Samsung Q800A vs Sonos Beam which is a better choice?

Speakers are a requirement in the twenty-first century, and they improve our entertainment quality. TV shows, movies, and songs provide this enjoyment.

These sorts of entertainment provide a form of escape and stress-relieving after a hard day at work or doing the stressful activities of daily life.

Everyone appreciates a good movie or television show on a Friday night. After all, why wouldn’t they? It’s intriguing, humorous, and well worth your time.

Having a theatre experience, on the other hand, delivers a better TV watching experience. However, throughout this challenging COVID-19 and quarantine period, we’ve all realized that we wouldn’t be able to go to the theatre.

By comparing the design, sound quality, and price we will analyze which among the Sonos beam and the Samsung Q 800A is a better choice to achieve the best home theater experience.

Description About Samsung Q800A:

The Samsung Q800A, one of Samsung’s 2021 launches, comes with features that vastly improve the sound quality of your TV speakers.

It contains room-correction technology from Q-symphony, but it also has Alexa airplay, two, and more. It’s a great complement to your LED screens, measuring 98 cm broad.

Unfortunately, Samsung TVs can only use two primary technologies (Q-symphony and room correction). As a result, it’s worthless with other televisions.

However, the other features, such as Alexa airplay and Dolby Atmos, might improve your listening experience without a Samsung screen.

Samsung’s Q800A features 3.1.2 technology. It signifies that the main soundbar has speaker drivers in the centre, left, and right. These drivers eject the sound. These drivers distribute sound in the direction of their position, allowing it to move around the room.

It also features two upward-facing ceiling drivers and a subwoofer for low-frequency bass. The 3.1.2 means three forward-facing drivers (centre, left, and right), one subwoofer, and two upward-facing drivers.

Description About Sonos Beam:

Equipped with modern technologies such as the apple airplay two and Alexa, the Sonos beam soundbar is one of the most affordable and most innovative TV speaker systems in the market.

It is one of the entry-level soundbar systems with many cutting edge technology systems such as a multi-room platform which allows you to use these speakers in different rooms.

Sonos beam may have some shortcomings, such as no low brass. But you can achieve the low bass by connecting separately purchased subwoofers.

It also does not contain modern features such as the Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. It may not be the most modernised version of the home-cinema soundbar, but this entry-level sound system has the other most wanted features.


The Price:

When buying anything, the item’s price is the most crucial consideration, and entertainment is no exception.

But which one provides the best value for money? When comparing prices, it’s essential to consider all other factors. Because, in terms of features and sound quality, the cheapest option isn’t always the best one.

Samsung Q800A:

It comes with a lot of features and costs $750. DTS: X to this Dolby Atmos-equipped speaker system adds 3D sound technology.

The wireless subwoofers are simple to connect and deploy in the location of your choice. They take your TV watching aspirations to the next level by providing low-frequency sound to the best of their capacity.

The remote control that comes with the package can be used to control it. Alternatively, you can connect it to the Samsung smart app, which you can get for free on your smartphone.

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Sonos Beam:

Available for just $450, it is one of the most affordable soundbars available in the market currently. The price is a perfect match for the features offered.

It contains touch-sensitive buttons on the top of the soundbar and easy connectivity to all the technological devices such as TV, tablets, and mobile phones.

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The price difference between the two but the difference between the feature is vast. Therefore the Samsung Q 800 is a better option for providing better value for money.


The Sound Quality:

The critical feature that distinguishes different speakers is their sound. Samsung and other firms produce a variety of speakers, each with new and improved sound technology.

As a result, a speaker with solid bass, amplifiers, and subwoofers would be excellent. The pleasure of using speakers is amplified tenfold when combined with simple connectivity and control options.

Samsung Q800A:

The Dolby Atmos speaker system integrates a soundbar and a wireless Bluetooth subwoofer. On the back end of the soundbar, there is only one port. It has a sound-emitting width of about 20 cm. On the front of the soundbar, there are ports in the centre, left, and right.

The left and right-handed ports have a tweeter plus a bass driver, but the centre port has only a single tweeter.

Two upward-firing ports with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X features are located on the top of the soundbar. They also have Acoustic beam 2.0 technology, which includes 23 holes that discharge sound upwards at an 18-degree angle and diagonally.

The remote, settings choices and the smart things app provide sound settings. For a better gaming experience, the remote offers a game mode pro setting and Surround Mode, which allows the height channels to boost the sound. The adaptive Mode adjusts the Mode automatically based on what you’re seeing.

The surround option in the settings option allows you to use Dolby Atmos and DTS: X to enhance your sound. You can choose from three distinct settings in the app: treble enhancement, bass enhancement, and night mode.

Sonos Beam:

One of the smallest soundbar systems made from sturdy and robust plastic still mages to pack a punch. It has true play, which lets the sound echo throughout the whole room.

You can control the Sonos team with the help of the Sonos app, as it does not come with a remote. You could use the app to link the speaker, separately purchase subwoofers, and adjust the volume.

Many audio options are available for the beam soundbar. The primary choice is the night sound which eliminates the booming bass, making it easy to enjoy during the night.

The second option is speech enhancement which clarifies the dialogues being spoken. Often the background noise makes it difficult to listen to the conversations. Hence, speech enhancement solves this problem.


The Dolby Atmos and the DTS: X makes all the difference; hence, in my opinion, the Samsung Q800A is a much better choice.


The Design:

When you look at something, you notice the colour scheme and design. If a product isn’t intriguing, it will be immediately dismissed. As a result, businesses strive to identify the best approach to maintain customer attention while also working effectively with various products.

Samsung Q800A:

The simple height of these multipurpose speakers is 5.7 centimetres. It allows the speaker’s system or the main soundbar to be conveniently installed on the wall.

The compact soundbar takes up little space and can quickly move about the room. It has a matte, flat metal girdle that goes well with most black televisions.

Unlike other soundbars with LED lights, the Samsung 8800a has a small LED screen on one of its sies to display important information like the TV volume. It may be connected to the internet and controlled by Alexa via voice commands.

You may control it with the included remote or through an app. There are input ports accessible, such as HDMI on the TV.

Sonos Beam:

These home theatre speakers can easily fit in front of a 32-inch or a 40-inch TV screen, providing excellent quality sound coupled with a movie or TV show.

Most soundbars are very wide and require larger screens to go well with them. The Sonos beam provides an excellent solution for smaller screen owners.

It is one of the only soundbars supported by Siri and googles play. It has controls on the top for volume up and down and play pause.

The soundbar is covered with a piece of black fabric over the speakers. It supports true plays that fill the entire room with sound hence improving the experience of watching TV.


The Samsung Q800A is modernly designed with a metal grille and perfectly spaced ports and therefore is the better alternative.


The Verdict:

The Samsung Q800A contains all the critical aspects of being the best home cinema speaker there is to have. So it provides the best value for money, can be a great addition to any room design, and has a great sound system compared to its competition.

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