Edifier S351DB vs S360DB which is a better choice?

Soundbars surely do bring out the finest experience for your home. However, not every unit will get you the finest audio intensity you wish for. Most individuals that wish to alter and modify their in-home theatre experience opt for a 2.1 system for their living rooms. But will all of these systems offer the exact experience you are seeking? Unfortunately, not always.

Thus, if you want an ideal system for your home, read on without pausing. We have compared the finest soundbars in the market to give you the experience you desire.  

Considering Edifier, it is a top-notch company that manufactures and offers the finest 2.1 systems to date. Placed in China, the firm offers a varied range of home speakers that are undoubtedly appealing to suit your residence’s decor and boost sound experience as well.

Edifier has two fine models that every individual shortlists towards their purchase. First is the Edifier S351DB, and the other is S360DB.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have many hours and are in a hurry, here’s a quick view. The S351DB is an excellent unit that contains two huge speakers and a woofer. Further, its Bluetooth 5.0 is certainly the finest aspect it offers. On the other hand, the S360DB is also a terrific model. However, the advantages are not very different. The only variation is that this is an updated model of the previous system. Yet, this updated model is easier to handle and manage, which is a big advantage over the older version.

So, if you are looking for an Edifier speaker, you might most likely get confused between these two. We have listed all possible comparisons to give you a better idea about a preferable choice. Thus, read to the end to grasp every detail about your new-to-be soundbars.

Comparing the features

1. Design

Considering the S360DB, it is indeed a very attractive and fine-looking set of soundbars. These speakers have three primary parts: the subwoofer and 2 separate satellite towers.

Further, the soundbar on the right is the chief satellite speaker, and it also comprises an in-built amplifier. On the contrary, the satellite tower on the left side is more passive. This satellite helps indicate the signals to the central tower with the assistance of cables and wires. Anyone can quickly differentiate between these two satellites while looking at the soundbar.  

Moreover, its infrared receiver present on it indicates an active profile display. Further, the right satellite speaker comprises knobs and buttons to help you alter volume, bass and other settings to improve the hour audio experience. Another interesting aspect is that the volume knob present on the speaker has an infinity twist.

Moreover, the Edifier S360DB soundbar also has a wire-free subwoofer. Also, it has a long speaker driver to offer more bass and better sound.

Lastly, the main highlight of this system is its unique cabling. The subwoofer has a single power cable and not many complex wirings. Also, most of its connectivity is completed by the active speaker itself.

The considerable upgrade helps in managing the system well and removing additional hurdles. Thus, you can easily relocate your subwoofer without a second thought with this system.

In the case of the Edifier S351DB, it comes with fantastic speakers with a classy yet old-style appearance. The subwoofer and the speakers of this model are pretty attractive. Further, its matte black coating gives the soundbar a more classic and elegant look that can instantly get along with any setup.

Moreover, similar to the S360DB, the right speaker of the soundbar works as the manual control panel that permits adjustments and other amends. It comprises three varied metal knobs to make different adjustments to control the experience or sound of audio played.

Also, the speaker has sensors to control all wireless functions. These sensors are placed behind the screen. It is very simple to modify the LED screen using the remote.

Further, the subwoofer is the chief component of the system and is built to control all connectivity options. It ensures to make TV and other device connections possible. Connecting devices on this speaker are entirely seamless. And the two RC inputs make it even simpler for the user.

Also, on these speakers, you will experience and enjoy the highs. However, as we have seen earlier, managing the cables in this system could be an issue. All the speakers and other components do not function on a single cable but require a couple.

Yet, when it comes to complete design, this Edifier unit surely has an excellent build and quality. Each part is durable and does not wear out easily. So, you can entirely rely on the company for excellence and nothing less.

The Verdict

Considering design and appearance, the Edifier S351DB surely has a heads up. Its striking looks and neat edges make it an appealing model. However, the S360DB is no less. The system is more manageable and convenient.

2. Audio Quality

Checking on the Edifier S360DB, it is undeniably the finest performer that offers incredible sound quality. These soundbars sound fantastic, particularly the bass. Further, with little alterations and modifications of bass and other aspects, you can instantly get your desired sound efficiencies. So, if you like a flat tone, you only need to set the speaker to default settings.

Further, the wire-free subwoofer gives you sufficient power, and the speakers are also robust enough to offer an authentic sound. The quality of this unit is not comparable. Further, the S360DB is built using a wooden MDF enclosure that further assists in offering clear and crisp sound with every use.

Moreover, you can connect the speakers to Bluetooth 4.1 for better audio quality in this case as well. And to add to it, this system is also Hi-Res certified, and one can easily use it from a 5m distance. Lastly, its AptX decoding lets you instantly get a quick, wireless connection. Undoubtedly for a theatre experience, you must add it to your home.

On the contrary, the Edifier S351DB comprises a titanium diaphragm tweeter and subwoofer to offer crisp and crystal clear high sounds. Further, the speaker also provides high power outputs to avoid high volume disruptions. Thus, easily enjoy your favorite audio without issue on this smart system.

Also, its subwoofer is built with a unique long-stroke design that permits entry of more air and offers even finer performance.

Overall, the speakers are excellent and assure fine clarity to offer an altogether new level of pleasure. Thus, be it your movie or favorite video game, you can enjoy it the most on these speakers.

Another striking aspect of the speaker is the Bluetooth 5 APTX wire-free sound. This connection makes sure the audio is precise and crisp and avoids delay.

The Verdict

Undoubtedly the clear winner here is the S360DB. The system offers the exceptional sound you will not find elsewhere. So, if you want to update your home theatre system with the latest, opt for this speaker only.

3. User Experience

Considering the Edifier S360DB, using the device is quite manageable. The unit comprises a wire-free remote and can be easily controlled using it. The feature also makes volume adjustments and other playback functions simpler.

Moreover, the design and every aspect of the remote are pleasing and convenient for the hand. Despite being small, this remote comprises several options, like power, connectivity, volume and more. Yet, it does not have bass and treble modification options. So to alter that, you might have to take a little effort and reach out to the unit.

On the other hand, the S351DB offers a similar remote along with its system. The remote has a classy, sleek design that looks fine and is simple to operate. You can modify your input and volume using it. However, changing treble and bass is not possible.

The Verdict

Both the speakers are user-friendly, yet the S360DB is more manageable than the other. It has several aspects to assist in better service and user ease.

4. Features

Lastly, let’s quickly compare the highlighting aspects of these two models.


  • Consists of a classy eight-inch driver
  • The speakers are fully equipped and suitable for every residence
  • The functioning and operation is wireless and simple to perform
  • Unique panel controlling aspect to improve ease of operation
  • Signals are digitally processed
  • Tough and robust MDF enclosure for perfect sound
  • The bluetooth 4.1feature offers stunning audio when connected


  • Most of the functions can be operated with a remote
  • Comes with a stunning eight-inch subwoofer
  • Consists of DSP and DRC features
  • Stunning 5.0 bluetooth connectivity  
  • All signals are digitalized

The Verdict

Likewise, here to note the S351DB is a perfect winner. It has a high-end with its Bluetooth 5 feature that makes it sound better when connected to wireless devices. However, overall the aspects are not very varied.

The Verdict

The speakers’ striking features and aspects undeniably make them worthy and valuable picks for your home theatres. Edifier has surely created masterpieces offering excellent quality and play.

Yet, S360DB is certainly on a higher-end when compared. Its quality and bass are very robust and order impressive outcomes only. Further, the unit is highly convenient and easily manageable.

However, the variation between them is quite minimal. One cannot pick one as both have varied highlights. The S351DB also offers a highly balanced sound and has a Bluetooth 5.0 feature. Further, it looks great and can easily blend with all interiors. Thus consider aspects closely to acquire a better view of your ideal soundbars.

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