Recommendations for your audio-technica counterweight upgrade

Recommendations for your audio-technica counterweight upgrade

As a massive fan of Audio-Technica, I have made sure we have a ton of Audio-Technica here on the site. Today though I am looking at what you can do if there is something off about your sound and the tonearm is skipping. It is worth noting that the official Audio-Technica website has a guide about how to balance your tonearm that is well worth reading.

Not only is this very abrasive on the ears, but a tonearm that is not weighted properly can also actually damage your vinyl. Despite what people may tell you, a counterweight that is too light will cause more damage than one that is too heavy. So, I thought that today I would have some fun by looking at a few ways you can upgrade the counterweight on your Audio-Technica turntable.

First, Check This Out!

In talking about making sure your tonearm is right, you may think you just have to do a lot of trial and error. While there is nothing wrong with that method and it is certainly something I have done many times myself for me and my buddies. You can get a much more accurate weight if you have a device like this Neoteck Digital Turntable Stylus Force Scale Gauge.  This is an awesome little device that will let you know if you need to make any adjustments to your tonearm.

Audio-Technica Counterweight Upgrade

You can buy many universal tonearm counterweight upgrades on eBay, but that is on you to make sure it is going to be able to be used with your turntable. I decided to head over to eBay and see what kind of stuff is on there that is specifically listed as being for an Audio-Technica turntable. I found a good mix of new and pre-owned stuff and here are a few of the highlights of what I found.

Audio Technica AT-1007 Tonearm Arm Main Balance Counter Weight / 62g


The first Audio-Technica tonearm counterweight upgrade that I found is actually from Japan. They have this listed at just under 80 bucks and they do offer international shipping which they have listed at 15 bucks, I do not think that is a bad price for international shipping, to be honest with you. At 62 grams it is pretty hefty so it could be just what you need if your tonearm is currently bouncing around like crazy.

Audio Technica AT-1007 Tonearm Arm Main Balance Counter Weight / 34g

The next Audio-Technica tonearm counterweight upgrade that I am looking at is actually from the same Japanese seller. This one is much lighter at 34 grams so it could be better if you have a heavier cartridge and do not need a ton of extra weight, but just enough to keep it from skipping along. This is priced at the same 80 bucks with the same 15 bucks for international shipping as the heavier model.

Audio Technica Headshell AT-HS4 BK Black Weight 8,5g

Lastly, I found this Audio-Technica tonearm counterweight upgrade which I thought looked pretty cool and I certainly liked how it had the Audio-Technica logo on it. This is weighted at 8 and a half grams which may just be enough to keep your tonearm where it needs to be! This is priced at 55 bucks and they are based in France, but from what I can tell they do offer free international shipping which is always a nice bonus.

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