Logitech Z625 vs G560 which is a better choice?

Logitech Z625 vs Logitech G560, two of the most popular 2.1 loudspeakers in the market at once! The problem is that finding reliable information about them is not easy. So here is a simple comparison between these speakers which hopefully will help you make up your mind if you are searching for a new speaker system.

Company Profile

Logitech International S.A. is a Swiss global provider of personal computers and mobile accessories, with EMEA headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland and American headquarters in Newark. The company develops and markets products like keyboards, mice, trackballs, game controllers, microphones, webcams, speakers etc. The products are mostly focused on PC and laptops.

Logitech has always been a good friend for gamers and audiophiles as they produce some of the best products in this market segment. Although, there was a time when Logitech speakers were also popular among average consumers as well because of their affordable price and good quality. But those days are long gone, Logitech speakers aren’t really popular in the average consumer market anymore.

But, they still produce quality products in the gaming and audiophile market segments.

Logitech G560 is one of their latest 2.1 THX Certified speakers which retail for around $200. Logitech Z625 retails for about $120.

At first glance, both systems look almost identical. But we will further compare the specs and features of both systems in this article.

Logitech Competitors

Logitech Z625

It is a 2.1 amplifier with Tomlinson Holman’s eXperiment (THX) certification. The subwoofer of Logitech Z625 features an auxiliary input for other sources besides the PC or Xbox One (Aux-In). Next, it has one RCA stereo output to connect another speaker unit if you decide to go 3.1 down the road and 60 watts of power distributed between the subwoofer and the two satellite speakers.


Logitech G560

It is a 2.1 amplifier without Tomlinson Holman’s eXperiment (THX) certification. Besides that, Logitech G560 has one Aux-In and one RCA stereo output for daisy-chaining, the biggest difference comes from its built-in RGB LED lighting which can be controlled to match your setup.


Detailed Comparison


The Z625 is the cheapest of the two, it costs 80€/90$ on amazon and 133$ for a refurbished unit via Newegg Marketplace. The G560 is more expensive with a retail price of 200€/220$ on amazon but no available units from 3rd party sellers at this time.

Build quality & Design

The Z625 speaker system comes with impressive high gloss black cabinets which are slightly bigger than the G560 ones. They both feature a volume knob on the front and power button, the Logitech Z625 has an Aux-In in addition to its RCA stereo output while the G560 has only one RCA output. They both have a wired remote to control the volume and power, its buttons are directly printed on the device’s case just like with an old radio tuner for example. You can also use the same wired remote with your PC if you plug it into one of your desktop’s USB ports. The Z625 is THX certified while the G560 is not and the Logitech Z625 has a nominal power output of 60 watts while the G560 can do 120W RMS.


The Z625 comes with a speaker wire to connect its satellites and a shielded 3 meters long cable for its wired remote. It also features an AUX-In on its wired remote which let you plug in other audio sources like your phone or mp3 player if you don’t use it with your PC, Xbox One or PS4. The G560 is a complete set of cables, all you have to do is connect the speakers’ power supply. It also has a wired remote to control the volume and power, its buttons are directly printed on the device’s case just like with an old radio tuner for example. The Logitech G560 have a RCA output to connect another speaker unit if you decide to go 3.1 down the road or use your headset with it.

Comfort & Features

They are both comfortable to wear because they don’t apply too much pressure on your head and their ear cups are big enough. They both have a closed-back design and their ear pads can be mounted on the side of the satellite speakers to let you use them as headphones if you wish. The Z625 is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and comes with a 2 years warranty while the G560 works on Windows 10 only and only comes with 1 year of warranty.

Sound quality

Both speaker systems are not enough to shake your room, they both lack bass extension down to 40Hz for example. The Z625’s subwoofer is more powerful than the G560 one with 60 watts vs 5-50 watts RMS power output, that doesn’t mean it hits harder, just that its driver can move more air. The Z625’s drivers are bigger than the G560 ones with 2″ vs 1.5″ diameters. The G560 has a slightly brighter and better-defined sound while the Z625 sounds warmer and more natural because its lossless crossover network can’t be bypassed, that doesn’t mean it is better but if you want to try both of them and compare you will notice the difference.

Amp & Drivers

The G560’s DTS surround emulation is useless, it can’t even create a basic 5.1 signal from 2 speakers and that’s why it has an extra dongle for Dolby virtual speaker processing (VSP). It doesn’t need such dongles as the Logitech Z625 which already has a high-quality lossless crossover network where the highs and lows pass through without any active processing.  

Logitech G560

The soundstage is not as wide as with the Z625 but has a more accurate surround setup if you position your ear cups properly, this was easier to do with the G560 which features a side-mounted ear cup for example. The highs are a little bit sharper but not sibilant, but they were found to be better for gaming by a small margin. When you turn the volume knob up, it tends to distort fast due to its small drivers so its max volume is lower than the Z625s’.

Logitech z625

It has an impressive soundstage for a 2.1 speaker set but it’s not as easy to position your ear cups with it, you will need to press them against your head too much to get the same effect. This is more comfortable for long gaming sessions but doesn’t isolate you from your surroundings as well. The highs are not harsh at all and can go very loud without distortion thanks to its bigger drivers. A common complaint is about the low end which lacks impact and rumble, the sound feels flat as if it was rolled off.

Conclusion: The Verdict

If you can find the Logitech Z625 for a good price, your search is over. It looks great and sounds pretty good for its size with or without a subwoofer. The Logitech G560 is not a bad speaker set by any means but it feels like it’s intended for casual gaming and music use only which is sad if you ask me. It would have been preferred had its software support Dolby Digital or DTS decoding so you can be sure about the audio format your game supports, but this seems unlikely.

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