Klipsch Cinema 400 vs Polk Signa S2 which is a better choice?

If you’re a huge fan of music and you happen to have a thing for soundbars, this article is definitely for you. There’s this top-notch feeling you get when you’re getting remarkable sound output from a great sound system whether you’re using it for a movie, video games, or you just love to listen to music however you want.

Our focus today would be to compare two different but equally popular soundbars in the game; the Polk Signa S2 and the Klipsch Cinema 400. These two cool products are blessed with recommendable quality and can both provide you with top-quality sound for whatever the occasion is. We have touched several categories in comparing the two products to help you make a decision ranging from their features, price, amongst others. Now let’s just get to it.


We’re going to be starting with the price because it is the ultimate factor that serves as a determinant for your eventual choice. You must get value for your money, so the product is therefore expected to serve you satisfactorily. Coincidentally, these two products happen to appear in the same price range. They both can be bought for around $230 to $330.

Polk Signa S2

Although the price is very much subject to change, the Signa S2, at the time of writing, goes for a great price on Amazon and its price is just below the $230 mark. This price makes it about hundred bucks less expensive than the Klipsch Cinema 400. The price gap between the two products is going to be a point of consideration when deciding on which of the two options to purchase.


Klipsch Cinema 400


The Klipsch Cinema 400 has a price tag of around $329 available for purchase on Amazon. It has a notably higher price than the Signa 2 so you would need to read on if you want to have an understanding of why it is so.


The Verdict:

When it comes to a price battle, the Klipsch Cinema 400 takes the spotlight. Especially if what you have in mind to purchase is a cool soundbar that would not only be an automatic upgrade to the audio system you have built into your TV but would also be a cool option on a budget.


Now, this is usually one of the tightest ones. Sound system makers usually go all out to ensure that their products produce some quality and pleasing sound to the ears and these two competitors are not any different. However, we believe that other factors should be considered when sound output is the topic of discussion. These factors include the availability of different sound presets, and how user-friendly it is to make adjustments to those settings.

Polk Signa S2

This one comes with some cool features such as 40 watts for the subwoofer and 40 watts for a soundbar. It has a remote control that can be used to make vocal delivery adjustments. It is equipped with three different levels for giving a boost to dialogues and that’s such a fascinating feature. It also is a great option for video games as well because of these features.

Also, the Polk Signa S2 has a couple of modes built-in. These modes range from music mode to night mode, as well as movie mode. The subwoofer helps to produce a remarkably richer and better sound but you don’t feel it. As in you don’t feel the rumbling sound of the bass from the subwoofer. What this means is that you can go for this option if you’re not interested in bass. Another notable thing about this product is that the highs are high and it is quite sharp on Bluetooth, especially when you compare it to HDMI and Optical where there is a better balance and it won’t hurt your ears. Along with the product, you’d have one battery, power cord and optical cable, HDMI cable, and the soundbar remote.

Klipsch Cinema 400

This product is quite an absolute sound system. The Klipsch Cinema 400 comes with a wireless subwoofer that can work pretty well up to 9 meters. However, it will take about one second to kick in if you stop and play audio.

It has a pretty cool feature that allows you to have full control over the subwoofer volume independently, even after the overall volume buttons that are on the remote. The remote also helps you to switch the LED on and off, a nice feature if you’re watching a movie with all the lights off, so you’re not distracted or disturbed. But there is a downside and it is the fact that its field for the sound throw is pretty narrow which could be a result of its size.

The Klipsch Cinema 400 is an all-around option. Although if you stop and play audio it takes about one second for the subwoofer to kick back in, you can get an effective service from the wireless subwoofer for even up to 9 meters.

Talking about remote control, you can independently have full control over the subwoofer and that is aside from the overall volume buttons on the remote already. Also, when watching a movie with the lights off, you can seamlessly toggle the LED on and off, whichever way you want.

Furthermore, you have the night mode, the visual surround sound system mode, as well as a dialogues button. With the dialogues enhancer feature, you can, without having to make the volume too loud, bring up the voice so it’s more audible.

The night mode does quite a similar job. It helps you create a balance between the softest and loudest points of whatever you’re watching. The best way you can enjoy watching movies at night is to switch to the night mode and then ensure that you turn on the dialogues enhancer.

The virtual surround sound mode did not disappoint when we ran a test on it and expected it to deliver. This mode introduces you to a surround feeling even though the Klipsch Cinema 400 isn’t built around a surround setup. One thing we noticed was that you can pretty much hear the dialogues in the center when the surround mode is turned off but when turned on, the voice will appear tilted somewhat towards the left. Also, no matter how loud we played it, the sound did not become distorted.

The Verdict:

The two products come quite close when the battle comes down to sound quality. But of course, some people would decide to go for that sort of surround sound output that the Klipsch Cinema 400 provides. Not forgetting its dynamic range delivery, its crisper output, and the clarity of speech it delivers.


Usually, soundbars are commonly placed or found in the living room because that’s where almost everyone spends almost all of their time. Even when people come to visit, the living room is mostly where they would be made to occupy. This is a good enough reason for the audio in the living room to be pleasant. Let’s take a look at how the two products fare in this particular category.

Polk Signa S2

Here’s a video review of the Polk Signa S2

This product is quite long; about 35 inches. When compared to other soundbars in the same category as it, it’s out 30% longer. With its material, you feel premium quality and not cheap at all and that’s the most notable clue that the overall build quality is top-notch. It is also not heavy and feels sturdy as well. However, what we didn’t find fascinating is the fact that the subwoofer is transparent and you can see right through it to the wood, which gives a feeling of awkwardness.

But it is very compact and stands at 13 inches tall, meaning that it does not stick out much. This means that you can put it away from plain sight if need be.

Klipsch Cinema 400

Here’s a video review of the Klipsch Cinema 400

Contained in the box of this product include the subwoofer the soundbar, an HDMI cable, connecting power cords, and mounting brackets. The subwoofer has a very subdued design which is cool because you can easily put it away in a corner without it attracting too much attention. The cone and the driver are a little different in performance because they’re neither pointing backward nor forward, but downwards.

Just like the subwoofer, the soundbar also has a subdued design and it makes it look quite simple. There are Klipsch horns on either side and that’s one of the captivating things about the design. Gives the product a classy look.

The Verdict:

Both the Polk Signa S2 and the Klipsch Cinema 400 are classy and cool products that can be used for whatever setting whether formal or informal. However, the Klipsch has quite the subtlety and its signature horns on either side all make it more appealing on sight than the Signa 2 design-wise.

The Verdict

And it’s time to talk about the final decision. As long as you’re looking to get an upgrade to the in-built sound system on your TV, both products are perfect options. You will be getting some cool value for your money if what you want is a richer and fuller sound, and you just want some more loudness while watching your movies, or some more clarity from sports commentaries. Because its subwoofer is facing downward, the Klipsch Cinema 400 performs great when placed on concrete and wooden floors.

However you view it, the Polk Signa S2 is always a worthy competition that has an amazing sound with music while also providing a huge upgrade to your TV’s sound system. If you would be using the sound system to listen to music mostly, this would be a fantastic option because it is not quite a true surround sound substitute.

But, of course, if you’re in the hunt for a soundbar that provides sublime music capabilities as well as the ideal cinematic feel at home, plus an overall thrilling experience, you can as well go for the Klipsch Cinema 400 as it is a perfect choice.

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