POLK SIGNA S2 vs SONY HTS350 Which is a better choice?

Are you deciding between getting thePolk Signa S and theSony HTS350? The two speakers lined up in this comparison are both really good speakers belonging to a similar category. However when it comes to pricing, they’re priced about a hundred bucks apart.

If you’re in a hurry, the Polk Signa S2 wins by providing a better sound performance, but on the other hand if you would be placing the Polk Signa S2 in a big room, the Sony HTS350 would be a better choice hands down! Let’s compare them!


I believe one of the things that always sets products apart is the price point. And to me what really matters is whether the product justifies the price, no matter what the price actually is. The build quality, the design, the user-friendliness and of course the sound quality, everything matters.


At the time of writing, the Signa S2 is available at a really good price on Amazon (link mentioned) at a little less than $150. Its regular price is around $220, so it’s worth noting that even at full price, it is about sixty bucks cheaper than the Sony HTS350.


On the other hand, The HTS350 is available for about $279 on Amazon (link mentioned). Yes, this is pricier than the former, but it’s very versatile. If you’re hosting a party, you definitely won’t be needing any additional audio equipment.


In the price wars, the Signa S2 stands out. Especially for someone looking for a nice little soundbar that’s not only an upgrade from your built-in TV audio, but can also deliver a bang on a budget.


For a lot of users (including me), soundbars are usually placed in the living room. That’s where you spend a lot of your time. As well as people who come over to visit. So not only should the audio be good, but it should also be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Let’s see how these two measure up in this category.


The first thing I noticed is that it’s very long; about 35 inches. It’s about 30% longer than other soundbars in this category. The material feels really good and premium, not at all cheap. That’s evidence of a clear indication about the overall build quality. The wireless subwoofer is really lightweight and feels sturdy. One thing I personally disliked was that you can see through the subwoofer base all the way to the wood, which feels a bit awkward. It’s also very compact, standing at 13 inches tall, so it doesn’t stick out much. So you can place it nicely and hidden away from plain sigh, if needed.


So this one’s pretty long too. About the same length as the Polk Signa S2, so ideal for a TV that’s 43-inch and up. The aesthetic is really nice on this one. Yes, it feels premium too, a little more than the Signa S2, with a full leather finish on the top, so it’s an anti-fingerprint zone too. And it won’t cast a reflection from the TV screen. The front and sides of the soundbar are covered with a metal grill, while the subwoofer has the same metal grill as well as a matte finish. Will it complement your TV unit? A thousand times YES, especially if your TV is not wall mounted.
Besides that, the soundbar has touch sensitive controls for volume and changing source, which are very responsive and easy to operate.
It comes with a remote control with a simple layout and many sound presets to choose from. It also supports optical and HDMI arc output. Wireless subwoofer connects seamlessly.


No chances here for the Signa S2. Even though it has a really good design, the HTS350 is just an absolute beauty to the eyes. Its leather finish and its premium metal grills are just what makes it stand out.


This is always one of the toughest ones. Both the competitors look like they are here to win. I believe one of the most crucial points besides the power output when discussing sound is the availability of different sound presets, and the user-friendliness to adjust those settings.


The Signa S2 is a 40 watts soundbar with a 40 watts subwoofer. Its remote control is equipped with an exclusive feature for adjusting vocal delivery. It has 3 different levels for boosting dialogues which I found very useful for some classic movies where the dialogues are a bit less audible compared to other sounds. It’s also useful for video games for the same reason. Furthermore, it also has various modes like movie, night, and music mode. The subwoofer throws out a fuller, richer sound but you don’t really feel it. Like you don’t feel bass rumbling in the subwoofer. So, if you’re not big on bass then you can go for it. One thing I felt was that the highs were really high and sharp on Bluetooth, as compared to Optical and HDMI where the balance was cleaner and didn’t hurt my ears. It comes packed with the sound bar remote, HDMI cable, power cord and optical cable and one battery.


Out of the box, the HTS350 is pretty standard. But it has a lot of presets. For instance, the Cinema mode works best for TV shows and movies. For music there is the Music mode, all placed on the remote control. It also has separate controls to adjust the bass on the subwoofer. One click equals about 20% adjustment. But at the same time, I felt that there could be a bit more control in the sound adjustment area, like having the ability to control treble. Overall, the sound feels great for watching movies, especially during action scenes you feel really immersed.

The highs are a little under-emphasized. This is apparent in dialogues and high frequency instruments. Manual treble adjustment would make up for this. Another nice thing is that given its length, there is clear separation between the right and left channels, which produces a really nice surround sound. Even though the Signa S2 is similar in length, its surround sound isn’t nearly as good as the HTS350. Additionally, I found the subwoofer to be good for genres like House, Hip-Hop and Pop. There’s no distortion even at max volume. It’s 320 watts compared to the 40 watts of the Signa S2, so it’s even powerful enough to play music for parties at home. Its deep punchy bass doesn’t overpower the listening experience.


Better bass, better surround sound, and heavier output. These categories go in the favor of HTS350. But dialogue delivery, sports commentary, and the clarity of video game sound effects, all these go to the Signa S2, which has a much crisper output. So over here personal preference matters a lot, but I guess on a broader spectrum, the HTS350 gets the edge.


Final decision time. Firstly, both are perfect for someone looking for an upgrade to the built-in TV. I’d say if you’re looking for a fuller and richer sound, and you just want your movies to be louder, and sports commentary to be clearer, then yes, you definitely get your money’s worth with the Polk Signa S2. It would do way better in smaller to medium spaces. But for a larger space this wouldn’t cut it. For something that’s more of a long-term purchase decision that you wouldn’t necessarily need to upgrade if you’re moving out to a bigger space, even with the higher price tag, the Sony HTS350 is the clear winner. You definitely get what you pay for. Ring the bell!

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