Yamaha HS7 vs KRK Rokit 5 which is a better choice?

Speakers are a necessity in the 21st century which improves our quality of entertainment. This entertainment comes from TV shows, movies, and songs.

After spending a hectic day at work or doing the stressful chores of daily life, these forms of entertainment provide a form of getaway and stress-relieving.

Hearing is one of our five senses that you can use to stimulate the essential hormones. The hormones dopamine is released when listening to music which decreases depression and stress.

There are many speakers available globally, which makes it challenging to decide which one to buy that fulfills all your specific needs.

Two of the well-loved speakers are Yamaha HS7 and KRK Rokit 5. Today in this article, we will bring them against each other to compare all their important features. Finally, we’ll decide which is a better option and why.

Description of Yamaha HS7:

Compacted with all the critical features required in a speaker, Yamaha HS7 is an excellent desktop speaker. They offer affordability, minimalist design, and outstanding sound quality.

These speakers provide a great balance between the design and price. They are made up of good quality materials, which make them attractive and long-lasting.

This high-quality material does not affect the sound quality and can be easily used for years. The use of above-average materials at a low price has enticed more and more people into buying Yamaha HS7.


Description of KRK Rokit 5:

You can use KRK Rokit 5 studio monitors in editing studios, bedroom studios, and professional editing suites.

They provide versatility for just being a studio monitor as you can use them for recording, editing, and mixing professional-quality sounds. The features provided make them an all-in-one speaker suited for all your needs.

Compared to the previous models of KRK speakers, KRK Rokit has exponentially improved the sound quality, bass, and detail without sounding like a woman’s shrill scream.

These almost 11-pound weighing speakers are lighter to hold and afford. For a speaker that provides the professional level sound, they are quite compact and small and therefore can easily fit into small spaces.


The price:

The most crucial factor to consider when making a decision is the price difference between two goods. However, price comparison does not simply entail examining the numerical value and concluding that the cheaper option is the better option; instead, price comparison entails exploring the features offered and the color, design, and options available to determine which is the best option.

Yamaha HS7:

Yamaha HS7 is available at a price of $ 369.99. They may not be a sub-woofer speaker system but still do the owner and makes your recordings sound better.

Their sound quality is not the best when compared to high-end expensive but considering their price point; they surpass expectations.

They may have a narrow field, so it may cause some problems if the studio is awkwardly shaped. But let’s be honest, you cannot expect everything to be the best and still be cheap.

These speakers may have some shortcomings, but they still provide a consistent balance of frequency, an excellent quality for studio monitors. This frequency balance is needed for both vocal and acoustic sounds.

They can accommodate a wide range of inputs such as; keyboards, mixers, XLR phone jack, TRS phone jack, and audio interface.

A unique feature of these speakers is noise cancellation. Yamaha’s research and development unit has spent some time reaching a solution for the vortex of air produced at the port.

This vortex, as a result, produces unwanted noise, and the effective noise cancellation feature is able to control and reduce it, courtesy of Yamaha engineers.


The KRK Rokit 5:

Available at a price of $189, they are the epitome of affordability and quality. Equipped with powerful subwoofers and tweeter to compare, mix, and edit your music.

Even with such a low price, they are well-loved with thousands of good reviews from professionals and freelancers (in the field of music) on multiple social media platforms such as youtube and TikTok.

The features are excellent and easy to understand and tweak to your liking. So if you are using it for desktop editing, studio mixing, or beginner testing out.

All can take advantage of these unique and versatile speakers. They provide frequencies ranging from 45 Hz to 45kHz, providing a clear mid-range sound.



In my opinion, the Yamaha takes the lead here with its good balanced design and features. They may be expensive when compared to KRK Rokit 5 but totally worth the price increase.

Comparing the sound:

The primary purpose for purchasing a speaker system is for the sound quality, and customers expect their money’s worth; therefore, the sound is one of the most important factors to consider before making a purchase.

Yamaha HS 7:

Yamaha HS7 offers outstanding sound quality. The name might suggest the speakers are equipped with 7-inch woofers but are 6.5 inches in reality.

With 6.5 inches, they provide an increase of one inch from their previous model, which makes a difference. They also have 1-inch tweeter handles, providing perfect low ends and high ends.

The frequency range offered is 43 Hz to 30 kHz, which is excellent for feeling the bass at the low end and crisp highs.

Apart from the normal sound increase decreasing volumes, they have two additional tuning options. You can use room control to adjust the low-frequency output and cut the wall refraction when placed close to a wall.

The high trim trims out the frequency to adjust it to different rooms.

KRK Rokit 5:

With a frequency range of 43 Hz to 40 kHz with 55-watt D-class power, KRK Rokit 5 has won the market competition easily. They have advanced the features offered compared to previous models by substituting the knobs with a large LCD (keeping up with technological advancements).

Using the LCD, you can make adjustments to equalizer settings to attenuate or boost the sound. The valuable option of standby option is also available.

The standby option puts the speaker to sleep when not connected to power and turns it on once connected. This reduces the hassle of continuously switching on and off, hence, a valuable option for studio speakers.

The 1-inches kevlar tweeters make the sound improve the highs of the sound without sounding like a banshee.


The KRK Rokit 5 has an excellent range of frequency, bass, kevlar woofers, and standby options. These options fulfill the needs of the studio.

Comparing the design:

You pay attention to the color scheme and design when you look at something. If a product isn’t fascinating, it will be rejected right away. Thus, corporations work hard to find the best way to keep the customer’s interest and work well with various products.

Yamaha HS7:

Yamaha HS7 speakers have a clean matte finish which provides a nice contrast against white woofers. They are available in white and black options and offer a nice adjustment to overall studio furniture.

This has large overall dimensions with 6.5-inches woofers; therefore, it may not easily fit into a smaller studio space. Weighing at 18 pounds, they may be heavy but sturdy.

At the back of the speakers, other than the standard features such as the volume knobs, they also contain a quarter-inch TRS option and XLR connection.

KRK Rokit 5:

They have brought back the yellow woven kevlar. The touch of yellow color provides a nice contrast against the overall black body and against the studio.

The one-inch tweeter is also made up of the same woven kevlar.

They have an advanced LCD display on the back with all the features provided. The standard sound settings include volume, LCD brightness, output adjustment, and engage or disengage standby mode.


In my opinion, the LCD provided at the back of the KRK Rokit 5 takes the lead here. The unique black and yellow color schemes are a nice change to dull speaker colors of blacks and whites.

The Verdict:

The studio speakers are a necessity for music-making, mixing, and editing. There is a need for the perfect speaker to get the ideal end results.

There are many vital points and edges that you cannot overlook, and hence the choice will depend on many different points discussed above.

The KRK Rokit 5 is a nice touch for a studio with its unique design, modern LCD, and many valuable features provided at a much affordable price when compared to Yamaha HS7.

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