Yamaha YAS-209 vs 408 which is a better choice?

Are you looking to update your home audio system by adding the best Yamaha speaker to your shopping lists but not sure where to start? If you are one of these people, then congratulations; you are on the right page. 

Don’t worry; if you’re unsure whether the Yamaha YAS-209 or the Yamaha YAS-408 is the right choice for you, we’ve got you covered. Stop scratching your heads, sit back, and relax since we’ve compared the Yamaha YAS-209 with the Yamaha YAS-408 to see which is better for you. 

It’s better to spend 5 minutes reading this article than wasting $5000 on the wrong product. So scroll down to the end of this article to choose the right one.

Comparison of the two speakers

We understand how confusing it is to choose between the Yamaha Yas 209 and the Yamaha Yas 408. One speaker has a stylish look, while the other has badass sound quality. One speaker has Alexa, while the other has exhilarating 3d sound from a single bar. 

We compared both models for your convenience and comfort. We can take your home cinema experience to the next level with a sound that comes from above and all around you. So read this section carefully to ensure you make the best decision possible for your home. 


First, there is the Yamaha YAS-209, with the DTS Virtual X 3D sound system, guaranteed to produce high definition music. With its portable subwoofer, this speaker provides audible effects and can bring your setup into the middle of the action. It is also simple to stream music from portable devices and use Alexa Voice to shuffle through your collection. 

It comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology that makes the connectivity effortless. Not just that, you can also change the Yas-209’s configuration and settings using the provided controller or vocal command. Along with that, the Yamaha speaker can also be set up using HDMI and fiber cable connections. 

Basically, it’s a good sound bar with a well-balanced audio signature. The sound bar’s woofer aids in creating good sound, making it suitable for a variety of applications. But, because the sound bar only has two channels, left and right, it can’t complete the project surround sound.

In short, it is a 2.1 loudspeaker with a low price tag. And, we can say that Yamaha yas 209 is ideal for those who want sleek design speakers with a high-quality audio system. 


While on the other hand, the Yamaha YAS-408 comes with DTS Virtual X

3D stereo sound, a typical feature found in the finest Yamaha audio systems. It also comes with cutting-edge technology, which is capable of giving your movie realistic sounds.

Furthermore, the Yamaha Yas-408 is a high-quality sound bar that includes a subwoofer, a modular system that works with Bluetooth audio system speakers. By connecting the elements via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you may create a multi-room system and experience better audio across the house. 

It is the ideal companion for your 4K television. Also, the Alexa feature makes controlling the YAS-408 sound bar easy and effortless. Besides, it features a wide frequency range, and the subwoofer makes its bass reproduction game stronger. 


Overall the Yamaha YAS-209 is a good sound bar with a well-balanced audio signature. 

Well, that’s not all for today as below we have compared the features of both models so that you can make the best decision for your home.

Features Comparison of both speakers

  • Design 

The Yamaha yas 408 is a simple but attractive speaker. It’s largely built of hard plastic, with a metal grill in front to cover the speakers. Moreover, The sub is mostly built of timber, with the exception of the front face, which is made from plastic and contains the port. Fabric covers the loudspeaker on the side of the sub, which can become dusty or damaged. 

At the same time, the Yamaha YAS-209’s bar is all-black and features a simplistic design. The construction of the subwoofer is simple. It’s composed of melamine, but mesh material covers one of the corners and the front fully. The port is situated at the front and is constructed of shiny plastic. 

The speaker is surrounded by mesh, while the front and rear, where the connections are located, are made of plastic. However, unlike Yamaha YAS-207, which had buttons on the front, the Yamaha YAS-209 has buttons on the top; thus, there are no irritating button lights when viewing TV.

  • Dimension

The Yamaha Bar 408 is a bit wide; it may not fit between the legs of most 55-inch TV stands. On the plus side, it’s not too high and won’t hinder your view of the display if you put it in front of the television. 

While the bar on the Yamaha YAS-209 is quite wide and based on the TV, it may or may not fit between the legs. It isn’t extremely high, so it shouldn’t cover most TV screens.

  • Sound System

The active amplifier is included in each of the models under discussion. The difference in channel count between the YAS-209 and the Yamaha yas 408 is apparent. The YAS-209 has 2.0 channels, whereas the Yamaha yas 408 has 5.1. 

Furthermore, one thing to keep in mind is that neither of these variants has a built-in subwoofer. So the Yamaha YAS-209 received a 6 out of 10 rating for sound system features, whereas the Yamaha yas 408 received a 7 out of 10 ratings.

  • Connections

So, if we look at the connections of these speakers, we can see that both models include a wireless Wi-Fi connection. Not only that, but both audio systems also support Bluetooth. 

Each speaker has 1/1 HDMI inputs/outputs, with the YAS-209 and Yamaha yas408 having an HDMI Audio Return Port. Additionally, these have USB connections that can be used to connect gadgets. So, after reviewing both sets, we gave the YAS-209 a 7 out of 10 for connectivity, while the Yamaha yas-408 received an 8 out of 10.

  • Other Features

After a brief period of inactivity, the Yamaha YAS-408 will activate the sleep state. Thanks to HDMI ARC and HDMI CEC capability, you can customise the bar in several ways. 

On the other hand, when there is no acoustic input or instructions for 10 minutes, the Yamaha YAS-209 setup goes into standby mode. It also has HDMI CEC, so you can adjust the volume and output of the sound bar using your TV remote.

  • Remote Control

The remote control of the Yamaha yas 408 is quite small. It has a few set modes and can operate more things than the touch-sensitive buttons on the top of the bar. On the other hand, the remote of the Yamaha Yas 209 contains touch settings and a kid lock mechanism. 

You can separately regulate the speaker’s level and the subwoofer, and you can switch between six distinct sound settings with a single button press.

  • Stereo Frequency

The resonant frequency of the Yamaha YAS-408 is excellent. It also has a good low-frequency range, which will aid in recreating the heavy thump, punching, and thunder of films and bass-heavy songs. It has a pretty neutral and realistic sound profile, making it suited for a wide range of music genres and other materials. 

Whereas, the stereo frequency response on the Yamaha YAS-209 is excellent. Its specialized subwoofer helps create a better low-frequency extension, which is ideal for movies and music with lots of basses. The remaining part of its audio profile is well-balanced and appropriate for a wide range of content.

Pros & Cons Table of Yamaha Yas-408

Pros Cons
Alexa control voice Don’t Have a front display
Clear voice enhancement No rear speakers are available
Buildable system  
High-Quality Sound  

Pros & Cons Table of Yamaha Yas-209 

Pros Cons
Wireless subwoofer No directional keys
Clear voice enhancement No Dolby atoms
Amazon Alexa built-in  
Easy to set  
Compatible app  

Specifications Table

Specifications  Yamaha Yas-209 Yamaha Yas-408
Brand  Yamaha Yamaha
Built-in channels 2.0 5.1
Output power 200 200
Amazon music
weight 2.7/6 2.7/6
USB 2.0 2.0
Headphone Output 0 0
Voice Control Amazon alexa Amazon alexa, Google assistant
DTS DTS Virtual X DTS virtual X, DTS Digital Surround
Release Year 2019 2018
App Control

The Verdict

Summing it up, the Yamaha YAS-408 and Yamaha YAS-209 are nearly identical; however, the YAS-408 is somewhat superior due to higher build quality and the ability to stream material wirelessly via Airplay which the YAS-209 lacks. 

They have remarkably similar sound signatures, and most people will not perceive the difference. But, if you want to enjoy high-quality music but don’t want to compromise on the design of your room, then Yamaha YAS-209 is just perfect for you.

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