 and YU4 speakers?

Above, we have discussed the similarities between these speakers. Here are some of the dissimilarities between these products.

  • The Kanto YU2 is smaller in size as compared to YU4.
  • It uses a ¾” silk doom tweeter and a 3” inch composite material woofer. At the same time, YU4 Kanto speakers have a 1” silk doom tweeter and 4 Kevlar drivers.
  • The YU2 only has wired connectivity, while YU has wired and wireless connectivity.
  • Due to the small size of YU2 speakers, it lacks bass.

Pros and Cons of YU2

Nothing comes on the scale of perfection. So here are some of the pros and cons that you should keep in mind before buying a YU2 speaker.

  • The sound quality of the YU2 speakers is fantastic. It does not matter what music genre you are playing. You will have clear sound effects.
  • These are very easy to use with limited numbers of connectivity options. This will go towards its weakness too. It only provides wired connectivity options because they lack connectivity beyond 3.5mm AUX and USB DAC.
  • The Kanto YU2 speakers are pricier than other desktop speaker options.
  • The compatible size and design of these speakers make it easier to adjust them on a cabinet, a bookshelf, or any location of your choice.
  • Kanto does not give headphone output connection options. So, you cannot plug in headphones in Kanto speakers.
  • It gives you a two-year warranty, which is an excellent time to keep in mind.

After reading the details, have a look at this video for a better understanding of the YU2 feature.

Pros and Cons of YU4

Kanto YU4 comes with a good range of features for its customers. Here are some of the pros and cons that one should consider while choosing these speakers.

  • A Bluetooth connectivity option makes this speaker ideal for so many people because you can connect these speakers to most smart devices available in the market. But this option can be problematic sometimes because you can’t turn it off. So when you are in public, anyone with a Bluetooth device can connect to your speakers.
  •  The analog connectivity option is also available in the YU4 speaker and wireless connectivity.
  • The compatible size and design of these speakers make it easier to adjust them on a cabinet, a bookshelf, or any location of your choice.
  • Like other Kanto devices, YU4 also has a standard two-year warranty.
  • The YU speakers have the perfect sound quality, but when it comes to the depth of the bass, these speakers lacked this fine quality compared to the other options present in the market.

Let’s have a look at his video for a better understanding of the features.

Which one is right for you?

Narrowing down our topic to “which Kanto YU speaker is best for you.” I would say all of their speakers are fun to listen to and have a reliable music vibe. Unlike many other brands out there, these speakers will never hurt your ear with boozy bass or high-end sounds.

If you have a limited budget and you want to have an excellent quality speaker with all the posh features, then YU2 is the best option for you. The price range varies from 219.9 $ to 299.9 $.

But if you have a reasonable budget, then YU4 is an absolute option for you. It has better and smoother-sounding tweeters. The price range varies from $369.9 to $449.99.

So, for me, YU4 is the top pick between these two speakers because it offers the best of everything, such as sound, bass, and connectivity. Although we will have to pay a little more for all the features, it is worth it.

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