Sony HT G700 vs Sonos Arc Which Is A Better Choice?

Are you looking for the best soundbar to level up your sound experience? But are confused between the two most demanded soundbars by Sony: Sony HT G700 and Sonos Arc? Well, don’t worry as I’ve got you covered. Here, I will compare both the products while focusing on their cool specs as well as features.

No doubt, it is complicated to choose one of the two products from the same category. Therefore, in this article, I will do a detailed comparison between both soundbars. So, it can help you make the right decision.

However, if you’re in a hurry—here’s a quick breakthrough of both products:

Sony HT G700” is affordable, perfect in size, and is easy to fit into different home theater and PC setups. A separate subwoofer is also included in the package.

On the other hand, “Sonos Arc” is equipped with the latest technology and surround sound, which lets Arc to transport sound in every corner.

Having said that, let’s dive into it!

Comparison Between Sony HT G700 and Sonos Arc

1. Price

We all know that price is the first thing we check before buying anything. Therefore, I will first discuss the prices of both soundbars. Sony is known for its premium products, so we can’t expect them to offer low prices for its products.

Sony HT G700:

The Sony HT G700 is priced at around $598 on Amazon and other online platforms. However, it seems like a big amount, but compared to its opponent, it is much less.

Sonos Arc:

The Sonos Arc is available to purchase for $799. However, it costs $1299 for the complete package. As compared to the Sony HT G700, its price is relatively high. But talking about its quality and the premium features it offers, price is not the only thing we can stress on.

2. Design

Let’s talk about their designs now!

Sony HT G700:  

Build-in quality and design of the HT G700 soundbar are pretty decent. What I like is that Sony has done a metal grill at the front of the soundbar. Additionally, this soundbar has touch-sensitive buttons, which I’m honestly not a fan of. However, if you want to test this latest technology, you can better try it.

It comes with a wireless subwoofer that works as a bass giver. Moreover, it looks like a tower case computer. The subwoofer makes the soundbar slightly different from others in the market. However, it is wireless but still needs to be connected with a power source.

Sonos Arc: 

The Sonos Arc is available in two different colors: matte black and white. You can choose the best one depending on your room’s aesthetic visuals. Overall, its shape is designed to keep the soundbar slim under your TV. It has the latest drivers that provide optimal performance from the soundbar. The soundbar is decent in size, as it’s up to 45 inches long.

Moreover, on the top, it has the same touch control panel that we used to see—having options for controlling volume, play & pause, skips, previous, and the microphone. At the back, you can see the power cover, join button, and Ethernet port.

3. Connections

Next up is the connectivity!

Sony HT G700: 

For connecting it with TV, Sony HT G700 has got HDMI in and out. It is also worth bearing in mind that HT G700 does have Bluetooth, and I was pleased to see that the AAC and SBC codecs were supported over Bluetooth. So, you can wirelessly stream via the soundbar, and it works flawlessly.

Sonos Arc:

HDMI Arc connection is located on the side. Therefore, you can’t easily position it against the wall. But the Arc can be connected to your TV either through your TV’s e-ARC, standard HDMI, or optical connection.

4. Sound

Here comes the most crucial part: Sound.

Sony HT G700: 

HT G700 soundbar has got a good frequency response. The bass range of the bar is high-end as well as low-end. In terms of sub-bass, I was surprised that the subwoofer does deliver a low-end rumble. It does cut off, and therefore I would say around the 45 Hertz range, it feels like it tails off. Its low-frequency extension is as low as 46.9 Hz, and high-frequency is maxed at 17.0 kHz.

For more info, check out this full review of the Sony HTG700:


Sonos Arc: 

The Sonos Arc’s stereo frequency produces 3D sound effects with trueplay technology. However, the soundbar produces low bass. But the Arc offers a premium surround sound experience without the need for extra speakers or subwoofers. In case you have a squarish home cinema room, the Sonos Arc is an ideal all-in-one surround sound system. If I talk about its frequency range: it ranges from as low as 47.6 Hz to as high as 19.9 kHz.

For more info, check out this full review of Sonos Arc:


5. Ratings

Now, let’s check out customers’ ratings.

Sony HT G 700: With over 800+ reviews on Amazon, the product has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Sonos Arc: With over 600+ reviews on Amazon, the product has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5.

So, comparing the ratings of both, Sonos Arc is much better than Sony HT G700. Moreover, if I talk about 5-star ratings, Sonos Arc still leads Sony HT G700 with 83% 5-star ratings, while HT G700 lags with 65% 5-star ratings.

Similarities Between Sony HT G 700 and Sonos Arc

Besides differences, both soundbars have got something in common too. Here are similarities that I found similar between both:

  1. They both have HDMI ARC and eARC that connect soundbars with TVs.
  2. They both have got subwoofer output to connect an extra subwoofer.
  3. Dolby Atmos (surround sound) and Digital DTS (Digital Theater Sound) are common too.

Advantages of Buying Sony HT-G700 over Sonos Arc

Here are some benefits of choosing Song HT G700 over Sonos Arc:

  1. Sony HT G700 comes up with a separate subwoofer in the package.
  2. It is compatible with DTS:X too.
  3. Exclusive Audio Format Support and full HDMI In.

Advantages of Buying Sonos Arc over Sony HT-G700

Here are some benefits of choosing Sonos Arc over Sony HT G-700:

  1. Compatibility with Amazon music and supports Spotify as well
  2. Easy Wi-Fi synchronization
  3. Supports additional speaker connections (if needed)
  4. You can even control it via App
  5. Built-in Microphone

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Can you add speakers to Sony HT G700?

Yes, you can, but you don’t have to add an extra speaker to your Son HT soundbar as it comes with a subwoofer which is enough.

2.    How do I connect my Sony HT G700 to my TV?

There are a few different ways you can connect your HT G700 soundbar to your TV. But Sony recommends just using the HDMI cable supplied in the box because, in most cases, this will give you the best overall sound.

3.     Can you put Sonos ARC soundbar above the TV?

Technically speaking, the ARC shouldn’t be mounted above the TV. Because chances are the upwards firing speakers may bounce the sound off the ceiling and down at you, which could break the actual essence of sound. Also, this soundbar is specifically designed to mount below the TV. However, if you want to mount it on the wall, it’s recommended to place it at least 4 inches below the TV. The more, the better!

The Verdict

All in all, both soundbars have a good reputation. However, if you are on a budget, then Sony’s HT G700 might be best for you. If you undertake the features, then Sonos Arc is a much better option. Although expensive, it gives you a better sound experience even at the louder sound, cool and premium features, and an enhanced balanced sound profile.

Go for the HT G700 only if you are on a budget or prefer having a subwoofer for extra bass. Otherwise, the Sonos Arc is an ideal option for you considering its latest features. Still, the final decision is all yours.

So, what are you going with?

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