Onkyo TX-8160

Why the Onkyo TX-8160 is receiving so much good feedback?

Do not be deceived by its ‘standard’ outlook or its seemingly modest description from the model. This is because the TX-8160 has got very high support when you evaluate it in terms of both budget and feature wishlist. Sometimes you wish you could have implanted some new features on your old receiver and many times you cannot upgrade it at a budget, but this receiver will show you why it is receiving so much good feedback.

Your streaming, your convenience

In today’s world, we have music streaming in from many sources, it can be from your ipod, iphone, macbook and so the need for better receivers has never been so much stronger than before. We demand connectivity to Wifi, Bluetooth and even Airplay, and guess what, the TX-8160 has it all. Now you have no problems if you are a subscriber to Spotify, iTunes whatever you use for your audio needs.

You even have a USB port attached at the front, this enables you to have direct connection to your music stored in your USB devices or flashdrives and hard disks. Be it internet steaming services of music on your tablet or phones, pairing required for Bluetooth, the TX-8160 does it all – with a lauded sound effect as good as those you hear in the cinemas.

Remote control with remote app

To help you organize better, Onkyo has a free remote app that brings you convenience like no other way, where you can have your streaming options at your desire. Fret not if you are not an iOS user, because you can also get it from the Play Store. The app is also pretty well designed, clean and friendly interface, easy for first time users. The physical remote control is also included in the package. The control is also well designed and thought out, simple and clear, with buttons visible that makes operating it hassle free. You get to choose your source and control everything virtually on the control and app, up and down of the volume without getting out of your seat.

Configuration and power

Lets see first how it is configured. This stereo receiver gives you 2 channels of built in amplification that powers both your left and right channel speaker set up in your living room. Note that it is not a home theater receiver.

Power output wise, this receiver has 80 watts per channel into two channels with a 0.8 THD. If you are gunning for its Wide Range Amplifier Technology, look no further. With its new innovations, it uses the Asahi Kasei AK4452 digital to analog converter to unlock the full power of any audio format you have, leveraging on their uniquely filtering technology that is said to be able to enhance low distortion listening and provides you with stable output power.

How many stereo inputs and outputs does it have?

This TX-8160 comes with 6 sets of analog stereo inputs and 1 set of analogy stereo output. You can also use the outputs to do audio records, so there is another upside. But more importantly, it has a phono input too! To all the vinyl lovers out there, isn’t this what you are looking for? The other physical connections that it has are the 2 digital optical and coaxial audio inputs. However, the digital optical and coaxial audio inputs only work with 2 channel PCM. Do take note of this.

What about the Speakers?

There are 2 sets of left and right speaker terminals included in the TX-8160. It helps facilitate for the A/B speaker configuration and preamp output for connecting a powered subwoofer. Should you not want to cover the room with your music, you can also plugin your headphones at the front panel where a jack is located. Well if ever, you are looking at amplifying your speaker to another location in your house, you can make use of the Zone 2 line output which is able to send analog or digital sources to the 2nd external amplifier.

Drawbacks to note:

But there are some drawbacks when you are leveraging on Zone 2 output. First you are not able to send high resolution DSD audio files there. Second, there is this limitation that restricts you to listening to both Bluetooth sources and internet streaming sources simultaneously at your main and second zone. So you cannot multi-task in this manner, the TX-8160 will take the latest instruction from the second zone and change the main source music. This is something you should take note.

Radio for you, too?

Of course, you also have the standard AM/FM tuner if you are looking to listen to the radio, you can do it too. The 4 preset buttons on the faceplate will bring you directly to the stations you want. Do you know you can also wake up the receiver from standby mode by just pressing one of those buttons for your instant radio.

The Verdict

Onkyo TX-8160 2 channel Network Stereo Receiver with built in AirPlay, Wi-fi and Bluetooth

Well with all the above benefits that the Onkyo TX-8160 brings, it not only brings along the past features that you require from your parents era, but also it blends in innovative and current technologies for your convenience and music needs, from Bluetooth pairing to internet streaming and your Spotify and whatnots. Despite all these features, the best part of this receiver is actually the most crucial part: the sound performance. It produces clear and detailed sounds as clear as you want it to be. It does justice to your vinyl records and so to your digital music.

Although it does not have video connection abilities, it has been able to fulfil its duties beyond performance, giving you 2 channel home environment at just one price. If you have a budget and yet demand something solid that matches your modern day’s needs, you must check this out. Believe me when you can just stream your music here from your iphone conveniently, the price you pay is worth every single penny or cent.

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