Edifier S350DB vs R1700BTs which is a better choice?

This buying guide will compare Edifier S350DB and the R1700BTs and determine which is better. With a wide range of products to choose from, Edifier International is a leader in designing and manufacturing high-end consumer audio electronics for both the lifestyle and multimedia markets.

Acoustic technology, superior manufacturing standards, and uncompromising quality are all hallmarks of Edifier International’s design and manufacturing of audio electronics. All of Edifier’s audio markets, including docking audio, PC audio, IT lifestyle audio, multimedia audio, and home lifestyle audio, are devoted to achieving the highest quality standards.

Edifier is dedicated to enhancing the audio experience and expanding its global brand and product recognition, with a strong focus on sound.

S350DB and R1700BTs are two products of Edifier dominating the market today. So, to help you decide which the right speaker for your audio setup is, we have written this guide.

Here’s a glimpse of the main differences between the two Edifier speakers.

Edifier S350DB has titanium dome tweeters to hear the highs clearly. It has Bluetooth V4.1 APTX wireless sound with AUX, optical, coaxial, and RCA available inputs to connect your devices with ease. You can control the sound remotely with its wireless remote control.

On the other hand, R1700BTs has Bluetooth 5.0 APTX HD that supports 24-bit audio file transmission with Qualcomm. It has 2 AUX inputs to connect any device with 3.5 mm headphone output or RCA dual output. You can easily connect two devices using the AUX simultaneously, without the need for switching and plugging. It has a remote control to control the volume and switch input sources conveniently.

Learn more about the two products by continuing to read this post.


The Design:

Edifier S350DB

When compared to more minimalist speaker designs, these really stand out. The S350DB’s design and styling are not discrete in any way. Silver-tipped cone speakers, exposed drivers, and screws on the sub-massive woofer’s wood-style box make it look more contemporary than it really is.

In general, they’ll look good in any setting as long as the side port on the sub can let the air out. Edifier products have excellent build quality, except for the XM3BT, a budget model. It’s impossible to compare anything else to the S350DBs.

Beautifully crafted, but they’re also quite heavy! The huge magnets added to it makes it heftier than the others. Every piece of the puzzle fits together perfectly without any sharp corners. There is no doubt in my mind that these items are built to last a long time.



Plastic composite is used to construct the main chassis, which is similar in appearance to most passive bookshelf speakers. As a result, each speaker has two planks of wood on its side, reminiscent of speaker cabinets from the ’70s, which Edifier has incorporated into the design.

Each speaker is six inches wide and nearly ten inches tall, and has an extremely small footprint. There are geometric lines at the bottom of each side because the speakers have been angled at a 10-degree angle. Compared to the rectangular speakers you’re used to, these speakers have a slightly more contemporary look. Our overall impression of this speaker is that it’s both eye-catching and understated.


The Verdict

Since the two products belong to the same company both, have outstanding designs that will fit perfectly on your setup. If you want a traditional look, R1700BTs is a good option.

Sound Quality:

Edifier S350DB

The S350DB really shines when you’re listening to your music library. It allows you to stream the audio at such high quality and bit rate. The sound quality is incredible. Sub-woofer-powered speaker systems always have a great appeal to consumers.

At stock levels, the bass from this subwoofer is extremely deep, and that’s just from the stock unit. You can increase the depth of the bass by adjusting the volume on the right side of the speaker. The bass on this system isn’t going to be for the faint heart, so keep that in mind.

The eight-inch active subwoofer provides 70W of power. Both satellites put out about 50W, so the total output is about 150W.

It’s a joy to have two high-quality speakers and a subwoofer in the same room. They don’t have a lot of low ends, but their highs and mids are fantastic.

The mid-range balance is excellent. The two speakers deliver a ton of granular detail and a natural soundstage that spans the entire frequency range. The speaker’s high end has a flat response, but the volume and equalizer controls on the speaker’s side let you tweak that to your taste.

R1700 BTs

The speaker’s RMS power output is 15 watts, but it sounds like it’s closer to 20 or 30 watts, and there’s still plenty of headroom. Its handling volume is comparable to much larger bookshelf speakers with separate amp receivers, even though the small amp unit is housed within one of the speakers. In total, the speaker exhibits harmonic distortion of less than 0.5 percent, which is impressive and on par with most other mid-range speakers.

We were surprised by how powerful these speakers are, given that their drivers are only 4 inches in diameter. Fullness was particularly evident in the lower midrange, providing plenty of richness while avoiding swallowing all the fine details.

You’re not going to get dazzling performance at this price point, so our expectations were a bit low. Aside from those two-band EQ controls, the bass response was strong enough to carry music throughout our entire listening space with no issues.

The Verdict

The total power output of Edifier S350DB is quite impressive at 150 watts. On the other hand, R1700BTs has only 15 watts of power output, but still, it provides a powerful sound.


The Features:

Edifier S350DB

The Edifier S350DB has side panel controls on the side of the right speaker to control the audio easily. Bass, Treble, and Volume are all controlled by three knobs on the front panel, and an indicator light tells you when the system is powered on. Movies, music, and games benefit from the included subwoofer’s bass reflex port mounted on its side.

With the included full titanium dome tweeters, you’ll be able to hear crystal-clear highs.

Playing music from another device is now possible thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Connecting the speakers to your smart device is all that is required. The product comes with a two-year warranty, so purchasing it is risk-free.


The R1700BT appears to be limited in terms of connectivity at first glance. A Master volume control (up and down) and bass/treble controls are the only knobs on the side. Edifier has included RCA cables for use with the unit’s two RCA inputs on the back.

For speaker sets, this is standard, and all the inputs worked perfectly. Rather than using the standard two-wire speaker cables, the speakers are connected via a 5-pin port, which we found to be much easier to install and provide a more stable connection.

You can’t get any more basic than this in terms of Bluetooth connectivity. When you turn on the speakers, your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings will show them as available.

The Verdict

Edifier S350DB has the edge over R1700BT when it comes to other features like Bluetooth connectivity, inputs and outputs, and controls.

The Final Verdict

In summary of this comparison post between Edifier S350DB and the R1700BTs, we focus on design, sound quality, and other features.  

Edifier S350DB’s design and styling are not discrete in any way. Beautiful build quality, except for the XM3BT, a budget model. Subwoofer-powered speaker systems have always had a great appeal to consumers. The sound quality is incredible. The Edifier S350DB has two high-quality speakers and an eight-inch active subwoofer.

The bass isn’t going to be for the faint of heart, so keep that in mind. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play music from another device wirelessly.

Edifier’s R1700BT mid-range speakers have a minimal footprint and a very strong bass response. Fullness was particularly evident in the lower midrange, providing plenty of richness while avoiding swallowing all the fine details. The price is a little high for a speaker at this price point, so our expectations were low.

After comparing the two thoroughly, we find Edifier S350DB is better than R1700BTs. S350DB sound quality and features are much better than R1700BTs. If you want to share your experience with these two speakers, you can write them in the comment section.

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