Edifier S350DB vs S3000Pro Which Is A Better Choice?

Choosing the right speaker is never easy. It is a fact, you could go to a local electronics store, and you would see so many different kinds of speakers. However, I bet a buying guide could make your work easier.

Edifier speakers are known for their good quality and sound. They are priced decently as well. Therefore, it is a good choice for upgrading the speakers in their computer or notebook. However, Edifiers have a lot of different types of speakers.

So, which one should you buy? First, let’s see how Edifier S350DB compares to Edifier S3000Pro and help you make an informed decision.

Edifier S350DB Design

The Edifier S350DB is a 2.1 speaker system with a fashionable, shiny black finish and silver delineate of wooden material. The front of the speaker is where all the controls are for you to use. It has two silver knobs that can be used to control volume and bass amplify, and there’s also a power button and an input jack of 3.5mm at this side.

This 8-inch subwoofer has a clean, modern design which looks glorious sitting on a desktop or bedside table. The front of the speaker is completely covered by a lattice grille that hides two 3-inch drivers and a single 1-inch tweeter.

You can adjust the bass, treble, and volume with knobs on the right speaker. The Edifier S350DB have 8.75 x 5 x 6 inches of measurements. Besides that, the Edifier S350DB are fitted with titanium dome tweeters of 0.75-inch and it have 25 Watts of midrange drivers.

The first thing to notice when unboxing is that the box is huge. These are big speakers, and they’re heavy too. This is not a system for portability, but it’s meant to be used at home, so this isn’t really an issue.

The power cord isn’t really long enough, but you can use an extension cord or simply plug them into a surge protector or power strip if you have one nearby.

Edifier S350DB Sound Quality

Besides having a frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz, Edifier S350DB provides 150 Watts RMS (Root Mean Squared) of power, letting you enjoy the clear sound for TV, PC, and mobile telephone.

The particular soundbar is a worthy upgrade to any computer or TV that’s just not up to the task of delivering a full, rich sound experience. It delivers clear, high-quality audio across the spectrum and has all the inputs you would need to connect it to your computer, TV, or other audio devices.

On top of that, the Edifier S350DB implements a woofer of 6.5 inches for its subwoofer and a bass reflex port that makes sound consistent. The titanium dome tweeters that have 0.75 inches of measurements assists in clarity of audio. The sound doesn’t get distorted even when you turn it up to maximum volume. You will not experience any buzzing sounds because of the powerful bass, which does not suppress the higher frequencies.

However, the left speaker doesn’t produce as much sound as the right one. They both have volume controls, but you can only turn up the right speaker all the way without distorting the sound. Even then, it’s louder than the left one by a fair amount.

Edifier S350DB Connection

The Edifier S350DB is a speaker system with many features, such as a 4.1 Bluetooth receiver, an RCA (Radio Corporation of America) connector, and an optical digital audio output.

Besides that, it also has a 3.5mm headset jack, a 3.5mm audio jack and a separate microphone jack on the back of the speaker. In addition, the speakers have clearly marked labels for both their left and right channels, and the subwoofer has its own volume dial.

The Bluetooth receiver on the Edifier S350DB can operate up to 30 feet away from your device, which is ideal if you need to place it across the room or in an inconvenient spot. The Bluetooth receiver on the back of the subwoofer also gives you access to your volume controls for easy adjustments when you’re traveling around your home or office listening to your music.

Edifier S350DB Remote Control

Edifier S350DB’s feature of remote control is convenient and easy-to-use if you want to enjoy hassle-free music from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone via Bluetooth, optical and coaxial inputs. There are also several inputs on this device that allow you to connect to other devices, such as a DVD player or gaming device. You can rotate your screen into different modes, such as a PC screen or TV screen, depending on how you want to use it on a particular day.

Why Should You Buy the Edifier S350DB?

As seen here, the 3.5-channel speaker set has some serious power under its belt. It can power up to 300 watts peak, and it has a dynamic frequency response that goes all the way to 35 kHz. The four-inch drivers are capable of handling 80 Watts RMS, and they work to ensure that there won’t be any distortion even when the volume is at its highest setting.

The bass reflex ports are capable of ensuring that the sound quality is well-rounded. The uneven speaker sound problems can occur as a result of packaging or shipping. Nonetheless, it is a flaw that the distributors can correct to ensure that customers experience the product just the way it was manufactured.

Edifier S3000Pro Design

The S3000Pro is a sleek-looking speaker unit. It’s available in black with a brushed aluminum front panel that looks elegant and feels smooth. The controls are fairly minimalistic; there are just volume knobs for left and right channels and an on/off switch. They’re laid out well, so you don’t have to spend time searching for a particular control.

The amplifier is designed to be used with bookshelf speakers and small floor-standing models, so it doesn’t take up much space on your desk or shelf. The front also features an attractive blue LED power indicator light that glows when the amplifier is on.

Edifier S3000Pro Sound Quality

Edifier S3000Pro frequency response is 48 Hz to 20 kHz.

As far as desktop speakers are concerned, the Edifier S3000Pro is one of the best, with a good sound resolution. It has the capacity to fill any room with sound and produce some of the clearest music that you have ever heard.

The aluminum bass unit and silk tweeters aid the Edifier S3000Pro in delivering crisp highs and thumping lows, which makes listening to music or watching movies a truly enjoyable experience.

The sound quality of the Edifier S3000Pro is balanced throughout the spectrum of sound because of the 4-inch woofer for its bass reflex port.

A small setback that can be experienced with the tweeters is the harsh sounds when they are at full volume.so if you listen to your music at full volume very often, you might not want to use these speakers because they might damage your ears.

Edifier S3000Pro Connection

The Edifier S3000pro is a great-sounding speaker system that uses 5.0 Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and comes with an auxiliary input for wired connections.

Connecting the Edifier S3000pro to your phone, iPod, tablet, or any other device is easy and takes almost no time at all. The front of the speaker has a full-function joystick that allows you to navigate through the controls on your device.

If you want to control the volume, bass, or treble, then you will need to connect using Bluetooth. However, if you want to play music stored on your device, then you can connect using the 3.5mm auxiliary input.

Edifier S3000Pro Remote Control

The multifunctional remote control is easy to use and has a tactile feel and appearance. The Edifier S3000Pro remote comes with a dedicated bass level button, which you can use to adjust the bass levels on the system.

In addition, it also has a power switch and volume controls, which makes it easy for you to operate the system from the comfort of your couch or bed. You can also use the Edifier S3000Pro remote to change tracks on your music player and pause or start playing the music during your listening session.

Why Should You Buy the Edifier S3000Pro?

This video shows that the Edifier S3000Pro offers an authentic, full-range sound experience that everyone in your home can enjoy due to its clear separation of instruments and vocals at all volume levels. Although it has a minor setback for the tutors, this can be regulated by moderating the volume to avoid loud music.

The Verdict

While variations of the Edifier S350DB and Edifier S3000Pro speakers might come at a price, there are no major differences between the features of the two. After considering all features, the sound quality was ultimately favoring the Edifier S350DB 3-way bookshelf speakers over the S3000Pro.

Edifier S350DB boasts a high sound that comes with unmatched clarity. There are minor flaws with this speaker set but these cannot be deal-breakers by any stretch of the imagination.

Meanwhile, the Edifier S350DB is louder than the former because it has a bigger subwoofer and more bass output because of the higher RMS power. And you can agree that when buying speakers sound is the essential feature that we all consider.

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