Edifier S880DB vs Audioengine A2+ which is a better choice?

Are you looking forward to the best speakers that will provide a cinematic experience while watching a movie or TV show? Then you have come to the right place; this guide will let you know about the two well-loved speakers – Audioengine A2+ and Edifier S880DB– with their general description, price, and design. This will help you make your choice easily.

The advancement of technology has allowed us to bring the cinematic experience home without going out to one and the recent pandemic. These advancements have made the boredom of quarantine a lot easier. Speakers are one of those technological advancements, and the companies are constantly working to bring forward innovations into interest the customers.

Description of Audioengine A2+:

The audio engine is a company that has specialized in speakers but has mainly focused on wired speakers for a long time. Therefore, their customers were in a long wait for Bluetooth wireless speakers until the audio engine announced their a2+ speaker system, and safe to say that the product was worth the wait.

Audioengine A2+ is a wireless speaker with Bluetooth features and contains USB ports and dual analog inputs that allow you to connect it with a device and turn it into a wired speaker!

They are hand-built and hence take the quality to the next level. These small speakers can fit anywhere and perfect a desktop speaker set.

Their ease of connectivity allows you to connect it to any device, whether a laptop, TV, phone, or PC, without any passwords or pressing any buttons. These simple steps make it a versatile product to be used by all ages.

The audio engine has considered its consumers from around the globe while designing a2+. Hence, they have a switching power supply and detachable power cable to easily adjust them to different voltages of different countries.

Apart from that, all the separate components of these speakers, such as; amplifiers, drivers, and cabinets, form an efficient system that can efficiently work on less power and doesn’t require any amplifier.

Description of Edifier S880DB

S880 DB is a pair of high-resolution wireless speakers that come with a remote to access the controls of the speakers, such as the volume and the changing the song. Their small size classifies them as bookshelf speakers, easily fit anywhere.

Edifier S880DB may be wireless speakers, but they have ports such as: USB ports, AUX cable port, coaxial cable port, and RCA cable that can connect these speakers to various devices such as TV and computer with the help of a wire and hence turn them into wired speakers.

Equipped with v4.1 Bluetooth technology, they cause no hindrance in connecting to your device and getting the party started with the help of a single touch.

Edifier provides their customers with a two-year warranty on all their products and can be contacted in case of any problems faced. They also offer a hassle-free return of the product provided that it is returned within seven days of purchase.

The price:

The cost of any product is the most critical aspect when looking to buy anything, so purchasing your entertainment, the cost of it can’t be overlooked.

But it should also be taken into consideration that price of a product does not make it a better choice and hence price should be compared with other elements, and therefore a cheap or an expensive is not always the best choice.

Edifier S880DB:

Available at $259.99, S880DB speakers from edifier are available at a very reasonable price. They provide a variety of connectivity options with beautiful colors and designs.

These speakers are easy to set up have a variety of input options, a Bluetooth opportunity, and a wireless remote. Offering many features at an affordable price has made it one of the well-loved speakers.

Audioengine A2+:

These speakers are available for $269.00 and offer various wired and wireless features such as a USB port and Bluetooth. They also have dual analog audio inputs, which allow the connection of multiple devices.

The audio engine also provides warranty features with its products in case of any problems faced.


In my opinion, considering the price and the features offered, the Edifier S880DB is a better choice. Both edifier and audio engine speakers have a $10 difference. Still, the availability of a remote device at a lower price compared to the other speakers makes it a better choice.

The sound quality:

The main reason for buying a speaker is its sound, so having a good bass, amplifiers, and subwoofers makes a speaker the best choice.

Edifier S880DB:

The sound quality was a real surprise for many people as it was much better than expected for a price comparatively low than other speakers.

These speakers have four sound settings with different changes and features to the sound;

  • The classic model: It has a hi-fi set up, which increases the bass and treble of the sound.
  • The monitor mode: It flattens the sound until all the notes are in the same range and do not rise above each other. It is generally used to monitor the sound quality produced when making music.
  • The vocal mode: It weakens the bass and treble of the sound and focuses on its vocal sounds.
  • The dynamic mode: This mode increases the bass and gives a bit of depth to the music.

Audioengine A2+:

These low power consumption speakers are specifically designed to give up bass and boost the pie sound and enhance the acoustic and electric features of a sound and hence are perfect for different types of music. Their music knobs are aligned with the device connected; therefore, if the volume is at the maximum, for example, a mobile, then it is the maximum in the speakers. It provides perfect high notes when angled slightly upwards. Although it allows for bass and treble to the music or sound, it is more about accurate sonic delivery and less about the sub-bass.


Both products have different features and are best at the primary focus feature, but the Edifier S880DB takes the lead here, in my opinion, just because of its versatility. The edifier has different modes that can be selected according to the need and the music being listened to. Still, the audio engine speaker mainly focuses on the tone and Acoustics of a sound and hence tends to tame the sounds, which require more bass to be enjoyed.

The design:

The design is the product’s overall look and is also one of the main components to be looked at when making the decision. The design and color hold our interests and decide how well it will go together with other pieces of furniture or the room or the device it will be contacted to.

Edifier S880DB:

The wooden polish design with a white finishing gives it a modern and sophisticated look and looks like an expensive accessory compared to mere speakers. The wooden panels are a huge contrast compared to the ordinarily black speakers. It also has controls on its back that control the treble and the bass, the connectivity and the volume, USB and the AUX, and optical cable inputs.

Audioengine A2+:

Like the edifier and many other speakers, Audioengine A2+ speakers also have all its port and connectivity options on their rear side. It is also available in three vibrant colors: red, black, and white which mange’s to capture the viewers’ interest from afar and go along well with different backgrounds.


The Audioengine A2+ takes the lead here with its vibrant color, making it a good option and going well with a different back. The Edifier S880DB may have a modernized look, but the wooden finish means that it will look a bit out of place when connected with a black TV or different colored mobile devices and PCs.

The Verdict:

Entertainment is an essential aspect of our lives where a few minutes of music or a movie night can de-stress and take away all the tensions for a bit of a while and teleport us to another world. And the sound associated with entertainment is an essential aspect of entertainment; therefore, perfect speakers are valid. The speakers discussed above are well-loved by their users and have great reviews on multiple social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. They are compared against each other for ease of choice according to the user’s needs.

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