Samsung Q800A vs Q900A which is a better choice?

Hello fellas, today we are going to present you with a much-needed clash between the battle of the best. So, here we are having a battle between two premium quality products of the same series from the same very well-reputed company, Samsung. Samsung is one the best and well-known companies which provide great quality products. So, buckle up! As today it’s Samsung Q800A vs Samsung Q900A. This is going to be a spicy one. Plus, here is another one of the fierce best soundbar battles we had you’ll enjoy reading, check out Yamaha YAS-209 vs Samsung Q600A which is a better choice? Now back to the battle of the best.

In a nutshell the Samsung Q900A is better than Samsung Q800A but it’s not the same for everyone as everyone’s requirements are different and maybe Samsung Q800A suits most of you better. But to find that out you have to continue reading.


Both Q800A and Q900A are from the Samsung’s Q-series which was released in 2021. In terms of design, most of the soundbars from Samsung have minimal changes and are relatively same. Samsung Q800A is wall mountable or can also be placed in the TV center. It sizes up to 4.5 x 38.6 x 2.4 inches and weighs up to 29.5 pounds. It has perfectly crafted sound, it is perfectly synchronized, has fully immersive QLED TV and soundbar audio. It’s a bit wider but only really for 55-inch TVs and up and doesn’t include a subwoofer The overall customer rating for Samsung Q800A is 4.5 out of 5. The package comes with a remote control and you have to buy the rear speakers separately.


Meanwhile the Samsung Q900A is also wall mountable and is compatible with gaming consoles. It sizes up to 5.4 x 48.5 x 2.7 inches and weighs 37.3 pounds. It has 7.1.2ch built-in channel. Its premium design perfectly matches with the QLED TV. The package includes a remote-control Wall, a mount kit, battery for the remote, controller cable including HDMI. Its size is an ideal partner for the best 48, 49 and 50-inch TVs, the best 55-inch TVs or the best 65-inch TVs. The Q-Symphony delivers perfectly synchronized audio with a compatible Samsung TV. It has the next level of sound immersion. The overall customer rating for Samsung Q900A is 4.8 out of 5.


The Verdict:

As mentioned before, most of the soundbars produced by Samsung are similar looking so in the battle of design both the Samsung Q800A and Q900A are at a draw.

Sound Quality:

In terms of sound quality, the Samsung Q800A is a highly entertaining audio soundbar. It has 8 powerful speakers along with 2 up firing speakers for HD sound and is equipped with a built-in subwoofer for a deeper bass. Its core 3.1.2 configuration provides a towering soundstage and it enhances the experiences of action movies and sports. You can invest in the optional rears to add that later as it cannot produce a genuine sense of surround immersion.

On the other hand, the Samsung Q900A has an acceptable surround performance. It is equipped with 7.1.2 built-in channel which means that it includes 7 prime speakers, 1 subwoofer and 2 side-firing speakers built into the bar to bounce sound off the walls and a total audio output of 406W. It gives the best 3D sound even from above. Unfortunately, objects in the soundstage don’t sound as clear and accurate as they would in a setup with discrete surround speakers.

The Verdict:

In the battle of the best sound quality, the Samsung Q900A takes the lead as it offers a much better surrounding performance and it has an advantage as it doesn’t downmix the content into stereo in order to play.

Audio/Video Feature: 

In the matter of audio/video features, Samsung Q800A makes the sound experience more amazing as it is equipped with Dolby Digital & atoms & DTS audio technologies. This system plays loud and has considerable dynamic attack but at the same time it’s light and agile too, which keeps pace with fast moving movie content. There’s a synergy between the soundbar and the subwoofer which Is impeccable. Obviously, the Samsung Q800A does not offer genuine surround sound like other soundbars but it is overall a great performer.

Meanwhile Samsung Q900A has SpaceFit Sound+ technology and Auto EQ. The SpaceFit Sound+ uses a built-in microphone and test tones to optimize and calibrate the subwoofer’s low frequency performance. You can operate this technology using a remote control. The Samsung Q900A supports latest technologies like the Dolby digital audio, Dolby atoms, and DTS:X 3D and Dolby True HD sound. For the video technologies this soundbar has 4K pass and supports HDR10+. These technologies make the overall audio and video experience better.

The Verdict:

In the battle of the audio and video features, the Samsung Q900A is once again the clear winner with all the latest feature like the Dolby atoms, Dolby digital audio, Dolby True HD and DTS:X 3D sound along with the 4K pass and HDR10+ support.


In the case of connectivity, the Samsung Q800A has many other features like Wi-Fi streaming, HDMI passthrough and the ability to act as an Alexa smart speaker. This is made to work excellently with any TV. In order to connect with your TV, it has a HDMI connection. For 4K HDMI passthrough it has an HDMI input and the HDR compatibility covers Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR and HLG. However, there’s no USB media playback option. With Samsung Q800A you can stream music using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Samsung Q800A supports Apple AirPlay 2 as well.  

On the other hand, Samsung Q900A supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive formats and these are delivered through Dolby TrueHD/Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Master Audio respectively. The Dolby Digital and DTS legacy soundtracks are also supported along with other features. For music there’s AAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, ALAC and AIFF, and the HW-Q900A can decode Hi-Res audio formats. Above all the Samsung Q900A also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The Verdict:

In this battle the Q900A is the clear winner again as it offers variety of connectivity options.


In terms of controls the Samsung Q800A are very easy with One control remote, that lets you connect mutilple IR blaster devices from a single remote. It comes with Optical digital port, HDMI arc, input/ouput and usb to connect and control gaming consoles. It is basically plug and play, with which the soundbar automatically pairs with the subwoofer. It takes a just a few seconds to get up and running for TV audio, excluding unboxing and setting up the Wi-Fi if connecting over HDMI.  

Meanwhile, in order to control the Samsung Q900A a control remote and there’s also a smart app for controlling the soundbar straight from the app. Plus the Samsung Q900A soundbar comes with voice-control, Alexa built-in and supports voice commands. This means you can control it with your voice which increase the easement in controlling the soundbar. The voice control Alex plays music from Amazon Music not Spotify.

The Verdict:

Both Q800A and Q900A offers almost the same controlling features like the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi control but the Q900A takes a lead in this too as it offers voice-control feature as well.

Price: Samsung Q800A or Q900A

Samsung Q800A is one of the priciest 3.1.2 soundbar in the Samsung’s Q-Series range, it was launched in spring 2021. The launch price of this soundbar was £799 in the UK and $799 in the US. With a newly refined design and a wireless subwoofer in tow, this soundbar is ready to add some rock, rumble and roll to movie night. Recently the cost for these soundbars has been coming down.


The Samsung Q900A is the priciest soundbar in the Q-series. It costs $1299 in USA £1099 in UK. However, £1000 will be a lot to spend on an Atmos soundbar that doesn’t come with the immersion of rear speakers. But it entertains with its big soundstage, powerful bass and natural presentation. It’s less bombastic in many ways, and not only that its out-of-box settings on the conservative side. All these aspects make it worth the price.  


So, which is better? Samsung Q800A or Samsung Q900A?

In many ways the Samsung Q900A soundbar is the winner. Even though, its front-heavy approach means you don’t get the same level of immersion than you would expect from a system with rear channels. However, the Samsung Q900A creates a sense of space and scale, firing effects in every direction but without adding unnecessary effects. It persistently offers enjoyable sound whether it’s playing some action, suspenseful, horror, or any dramatic TV shows and film. Overall, the Q900A is very much recommended.

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