(Updated) The 7 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $5000 Reviews in 2021

If you love movies and music then clearly sound is a huge part of that, actually in term so music it is the main thing that matters! I am a huge music fan and I love to watch movies as well. Over the years I have had the pleasure to test out some great sets of speakers. Today though, things are getting kicked up a notch as I am testing the best floor standing speakers under $5000! These are high end speakers with a high end price tag, but if you want the best sound you have to pay for it.

Make Sure You Do Your Own Homework

At the end of the day, I am just like you. I am a music and movie fan who wants to enjoy his favorite albums and movies in the best quality possible. So I will give you my honest opinion on each set of speakers that we look at today. However, when you are spending this kind of money. I highly suggest that you do your own homework on the speakers you are interested and get as many opinions on them as you possibly can.

The Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $5000 Reviews

Over the last month or so I have had a lot of fun testing out five of the best floor standing speakers in this price range. While I had a blast testing five of these out, I have also picked a couple that I think look cool, have good reviews and think deserve a little more attention.

  1. Klipsch RF-7 III Floorstanding Speakers
  2. Focal Electra 1028 BE 3-Way Bass Reflex Floorstanding Speakers
  3. Dynaudio Excite X44 Floorstanding Speakers
  4. Focal Aria 948 3-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker
  5. Dynaudio Excite X38 Floorstanding Speakers
  6. Klipsch RP-280F Tower Speakers
  7. Klipsch RF-7 II Towers-RC-64II

1. Klipsch RF-7 III Floorstanding Speakers


  • They look fantastic
  • Built to last many, many years
  • Sound is great
  • Price is very reasonable


  • Cherry wood may not be everyone’s taste
  • No other issues

I have been using Klipsch speakers for years now and getting the chance to check out some of their higher end speakers was something I am very excited about. A pair of these is going to set you back around 3,500 bucks so they are a fair bit under our 5 grand limit. The style of these is fantastic. The cherry woodgrain sides give them some real class and I was actually very impressed with the weight and how high quality this wood felt. The black covering on the front is the cherry on the cake and compliments the cherry wood very, very well. The stands of these speakers are really neat they are in a smart black style and they cause the speakers to be at the slightest of angle. It is very subtle, but it is a touch that I really do like.

As far as the sound quality goes I have never been disappointed with these guys and their Klipsch RF-7 III Floorstanding Speakers are no different. These had to be on my best floor standing speakers under $5000 list! In these speakers, Klipsch is using their brand new 1 3/4″ Titanium Compression Driver. This along with the Dual 10″ Cast Basket Cerametallic Woofers make the sound very rich. I went for a classic to test this out at first, Purple Rain by Prince, the brand new pressing. It sounded awesome and even the first play did not have anything that made me feel like these speakers would need a ton of breaking in. The sound is crystal clear and I really am very, very impressed. Especially considering these are coming in way under our $5000 price point

What Other People Are Saying

Over at the UK site, What Hi-Fi they had this to say about these speakers. “in the RF-7 III, is a 25cm Cerametallic woofer – Klipsch’s most advanced to date. In the RC-64 III, there are four 16.5cm woofers. The aim of its cast aluminium frame is to reduce resonance”. This is why the sound is so rich and clear and it is great to see that other people who love high quality sound are very happy with what Klipsch has done with these speakers. Actually, when you look around there are not many if any negative things about these speakers at all.

HonJazzz sharing: “After being a long time Klipsch customer, I decided to upgrade my old pair of Klipsch KG 4.2 speakers. Check out my previous video on them here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3E_R… Those speakers suited me well for years, but it was time for an upgrade. Klipsch’s current Reference Series flagship, the RF-7 III, seemed like the perfect modern day progression from the old KG 4.2 speakers.”

The Klipsch RF-7 III Floorstanding Speakers are truly amazing speakers. They could have added an extra grand to the price (I do not want to give them ideas) and they would still offer excellent value for money. They look fantastic, the sound for movies and music is amazing and I really do not have anything negative to say about these.

2. Focal Electra 1028 BE 3-Way Bass Reflex Floorstanding Speakers


  • I love the gloss black look
  • Strong and solid design
  • Bass is very powerful
  • Great for movies as well as music


  • Gloss finish may not be great if you have kids
  • Close to the $5000 mark

These Focal Electra 1028 BE 3-Way Bass Reflex Floorstanding Speakers are just below our 5000 bucks price limit, but they had to be on my best floor standing speakers under $5000 list. Let’s get the obvious out of the way, these look so freaking cool! I love black speakers, probably as I am a product of the 80’s. They have this very smart high gloss finish which I think makes them look very cool. I have an all-black setup in my room upstairs and these fit in with that set up perfectly. The build quality is solid and in general, I am happy with how these are made. One thing I will say and this goes for any kind of furniture that has a gloss finish. If you have kids, you will end up with fingerprints all over it. No matter how many times you ask them not to touch them!

Sound wise I am very happy with have Focal Electra have done here. These are all about bass and that is because they have Focal Electra’s  Powerflow double port system which gives the bass a really deep and clear sound that I loved. I tested these first of all with Avengers Infinity War and it sounded great. However what really knocked my socks off was Enter Sandman by Metallica. If you love your music and movies loud these speakers have the power to really blow you away. These are the flagship speakers in this range that Focal Electra offer and it is very easy to see why. I do think that there is a little break in time here, but that is all part of the fun of getting a new set of speakers.

What Other People Are Saying

This is a quote from a music lover on Amazon about these speakers. “For the money, these speakers are as good as it gets. I’ve listened to other well known brands and I’m a die hard Focal fan. They’re only used for two channel music reproduction and the music is so precise and non-fatiguing, it’s easy to spend hours in my listening chair”. That is exactly how I feel about these speakers. Music is very, very rich and sounds so good coming out of these speakers.

A video from Musicdirect: “With their ‘W’ Composite Drivers and IAL Beryllium Tweeter, Focal’s 1028BE Electra Series Tower Speakers offer sonic balance within a beautiful housing design. The slim design makes these great for smaller spaces.”

The Focal Electra 1028 BE 3-Way Bass Reflex Floorstanding Speakers are the pride and joy of focal Electra for a good reason. Inside these bad boys is the best tech that they have and this is what brings your music and movies to life. I know that the price is a little on the high side, but these really are a great showcase set of speakers and I am sure you will be very happy with these.

3. Dynaudio Excite X44 Floorstanding Speakers


  • They look very sleek and cool
  • Nice clear vocals
  • Bass is super deep and powerful
  • Tall and slim


  • There is a little breaking in
  • At very high volumes sound isn’t quite as clear

I really like what Dynaudio have done with their Dynaudio Excite X44 Floorstanding Speakers. They have really gone out of their way to make these a set of showcase speakers. The satin black wood that they have used is nice and thick and even though these are what I would class as rather thin speakers, they do have a fair bit of weight to them. I like how they are tall and slim and I think this is what gives them a more classy look. They are currently priced at a little over 4 grand which for speakers of this quality is not a bad price at all to be fair. The stand they have used is really cool as instead of making it black like the rest of the speakers it is chrome and it looks awesome.

Inside these speakers are some very impressive components. They have 20cm woofers a  14cm midrange driver and a 28mm coated soft-dome tweeter. This gives the sound a very nice and clear sound. I did think that the sound got better the more I listened to it and this was proven as the first album I tested out was Live at Reading by Nirvana, an awesome live album. It sounded good, however, I then tried it again the next day and it actually sounded even crisper. I was particularly impressed with the vocals and the bass that these speakers produced. I did test them out with a couple of movies as well and was pleased with the results. The action heavy scenes in Avatar sounded really good.

What Other People Are Saying

There are some really glowing reviews for these speakers online. “The Dynaudio Excite X32 floorstanders are also tastefully styled, without going overboard.” Is what Trusted Reviews  had to say. I would agree with this. While these are great sounding speakers. Clearly, Dynaudio wanted them to be seen just as much as they are heard.

Here’s a video with how the sound is played – From Hifistore.

I was very happy to get the chance to test these out. I can see why these are regarded as some of the best floor standing speakers under $5000. They really do sound great even though there is a bit of breaking in and at high volumes the sound is not as clear as it is at the mid-range. Still, these look fantastic and if you want some speakers that offer a lot of style as well as great sound, take a closer look at these.

4. Focal Aria 948 3-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker


  • They have a very smart design
  • Made to last
  • Sound is truly amazing no matter what you are listening to
  • Vocals and bass are wonderful


  • Price is rather high
  • They do need some breaking in

Ok, so the first thing you notice here is that the price seems great at just two and a half grand. However, this is for just one Focal Aria 948 3-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker. So when you buy a set it does take them very close to the $5000 price limit. Focal Aria makes some very nice looking speakers and these are no exception. The sides of the speakers are done in a nice walnut wood style. The top has an almost matte black finish to it and the front and base are also black. It is a very elegant design and perfect if you have a lot of other wood on your stereo setup.

Focal Aria are very proud of their “new type of three way loud speaker” and I can see why. The vocal clarity on this is amazing, I was cranking some old school Bon Jovi and he sounded fantastic and this was right out of the box. The drivers that they have used give you that perfect bass which I really like and I think that if you were to use these regularly for a few weeks the sound would actually be even better. I was pottering around the room while listening to these and I found that the sound actually stayed the same no matter where I was which was really cool. I was very impressed with the sound of these speakers and I actually spent the better part of a whole day playing some of my favorite records through them.

What Other People Are Saying

If you hunt around online you will find many positive reviews for these speakers. On a site called, Price Spy there are lots of five star reviews. One review that caught my eye had this to say. “I’ve had the Aria 948s as my L/R speakers in a Dolby Atmos media room. They are GREAT for both music and movies. I’ve primarily used smaller speakers with subwoofers to fill in the lower end and while that works great for movies it’s not as great for music.” I think this rings very true and these would be a huge upgrade for most people looking to improve their sound.

Here’s a 8 min video review by upscaleaudio, check it out.

The Focal Aria 948 3-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker really is awesome. I was very impressed at how the sound followed me no matter where I was in the room. I know that the price tag is a little on the high side. But these really are some of the best quality speakers you can get at this price range. They are great if you love rocking out to music or want something that is going to sound great when you are watching movies in your home theatre.

5. Dynaudio Excite X38 Floorstanding Speakers


  • Rosewood design is very appealing
  • Price is not bad at all
  • Sound fills large spaces
  • Solid construction


  • The feet/stand would be better if it was black
  • Not as good as the X44

The last speakers that I have checked out are these Dynaudio Excite X38 Floorstanding Speakers. These speakers are about a generation old, but they are still some of the best Dynaudio speakers out there and if the price of the X44 is a little too rich for your tastes, these can be found a little cheaper. The design of these is really cool, the rosewood body is very elegant and the wood they have used is nice and thick so they have some real heft to them. The black speaker grill goes great with that rosewood, but I wish they used black feet instead of white as I think that would have gone better with the overall design.

The twin 18cm woofers that these speakers use are great and they are Dynaudio’s own design. The midrange driver is also great and actually the whole design and the way they have made this makes the sound great. Dynaudio are awesome when it comes to bass and even though these are the older model of a set of speakers I already tested out the sound was impressive. The bass, vocal clarity and even at the mid-range the sound was great. I had a Rambo marathon with these and was very happy with how real all the insane violence sounded. Music is great, especially live albums and with more breaking in I think the sound that these produce would really blow me away.

What Other People Are Saying

One interesting thing I read on Audio T was this, “It has the new high efficiency mid/bass drivers fitted which combined with a larger cabinet volume than the smaller X34 enables them to deliver a deep powerful sound to fill a larger room”. This is something I really agree with as the room I tested these in is my home theatre and they filled the whole space very, very well.

Here’s a very recent video of how it works from Kenn Lau just 1 month ago, on 2 Nov 2019!

I was very impressed with the Dynaudio Excite X38 Floorstanding Speakers. While they are not the latest speakers from Dynaudio they are about a grand cheaper than the X44. The sound quality was great and the overall design is pretty cool and will look nice in any room. If you want your speakers to stand out as a piece of furniture as well as offer you good sound. These have to be given some extra attention as they really are some of the best floor standing speakers under $5000.

6. Klipsch RP-280F Tower Speakers


  • Price is great value for money
  • Comes with all you need
  • Even has a receiver
  • Speaker quality is said to be great


  • Not ideal if you do not need the extras
  • Black design may not suit your room

These Klipsch RP-280F Tower Speakers are the first of two sets of speakers that I have not personally tested, but felt deserved a spot on our list today. While the aim of today is to look at floor speakers. This here is actually more than that, it is a full entertainment set! As well as the two Klipsch RP-280F Tower Speakers you get a center speaker, subwoofer, 2 rear speakers and even a receiver. You get all of this for just over 4 thousand bucks which for a Klipsch product is not bad at all. It all has a black and slightly copper design which you can see through the speaker grills and I love it.

The sound quality I cannot really comment on as I have not personally used it. However, I have been using Klipsch products for years and never have I been disappointed. I feel that this is a great set for someone who wants to get everything at once. The fact that it comes with a receiver which you can hook your stereo, Blu-Ray player and games console to is great as well. I am actually very surprised that you are getting all this for the asking price and it would be a great way to upgrade your basic home entertainment center.

What Other People Are Saying

As I did not test this I wanted to share a thought by someone who actually did and that is the good folks at Sound Vision Review who had this to say. “The new Reference Premiere series from Klipsch sounds awesome across the board with its enthralling dynamics and audiophile sound quality.” This is great to hear and actually, the whole review is glowing. I read more than a few reviews of this setup and everyone seems to be very happy not just with the sound, but the design as well.

Check out this video from stereoadvantage.

If you are looking for the best floor standing speakers under $5000, but you are thinking you would like the center speaker, surround speakers, subwoofer and even a receiver to go with it. You really cannot go wrong with this. It is a great bundle and I feel that the asking price is actually very good. So good that when I need a new setup for my upstairs room this one is actually on my shortlist.

7. Klipsch RF-7 II Towers-RC-64II


  • Comes with a center speakers
  • Available in cherry and black
  • Klipsch quality throughout
  • Classic design


  • Not the most modern Klipsch model
  • Cost is close to $5000

The last set of speakers I want to look at are another set from my buddies at Klipsch. The Klipsch RF-7 II Towers-RC-64II actually also come with a center speaker which is really cool. Now full disclosure here, like the speakers I just talked about I have not tested these, but I thought they looked cool. the set I really like are done in this very cool and elegant looking cherry wood that is much lighter than I am used to seeing. I really think it helps these speakers stand out. They do also make these in black, but it is this light cherry color that I think makes these so interesting. The black speaker grill along with the chrome feet finish these off perfectly.

Powering the sound are a set of dual 10 inch high output woofers and a 1.75 inch titanium horn loaded tweeter. These will make the sound great, even in larger rooms. Actually, Klipsch like to say that all of their speakers at this range will fill a room with sound. I know we are looking at floor standing speakers, but the fact this comes with a center speaker as part of the set is really cool and I personally would love to get the chance to see just how good the sound these bad boys provide is. Klipsch have never let me down and even though these are an older set from them I am still confident the sound would be great.

What Other People Are Saying

Ok so this “Now in its fifth generation, Reference II speakers have even more content and superior sound quality for you to enjoy. You’ll find re-engineered drivers throughout combined with a new crossover system that will capture your complete attention and excite your emotions” from Surround Speakers may sound like a press release, but I do think this is the best way to describe a set of speakers from the boys and girls at Klipsch.

Here’s a candid sharing from Joseph.

What Are The Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $5000?

So I got the chance over the last month or so to have a play around with five fantastic sets of speakers. This is one of the hardest comparisons that I have had to do as I know it sounds like I am sitting on the fence, but there is not a bad set of speakers on here. I have narrowed it down to two. The first is the Klipsch RF-7 III Floorstanding Speakers. These are way under our 5 grand price limit. However, the sound quality is amazing for movies and music and I really do love the cherry woodgrain style.

The other set of speakers that I loved, especially when it came to listening to loud music was the Focal Electra 1028 BE 3-Way Bass Reflex Floorstanding Speakers. They have be close to our price limit, but these are truly a showcase set of speakers and I had a great time playing a ton of vinyl through these. So there you have it the best floor standing speakers under $5000. I was not disappointed with any of these and to tell you the truth I would go for the ones that fit your style and budget.

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