Samsung Q70T vs Q700A which is a better choice?

If you are like me then you want to have an entertainment system that not only sounds great but also looks good. 

Sleek and stylish always makes for an entertainment system that appears modern, sophisticated, and sometimes even futuristic. 

If this resonates with you like then soundbars are the way to go. 

But with so many options available on the market, it can get confusing, to say the least, to pick the right one for you. So where do you even start?

Today we’ve picked up two amazing soundbars from tech giant Samsung. We are talking about the Samsung Q70T and the Samsung Q700A

But why these two in particular? Well, for one you get a balanced sound and some amazing features. 

This is what we are going to find out today. So if you are ready, let’s dive straight in. 

The price

Let’s start with the price of the Samsung Q70T.

It is what you would term as an affordable soundbar especially when you consider the cost of some high-end speakers. This one will cost around $500 on Amazon. 

For the price, the Samsung Q70T comes with some amazing features such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. But we are not going to ruin the show for you so more on that later.

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The Samsung Q700A will cost you a bit more than the Q70T. You will chuck around $700 on Amazon. Yes, its costlier but is it worth it, and should you go for the cheaper Q70T instead?

Well, not only do you get Dolby Atmos and DTS:X but you also get Apple Airplay2. 

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The verdict:

if you are in the market for an affordable soundbar that will not disappoint with the performance then the Samsung Q70T is a good choice. 

The Design and Build

Remember what we said about being stylish? Well, that’s the first thing you are going to notice about the Samsung HW-Q700A. 

It is sleek. 

While the back and the bottom are constructed from hard and durable plastic, the top and the front are covered with a metal grille.

But the Samsung Q700T also features a subwoofer. This one is made from wood. However, the front is also covered with thin fabric. 

You will not get any satellite speakers with this soundbar but you can connect it with a pair of Dolby Atmos speakers. 

This speaker weighs 9.4 Kilograms. It is 38.6 inches wide, 2.4 inches tall, and has a depth of 4.5 inches. 

Now let’s turn our focus on the Samsung Q70T, shall we?

This soundbar looks a lot similar to the Samsung Q700A. It has a metal grille on the front and the top while the rest of the sides are made from hard plastic. 

Its subwoofer is also made from wood and the front is covered with a thin fabric. The downside of this fabric is that it catches dust quite easily. 

There’s another downside with the Q70T!

The Q70T doesn’t feature any satellite speakers and you will not be able to connect Dolby Atmos rear speakers as with the Samsung Q700A. 

The subwoofer on the Q70T, however, offers convenience as you can connect it wirelessly.

Why is this worth mentioning, you might ask? 

Because, you can place it anywhere in your entertainment room without the clutter of wires running across the place.

The Q70T weighs around 12 kilograms. It is 38.6 inches wide, 2.3 inches in height, and has a depth of 4.5 inches.

Okay granted. 

It is not going to fit in between the legs of a 55 inch TV but its small height means you can slide it decently under your TV without interfering with the view. 

The verdict:

Both the Samsung Q700A and the Samsung Q700T score good points when it comes to their design and build. They are both made from hard plastic with a metal grill at the top and front. While you can connect Dolby Atmos speakers to the Q700A, you get a wireless subwoofer with the Q70T. 


Let’s talk about that all-important sound frequency that we all love, the bass. 

Unfortunately, the Samsung Q700A is not the best speaker when it comes to producing those deep, rumbling, and thumpy sounds.

You may find it lacking when listening to loud music or when watching an action-packed movie. 

On the upside, the Samsung Q700A comes with equalizer presets. You can also alter the bass and treble to get your ideal output. 

And let’s not forget that this speaker has an excellent midrange that produces clear and loud sounds. 

While it offers surround sound, it is not the best in the market. But, it is far better than the Samsung Q70T. This is especially when you connect the Dolby Atmos rear speakers. 

But listen keenly and you can probably tell where the sound is coming from.

For the best and most immersive experience, the sound needs to feel like it comes from everywhere in the room. 

But what about the Samsung Q70T?

Well, it has a well-balanced sound. This allows you to enjoy pretty much any type of content and music. The sound is clear and crisp even at high volumes. 

But wait there’s more!

You also get a 7 band equalizer which you can use to alter the music settings for a much more preferred output. 

That said the Samsung Q70T will not offer you the deep bases.

It may therefore not give you the best when trying to listen to heavy thumpy music or when watching action movies. 

And then there’s this part.

The Q70T doesn’t provide impressive surround sound making it possible to tell that the sound is coming from in front of you. One of the reasons why this is the case is that the Samsung Q70T doesn’t feature any rear speakers. 

It relies on its upwards-facing speakers which are not enough to provide that immersive sound experience. 

The verdict:

The Samsung Q700A offers louder sounds, deeper bass, and much better surround sound than the Q70T. When it comes to performance it is the 700A that takes the clear win. 


You get two main port inputs with the Samsung Q700A. 

The first is an HDMI port that lets you connect the soundbar with different types of devices such as your TV, Blu-ray, or any other streaming platform. 

This soundbar also supports Dolby Digital. You can also connect to streaming devices or Blue-ray via Optical. 

Talk about versatility. 

You also get a USB port which you can use to update software. That said, you can also use this port to play music on your USB drive. 

That’s kind of neat if you ask me.

And if you think we are done, think again! 

The Samsung Q700 also features some cool wireless connectivity options which include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi as well as Apple AirPlay2. 

This means you can play music wirelessly from your device through any of these wireless options. 

And let’s not forget the subwoofer connects wirelessly to the soundbar.

The Samsung Q70T on the other hand offers HDMI ARC which means you can play Dolby Digital and DTS formats. 

Good news for Netflix and chill…wink!

Its HDMI ports allow you to connect different devices which could be anywhere from gaming consoles to Blu-ray. 

But what about wireless connectivity?

Well, you get Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity with the Samsung Q70T. This means you can play media on your Bluetooth devices with fast and easy connectivity. 

Plus you can connect the subwoofer wirelessly to the soundbar. 

The verdict:

As far as connectivity goes both these soundbars offer plenty of options. The Q700A however will offer Apple Airplay2 which you don’t get with the Q70T.

The Verdict

For someone looking for a quality Samsung soundbar at an affordable price, the Samsung Q70T is a good choice. However, its performance and output especially on the lower frequencies may seem lacking. The Q700A offers a much more powerful output. 

Design-wise, both the Q70T and the Q700A score high makers. They also offer wireless connectivity as well as Dolby Atmos. Let’s not miss that the Q700A lets you connect the Dolby Atmos rear speakers and also has Apple Airplay2. Plus, the Q700A has much better surround sound. 

All in all, the Q700A justifies its price with its output. So which is the best choice for you? Well, that will come down to your budget and how much you can accept in terms of output.

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