Yamaha YAS-209 vs 207 Which is A Better Choice?

Are you buying a new soundbar? Let this Yamaha YAS-207 and YAS 209 comparison article help you. Yamaha’s newest speaker bar model, the YAS-209, has just been released. According to local tech experts, YAS 209 possesses some of the outstanding features of YAS-207.

The YAS-207 Yamaha soundbar stunned the audiophile community when it made its debut in 2017, delivering a heady blend of crisp, balanced sound and more functionality than a $300 soundbar should have. For the past two years, it has been at the top of the list of the finest soundbars. After a few years, Yamaha introduced the YAS-209, which many soundbar users think is a modernized YAS-207. The YAS-209 has added features, but 207 remains a good deal for others.

No matter how similar their design is, is the newbie’s performance equivalent to or better than the first design? This is one of the questions we are focusing on in this article. We also compare their performance, sound, and other features.

But if you are in a hurry to know which we think is the best among the two Yamaha’s soundbars, here’s a summary of our comparison. Yamaha YAS-207 may have all the features you want to have for your soundbar, but the improvement done to YAS-209 makes it better. YAS-207 performs better at maximum volume when it comes to sound. Also, it has impressive coverage of loud frequencies. On the other hand, YAS-209 has a better sub and produces a much deeper frequency level that enables you to hear even the tiniest sound. This latest YAS version also supports WiFi wireless playback that most soundbar enthusiasts are looking for.

Continue reading and find out how each Yamaha version fair on some features.

The Design:

At first glance, you would think that you are looking at the same products because of their structure. It’s because of the plastic build with greyish and silver themes you will see all over their designs. The speaker combo in YAS-207 and YAS 209 contains a soundbar and a wireless subwoofer.


After thoroughly inspecting the built of both soundbars, you will notice that in YAS-209, things have gotten over the edge with thickness and greyish design in the center compared to YAS-207. The length of 209 has increased by 2.4” while 207 has 2.3”. Both have a 36.4” width, but the depth is more comprehensive in 209 with 4.0” than 3.8” in 207.


The Verdict

If you have limited space for your soundbar, the Yamaha 207 has the edge over 209 with a thicker design.

The Sound Quality:

Yamaha-YAS 207 has maintained its position when it comes to giving off the optimum sound volume level. It is measured in terms of 95.2 dB SPL, which easily beats the 82.6 fb SPL. In 209, the sound enhancement features are prominent due to its enhanced bass reflex port.

Both Yamaha soundbars have control the dialogue enhancement feature for better clarity. Yamaha 209 has further improved this by providing the EQ adjustment that balances the frequencies of different sounds. The inclusion of virtual surround characteristics in both pulls them together, ensuring the natural feel.

Yamaha-207 and Yamaha-209 have speakers entirely compatible with Dolby Digital Sounds and other types of DTS. If you are more into electronics or jazz, 209 will support you with the help of its outstanding 34.6 kHz low-frequency extension rate.

Yamaha 209 is good enough to provide you with a much deeper sound compared to 207, where it is set at a 42.4 Hz range. But, if you prefer a soundbar with loud impact and extremely fast bass, 207 is the best option as its 19.9 kHz high-frequency extension rate than 209 with 19.1 kHz.

The Verdict

Yamaha 207 still has an edge when it comes to sound volume. You can hear even the tiniest sound.

The Additional Features:

The best aspect of these devices is the Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to hear all your favorites with this simple feature. Yamaha 209 is WiFi compatible and Bluetooth enabled.

Both have a remote control that makes sure they work well when in use. However, you can also turn your smartphone into a remote control by using their respective applications, available in iOS and Android versions. The primary app of 207 is Yamaha Home Theater Control, which provides limited functionality as a remote control.

However, the Yamaha Sound Bar Controller App, available in 209, offers complete remote control functionality, enabling you to operate all of the essential elements of both the bar and the subwoofer. It also lets you play all of your downloaded files on the soundbar, missing 207. When not in use, the 209’s subwoofer and soundbar both go into standby mode instead of the 207’s Auto-off option.

Yamaha has done an excellent job by adding Alexa in the 209. You can easily mute the microphones by pressing a key on the top of the bar, effectively shutting out the listeners. Furthermore, the well-designed Soundbar Controller app lets you determine whether Alexa is always listening regardless of whether the bar is at rest or not.

If you’re looking for basic soundbar controls like volume up/down, mute, and source switching, Alexa can be summoned through the fast key on either the remote or the bar. However, you can’t adjust EQ modes. All the usual Alexa functions, such as checking the weather and listening to music from streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer, are included. Please note that you will not use your smartphone to make phone calls or use alternate wake words.

The Verdict

Yamaha 209 is the big winner when it comes to features. 207 has limited features which are not helpful for modern professionals.

The Battery Life:

Because AC powers the soundbars in both configurations, and it is the wireless subwoofer, we don’t have any apparent battery life difficulties in this configuration. The existence of a Lithium-ion battery within the device is the primary cause.

This battery, which is contained within the remote control and is responsible for controlling the subwoofer’s performance, operates efficiently during the entire time. On average, it serves for one year in both situations.

The Verdict

Since AC powers both, 209 and 207 are equal on this feature.

The Price:

The Yamaha YAS-209 is slightly more expensive than Yamaha YAS-207. The improved sound quality, as well as the exciting designs that place emphasis on precision, are the primary reasons for this. Even though they are both mediocrely priced friends, there is a price differential of approximately fifty to sixty dollars between them.

The Verdict

Price could be a vital deciding factor, particularly for those who are on a budget. 207 is cheaper because it lacks other features 209 has.


Upon reviewing the two Yamaha soundbars, we find Yamaha YAS-209 better than Yamaha-207. This can be partly attributed to significantly lower sound frequency levels, which allow you to hear even the tiniest of sounds while remaining within a controlled loudness range.

Furthermore, its multi-service compatibility is a good characteristic that distinguishes it from the competition. On the other hand, if you prefer music with more bass, the Yamaha YAS-207 is a good choice due to its excellent coverage of high frequencies. We hope this comparison between Yamaha YAS-207 and YAS-209 will help you decide better.

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