Edifier R2000DB vs S2000Pro which is a better choice?

Edifier has curved a name for itself in the sound republican world. The company makes some of the world’s best sound monitors. We are going to look at Edifier R2000DB and the S2000Pro. These speakers have a lot of similarities, having been made by the same company. However, each speaker crows unique qualities that endear it to its specific clientele.

The comparison of these two speakers will help you understand what each has to offer a sound enthusiast. While both come in a bass reflex enclosure, it is clear that the more prominent S2000Pro speaker delivers more in terms of bass. Edifier has used a high gloss piano style to make both speakers’ outer casings. This makes them aesthetically compatible with your studio or living room.

Getting to know Edifier

Edifier was founded in 1996 in Beijing, China. Over the two decades it has been in existence, Edifier has managed to mould a world-class image in the design and manufacture of speakers. The company’s investment in R&D has borne fruit, given the cool creative designs and the superior quality of its speakers. The price tags on each speaker are very competitive in their respective market segment.

Edifier has spread its tentacles throughout the world. It has more than 200 distributors and over 50 warehouses spread worldwide. With more than 3,000 workers to its name, Edifier aims to increase its global presence and add to its awards by media sites such as Forbes and Yahoo Finance.

The design

Edifier prides itself on investing heavily in pursuing high-fidelity audio for every product. Looking at the R2000DB, you will notice how suavely the textured the front panel has been merged with the high-gloss piano finish. This gives the speaker a homelier appeal. You can go the wood grain finish speaker which marries well with the rest of your studio or living room furniture. The speaker boasts an interesting angular front design that delivers the music without any impediments.

The R2000DB studio monitor is made from MDF, unlike the S2000 Pro, wood. The R2000DB is pretty attractive thanks to the modern look Edifier have put on it. The monitor leans back ever so slightly so that both drivers face up at an angle. The natural birch on the sides of the speaker pair perfectly with the matte black paint on the MDF. Another thing that makes the R2000DB stand out is the removable metallic grille. The coloured pads on which the speaker sits on serve to make this piece all the more endearing.

The dimensions

The Edifier S2000 Pro measures 8 x 13.5 x 10.5 inches. Being a mid-range speaker might be a challenge fitting the S2000 Pro in smaller desks. This is especially the case because the tuning controls placed at the back of the unit will be compromised. Though a bit heavy, the RS2000 Pro is very competitive in size, weight and sound quality. The speaker is equipped with a 5.5″ aluminium cone woofer. The planar diaphragm tweeter makes the quality of the music superbly clear and balanced.

The Edifier R2000DB studio monitor measures 8 x 13.5 x 10.5 inches. It weighs 21.4 pounds which is way lighter than the 41.4 pounds carried by the S2000Pro. The 5-inch woofer delivers tight bass at any volume. The ‘eagle eye’ 25mm Ru-Fe-B silk dome tweeter does an exceptional job of complementing the ever effective bass driver.


Edifier has, over the years, primed itself as a manufacturer of high-end speakers, earbuds, headphones and other items. In making the studio monitors, the company does not compromise on quality, even when it comes to entry-level speakers. The R2000DB speaker affords you an exhilarating listening experience with no ear aches even after listening to it for hours. The low-end response is well-balanced and tight. The boominess and the speaker’s movement with every bass beat is not a thing you find in R2000DB. The beats are punchy and clean. The mid-tones are quite catchy too. When it comes to the high tones, the speaker maintains excellent sound definition and the small details of your mix are expertly defined. Overall, the speaker has nuanced output and clarity, making it ideal for movies and music.

The S200 Pro speaker is equipped with a 5.5″ aluminium cone woofer and a highly effective diaphragm tweeter. This serves to ensure that the 3 digital amplifiers, the 2 DSPs digital audio crossovers and the audio signals of 24-BIT 192KHz help deliver a whopping 62W on each channel. The speaker has such ample power that it is no match for a single wireless speaker, and its sound comfortably fills a large room. Physical connection transforms the speaker into a real sound machine. The woofer is surprisingly good on the low end.

On the other hand, the tweeter delivers well-detailed mid-range and undeniable crisp high-end performance. While the audio offers you an authentic stereo experience, you love the studio monitor all the more with its ability to deliver quality balanced bass. The physical basis and treble dials help you tweak the speaker’s performance in any way you want. There are more suave EQ controls that you can do using the remote control.

Technical features

The S2000 Pro comes packed with a plethora of features that ensure you enjoy the true Edifier audiophile experience. The speakers offer a frequency response of between 20kHz to 40Hz. The two-way, three amplifier speaker comes with rear bass ports. A 4.0 Bluetooth wireless connectivity that works seamlessly with a smartphone is present. You will also get to enjoy RCA, COAX, XLR and optical audio input options. The manufacturer has included four extra EQ settings besides the 2 manual dials for bass and treble speakers. The 5.5″ woofer and the planar diaphragm deliver a max of 94dBA.

The R2000DB comes with a 5″ woofer and a 25mm silk dome tweeter that produce an output of 120W and a signal-noise ratio of 89dBA. This ratio is 3dB lower than the competition, and you get lots of room to crank up the speakers. With this speaker, you will enjoy tight crisp bass. This studio speaker achieves an impressive frequency response of between 20kHz and 50Hz. The speaker comes with two manual bass and treble dials located at the back. The remote control helps you choose between dynamic and classic settings. As for connectivity, the R200DB comes equipped with 4.0 Bluetooth dual RCA options found at the back of the unit.


The bigger speaker, which happens to be the S2000 Pro, will generally attract a higher price. This studio monitor carries a $400 price tag which is $100 more than that of R2000DB. For a quality studio expert or a music enthusiast, the extra features found in the S2000 Pro warrant a higher price. Besides a 5.5″ woofer, which guarantees better well-balanced bass even in a larger room, the speaker comes with more audio inputs than the R2000DB. Moreover, this speaker gives you a chance to marginally alter its appearance by coming with a removable metallic grill. Of course, the S2000 Pro being made of wood rather than MDF, as the case with the R2000DB, makes it command a higher price.

What makes these two speakers different from one another?

Put side by side, the first difference you will observe between these Edifier studio monitors is the size. The S2000 Pro is much bigger than the R2000DB. The woofer size difference is also noticeable. The Pro speaker boasts of a 0.5″ larger woofer. Since the same company makes both speakers, their quality is similar, and you will get impeccable sound depending on your specific needs. The Pro version has a more tweaked appearance and performance than the R2000DB.

The Verdict

These speakers are designed for different users. The S2000 Pro, which is larger, boasts a larger woofer and delivers crisp sounds even in larger rooms. The speaker comes with more extras than the R2000DB and boasts a more sumptuous outlook. With three amplifiers, the speaker, though a 2-way, delivers exceptional sound. It can be used for any sound and is compatible with almost all sound inputs. Of course, according to Edifier, the higher price serves to justify the presence of these extra features.

The R2000DB is ideally a bookshelf speaker armed with all the features one might need in a high-quality studio monitor. Though smaller than the S2000 Pro, it delivers balanced sound using its 5″ woofer and eagle eye tweeter. As an entry-level speaker, the R2000DB comes loaded with many extras that make it beat the competition with ease. The textured front and piano gloss sides make it an ideal piece that marries superbly into your home studio or living space.

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