Klipsch Cinema 600 vs Sony HT-G700 which is better?

This Klipsch Cinema 600 vs Sony HT-G700 battle that we are looking at today is one that is very interesting. Recently I put together this Klipsch Cinema 600 vs Sonos Arc which is better? article which was fun, but as I explained in the article, not the fairest comparison. Both the Klipsch Cinema 600  and Sony HT-G700 are a bit more on the same kind of spectrum, even though one offers Dolby Atmos and the other does not. Still, I like both of these soundbars and I am pretty excited to put this all together as we see which one is the better soundbar/subwoofer combination.

The Price

When it comes to the pricing section of our Klipsch Cinema 600 vs Sony HT-G700, we have a fairly even match if you ask me. These are priced quite fairly and one in particular I feel is very good value for money when you dive deeper into what it is offering you.

Klipsch Cinema 600:

I have had a bit of a hard time keeping track of the pricing of the Klipsch Cinema 600! The reason I say this is that the price on Amazon has changed quite a bit over the last few months. Currently, as I write this, Amazon has this listed for $549. I do think this is a fair price to be fair, but I have seen it on Amazon for closer to the 500 buck’s mark. If you were to go on eBay, you can find some amazing deals for the Klipsch Cinema 600. You can find this quite regularly on there for 350 to 400 dollars which is a great price. This is certainly something that you want to do a bit of shopping around for before you fully commit as there are some great deals to be found.

Sony HT-G700:

Last time I wrote about the Sony HT-G700 it was priced at $599.99 which I feel was a fair price. However, the price has actually been lowered since then and it is currently listed at $499.99! This is a fantastic price, especially when you consider that this is a Dolby Atmos supported soundbar and it also has a subwoofer. Like most other soundbars, prices on eBay are all over the price. I have seen this as high as a grand… which is insane! However, I did find a few brand-new ones for close to 300 bucks. While I think the 400 Amazon is asking is more than fair, you should shop around and see if there is a better deal for you.

The Verdict: 

I do have to give this one to Sony. Getting a Dolby Atmos supported soundbar along with a subwoofer for around the 400 bucks mark is fantastic. Even when Amazon does not have those 100 bucks knocked off it and it is closer to 500, I still think that Sony takes this one. Do not get me wrong, the Klipsch is good value for money, but head to head, Sony wins this round.    

The Design

I knew coming into this Klipsch Cinema 600 vs Sony HT-G700 article that the design was going to be a fun thing to talk about. I really like the design of both of these and best of all for this comparison. These are two very radically different looking soundbars. They are so different looking, that I feel that there is no right or wrong answer in regards to which one is best. This is 100 percent a personal preference kind of thing.

Klipsch Cinema 600:

I am certain that many people are going to love the style that Klipsch has gone for you. This Klipsch Cinema 600 Soundbar Impressions video is a pretty fun way to take a closer look at the design of this soundbar. I think that the size of the Klipsch Cinema 600 is right around what you would expect from a soundbar in this price range. The dimensions of the actual soundbar are 45.1” x 2.9” x 3.3”. I find that around the 45 inches mark is the average length for a soundbar of this style these days. When you first take the soundbar out of the box, you will be impressed with how solid and high-quality the thing feels. They have certainly used some strong plastic for construction here. Klipsch has used fabric as a covering for this soundbar and it covers the front, top, and also the bottom too. Off the top of my head, I do not think many other soundbars use this much fabric. It looks cool, but it will pick up dust really easily and if you have kids, it could be ripped! The thing that makes or breaks this soundbar is the speakers on the side, they really do stick out thanks to them using a different color of plastic and it is a design I am not a massive fan of, to be honest with you.

The connectivity options awaiting you around the back of the soundbar are an HDMI and an optical port. You do also have your regular old 3.5 mm jack. On the side of the soundbar is a USB port, this is an interesting design choice as the USB port is usually located on the back, with all the other ports. I think that Klipsch has done a great job in making sure that people have what they need to get the Klipsch Cinema 600 connected to their TV.

Of course, part of what makes this such an attractive purchase is that it comes with a subwoofer. The subwoofer that Klipsch gives you with this is pretty awesome. It stands at a pretty impressive 18.4” x 14.3” x14.3 and I love the design of it. This is a downward firing subwoofer and it is pretty cool how they give it these stylish little feet to raise it off the floor. I feel that the design they have gone for here compliments the soundbar very well.

Sony HT-G700:

You know, I do not think there is a Sony soundbar that I do not like the design of and that streak continues with the Sony HT-G700. If you want a real deep dive, check out this Sony HT-G700 Dolby Atmos Soundbar deep unboxing and hands on video. The first thing you notice about this is just how premium it feels. It is made of the usual solid plastic that Sony likes to use and that I was happy to see. The majority of the soundbar is made from the same black plastic, but on the sides, there is this kind of grey portion that is there to hide the holes that would be there if the subwoofer was built in. I kind of wish they just used the same black as the rest of the soundbar. The front is covered with a stylish looking metal grill that I really like. This is a bit smaller than the Klipsch Cinema 600 as the dimensions are 38.6 x 4.38 x 2.63 inches so the fact it is a bit less wide may suit your needs better.

As we move around the back of the Sony HT-G700 we can see what hookups it has in store of us. You have your HDMI and your optical ports, but if you want to use Dolby Atmos, you do have to use HDMI so keep that in mind. There is also a USB port for any potential updates that may need to be installed. Also, there is a little diagram telling you what the ports are, this is a Sony thing and I am not sure what the point is!

As this also comes with a subwoofer, we do also have to give that a little bit of attention. The subwoofer that Sony gives you with this is great. I like how it has that classic Sony style and it fits in with the soundbar very well. The front of the soundbar has a metal grill covering the actual woofer which looks great and is similar to the design of the soundbar. It also has a bit of gloss to it for the opening as well which is a nice touch, but this will be a magnet for fingerprints and dust. Make sure the kids are not touching it and it will be fin!

The Verdict: 

I really could see why someone might go for the Klipsch Cinema 600. However, I have to say that apart from the length, I actually prefer everything about the style of the Sony HT-G700 so that is the winner here. It just looks cooler, sleeker, and overall, I prefer the design here for both the soundbar and also the subwoofer. I have yet to find a Sony product that I do not like the look of.   

The Sound

While the design was a big category in our Klipsch Cinema 600 vs Sony HT-G700 fight for supremacy. We are looking at the real main event now as we see which one of these provides us with the better sound quality. This is what a soundbar is all about! Both of these sound great and one offers Dolby Atmos support and the other does not. However, is that enough to tip the scales?

Klipsch Cinema 600:  

I know that this Do Sound Bars Suck for Music? Not this One! Klipsch Cinema 600 Sound Bar Review! video has “music” in the title, but I do recommend you give it a watch. The Klipsch Cinema 600  is a very impressive soundbar and one of the things that I like best about it is just how balanced the sound it provides is. If you take a movie that has a lot going on, even an older movie like the epic fantasy adventure Willow, you really do notice how every kind of sound is well represented and produced when pumped through this. It is the kind of thing that is hard to explain, but it does fill the room with sound and it is one of those soundbars that no matter where you sit in the room, you get a great experience. I was very impressed with how it handled loud action movies, but it was stuff that had more ambient sound too. I have probably referenced this movie in like half of my reviews, but stuff like Jurassic Park really does come into its own here.

Actually, I want to stick with that movie for a second as we talk about the subwoofer. While this is not the largest subwoofer, it does provide a fantastic amount of bass. I was very impressed here and if you were watching a movie like Independence Day for example and you had the sound cranked up, you are going to feel like you are in the movie theatre. It really does add a great deal to the overall experience and I have to say that there is no comparison between having a dedicated subwoofer and one built into the actual soundbar. I was very, very impressed and actually quite surprised by the level of quality this subwoofer offered.

While big and loud is awesome, we do also have to check out how this handles dialogue. After all, that is one area where I feel modern TVs really struggle. We just got a cheap Hisense 40-Inch Class H4 Series LED Roku Smart TV for our study and the picture is great, but man those speakers struggle! With the Klipsch Cinema 600, you get very clear and precise dialogue and there is even a button on the remote you can press if you want clear dialogue to be the main aspect of the sound you are getting. If easy to hear dialogue is one of the main reasons you want a soundbar, you are not going to be disappointed here.

Sony HT-G700:

I was very impressed with the sound quality that the Sony HT-G700 produced. Have a look at this Sony HT-G700 Dolby Atmos & DTS -X Soundbar with Wireless Woofer – Feel the Thunder! video where the guy tells you how impressive it is. I want to start by talking about the Dolby Atmos that this provides you with. I do have to say that yes, there are better Dolby Atmos soundbars out there, but this one for its price is still great. I think that the movies from the MCU have some of the best Dolby Atmos around and a movie like Avengers: End Game which I have probably seen 10 times sounds amazing through this. The clever way that the sound comes from above and what feels like all around you is very impressive. If this is your first taste of Dolby Atmos, you are going to be well and truly blown away.

As well as being great for the big blockbuster stuff, the Sony HT-G700 also brings it when it comes to dialogue as well. To be fair, clear voice is something that the majority of soundbars do very well and this one is no different. If you are watching a TV show like Lost or a movie that has a lot of dialogue mixed with action like the amazing 21 Bridges. You will be very happy with how clear dialogue is when coming through this. The remote control does actually have a button called “voice” with the idea being it will enhance the vocals of whatever it is you are watching. I will touch on the remote a bit later on and the other stuff it offers you.

Thanks to the dedicated subwoofer that comes with the Sony HT-G700, the bass this offers is great and helps give you that cinema type experience. One of my favorite movies is The Abyss which as far as I am aware, still does not have a 4K release, there was talk of a 4K release nearly five years ago! Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that a movie like that which has a great varied sound, with some deep bass is going to sound extra special thanks to this soundbar. The last time I checked out this soundbar/subwoofer I said I was impressed with the subwoofer and going back to give it another try, I am even more impressed than I originally was!

The Verdict: 

Both of these are great in their own way. I like the Klipsch Cinema 600 for how well balanced and even the overall sound is. However, my pick for this category is the Sony HT-G700. I just think it is a better sounding product overall, it is not massively better I will say, but side by side, I could tell a difference. Plus, the G700 is also offering you Dolby Atmos support, granted it is not like you get with soundbars that are nearly double the price like the Sony Z9F , however, I still think it works very well and is a fantastic effect.

The Remote Control

You know I think that remote control is the hardest category for me to pick a winner for! I really like both remotes that are on offer here. Hmm, I am stalling, but this Klipsch Cinema vs Sony HT-G700 must go on and I need to try and pick which remote I like best.

Klipsch Cinema 600: I think if I had to pick my favorite companies when it came to remote controls, Klipsch would probably make the top three. The remote that they give you with the Klipsch Cinema 600 is pretty great. It has a real sense of quality about it and I like the curvy design as it makes it nice and comfortable to hold. While the style is great and all, what really makes this neat is how they give you full control over the soundbar and subwoofer in a very easy way. While there are different sound presets you can play with, Klipsch has made sure that each button is clearly labeled so it is easy to use.

Sony HT-G700: Sony has used the same style of remote for the Sony HT-G700 with other soundbars like the Sony HT-X8500. They share the same shape and design, but the buttons are tailored for each individual soundbar. This is a great remote and I am sure many people will like the more streamlined design of it. It has dedicated buttons for different settings such as voice which I mentioned before. These make testing out different sound modes very easy. In all, it is a great remote that gives you complete control over your soundbar.

The Verdict: As I said, this is a tough one to call. Both remotes are great in their own way. I do like the slightly larger size and feel of the Klipsch Cinema 600 so I think I have to give this round to them. Both remote controls offer you exactly what you need when it comes to controlling your soundbar. However, the style of the Klipsch is more my kind of thing.   

What Is In The Box?

The last category in our Klipsch Cinema 600 vs Sony HT-G700 fight is what you can expect to find in the box. I also like to talk about the actual box as well and how much of a pain in the butt it will be to get home.

Klipsch Cinema 600: As you are getting both a soundbar and a subwoofer with the Klipsch Cinema 600  you are probably expecting a rather large box. Well, you will not be disappointed as the box is pretty damn big! Just make sure you have the seats down if you are picking this up from somewhere like Walmart! As well as the soundbar, subwoofer and their power cables. You also get your instruction manual, remote control, batteries and they also give you an HDMI cable as well. Granted, I wish they included both an optical cable and an HMDI cable, but if they are only going to give one, I would prefer the HDMI. They do also give you the brackets you need to mount this thing on the wall if you want.

Sony HT-G700: Inside the rather large box that the Sony HT-G700 comes in you have a lot of goodies waiting for you. There is the soundbar and the subwoofer which really goes without saying! You also get your power cables, remote, batteries and they give you an HDMI cable as well. They do not give you an optical cable here, but I will actually give Sony a pass on this. The reason for that is that this is a Dolby Atmos soundbar so it makes sense for them to give you an HDMI cable.

The Verdict: 9/10, this round usually is a tie, and to be fair to both Sony and Klipsch, it really has to be here as well. I think that both companies are more than fair with what they are offering you inside the box. At the end of the day, you get what you need here to get your soundbar up and running and that is all you can ask for.

What Is The Best?

I had some real fun putting together this Klipsch Cinema 600 vs Sony HT-G700 article. These are two companies that I do hold in very high regard. They both make fantastic products and I think these soundbars are a great showcase for their work. The price for both of these is great, but enough stalling and messing around, which one did I prefer? I have to say that while I think the Klipsch Cinema 600  is a great soundbar and fills a room with a well balanced sound. I do think that the Sony HT-G700 is the better package here. It is not just because it supports Dolby Atmos either. I think overall, it packs a bit more punch and gives you more of a cinema style sound.

To be fair, you could not go wrong with either of these, but if I had to suggest one of these, it would always be the Sony HT-G700, I just feel it has more meat on the bone overall!

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