LG SN8YG vs SL8YG which is a better choice?

LG excels in some sectors, including televisions, where they can brag about being one of the finest. However, a TV also requires sound, and the most straightforward and most attractive method is with a soundbar. A soundbar has become the most economical and space-saving method to get Dolby Atmos inside your house, with various AV firms embracing the technologies in their home cinema equipment.

In our opinion, LG hasn’t always struck the point when it relates to soundbars. LG has improved its soundbar lineup, but what are the distinctions between the various models? We’ve gone over the best one to explain everything.

The full-fat wireless surround sound system is at the top of LG’s soundbar line, and as you progress down the line, functions are stripped away, and the size shrinks. However, a few characteristics stay constant. We’ve done the legwork for you, and if you’re searching for a soundbar, especially an LG one. Continue reading to learn about the significant differences between the LG SN8YG and the LG SL8YG.


LG SN8YG 3.1.2 Channel High Res Audio Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos® and Google Assistant Built-In, SN8YG

The LG SN8YG soundbar has Dolby Atmos and DTS: X object-based audio, eARC compatibility for HD audio, room calibration, and built-in Chromecast and Google Assistant, to name a few features.

More crucially, the $800 SN8YG doesn’t compromise on sonic principles, focusing primarily on the mid-range sounds that most of its rivals overlook. At the same time, the LG SN8YG’s flat sound profile won’t cater to everyone and misses soundstage-enhancing side-firing drivers, its robust, profound sound quality masters the essentials.



LG SL8YG 3.1.2 Channel 440W Sound Bar w/ Meridian Technology & Dolby Atmos, soundbar and speaker front view, SL8YG

In LG’s 2019 lineup, the SL8YG is the entry-level Dolby Atmos soundbar. The LG SL8YG, which was developed in collaboration with Meridian, supports Atmos and DTS:X audio codecs and Google Assistant voice control.

However, the LG SL8YG isn’t only about Atmos. It also includes a powerful wireless subwoofer, an infrared remote control, plus Google Assistant integration, so anyone can ask it to switch on their TV or play songs from your Spotify profile with only your voice.

The LG, like many other Google Assistant-powered speakers, offers Chromecast connectivity, making streaming music from your smartphone, iPad, or laptop a breeze. In addition, Chromecast is compatible with many streaming platforms, such as the majority of the leading streaming services. Like other soundbars, you may directly attach the bar to your TV through HDMI, S/PDIF optical, or analog 3.5mm input.


  • Thrilling cinematic sounds

  • The stereo soundstage is large

  • Integration with Google Assistant

  • The cost is moderate.

  • Presence at a low level

  • The app is very terrible.

  • There are no surround sound systems. 
  • DTS: X & Dolby Atmos

  • Bass that fills you up

  • Design with a clean look

  • Integration of Google Assistant

  • Soundstage with a lot of emphasis on the front.

  • Remote control that is difficult to use

  • There isn’t much width here. 


LG SN8YG: Features

The primary soundbar device is 41.7 x 2.2 x 4.7 inches in size, with a sleek look that won’t obstruct the lower portion of most TVs when placed in front of them. Also, with our 55-inch LG C9 OLED TV, known for its low-slung design, the top of the SN8YG’s casing barely scraped the C9’s lower portion, which didn’t bother us (since we are fanatic for everything that covers the TV screen’s borders).

The SN8YG’s upfiring drivers function by bouncing sound off your ceiling, making it a convenient and cost-effective alternative to ceiling speakers. There is a drawback when it relates to 3D audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. However, the correct ceiling is required. As per Dolby, a level ceiling of 7.5 to 14 feet is preferable, whereas vaulted ceilings would detract from the impression.

LG SL8YG: Features

The LG SL8YG soundbar is 41.7 x 2.2 x 4.7 inches (WxHxD) in size and 9.7 pounds in weight. With the provided mounting brackets, you may install them on the wall or just position them on the stand in front of the TV. With dimensions of 8.7 x 15.4 x 12.3 inches (WxHxD) and a weight of 17.2 pounds, the sub is comparatively tiny. In addition, the reserve links to the soundbar through a unique 5GHz protocol, allowing it to be put virtually anywhere in the house. First, of course, both devices must be connected to an electrical outlet.

As noted earlier, the SL8YG includes Dolby Atmos and DTS: X immersive audio, which multiplies sounds from all directions, even above. Many other speaker types are available with Atmos and DTS: X; there are three front channels plus two overhead channels in this example. This is a 3.1.2 setup since it includes the subwoofer (three front channels, one subwoofer channel, two overhead channels). The overhead channels use speaker drivers pointing towards the ceiling to bounce audio back down to the user. For this to work, the top must be level and reflecting.

LG SN8YG: Performance

The SN8YG produces a powerful sound with a lot of basses. However, the effect is limited due to the lack of simulated surround sound. Surround. It also muffles conversation and singing by burying them in the mix a little.

To connect up the SN8YG, you’ll need to install two applications. First, you must enable Google Assistant and link the device to your network using Google Home. After that, get the LG Wi-Fi Speaker app. It’s odd to have to utilize two applications for setup. However, the LG app is the one that gives you the most control over the numerous options available.

To have the speaker seem optimum in the area you’re using it, use the LG app to conduct auto-calibration. One can also directly change the subwoofer, center channel, and height speakers’ volumes – just a handful of soundbars offer you that amount of control.

The SN8YG produces a powerful sound with a lot of bass. However, the experience is limited compared to other soundbars that offer simulated surround sound. It also muffles conversation and singing by burying them in the mixture a little.

Many sound modes are available on the SN8YG; easily customize the audio to your preferences. For example, you may choose between AI Sound Pro, which adapts the audio to what you’re seeing, and Bass Blast, Standard, Movie, or Music. In most situations, AI Sound Pro performed admirably. For example, on the SN8YG, the music sounded nice, but the muffled vocals were the same as while viewing movies.

LG boasts that the system can create 440 watts of power, no exaggeration. The SN8YG exceeded 100 decibels at maximum volume, which is the highest we’ve ever heard from a soundbar. At that intensity, voices were a bit garbled, but you’ll probably rarely need to go that loud, and it’s comforting to know you have more than enough power in reserve in case you need to drown out outdoor noises or just annoy the neighbors.

LG SL8YG: Performance

The LG SL8YG is a 3.1.2 speaker system, so it can’t provide surround sound in the strictest sense. For example, there are no back speakers, but they include left-center and proper front channels, two front height channels, and a subwoofer.

Neither the Dolby Atmos nor the Dolby Vision effects are impressive. Despite upward-firing drivers on the right and left ends of the soundbar, the speaker appeared to only be capable of producing sounds at a certain height. It seemed like it was emanating from a foot or two just above the speaker, rather than from up near the ceiling, as it should have been. Even when the height channel was set to its highest volume, this didn’t alter much. The LG SL8YG, on the other hand, performed admirably with the majority of the content I threw at it.

Speech reproduction was, in reality, a strength we discovered during our tests. Even if you run across a mix it doesn’t like, you can always turn up the volume on the center channel to fix any problems, and you can even use DTS Neural X if you install the LG app.

However, if you adhere to Movie mode, you’ll be OK. With the bass cranked down a notch, there’s a good feeling of harmony between the lower, medium, and higher registers. While the treble isn’t very clear, it’s a comfortable experience overall.

LG SN8YG: Price

The LG SN8YG is brand-new for 2020, which made its premiere at CES 2020 before going on sale in mid – June or early July. The price is $799.99, however, most stores have already discounted it to $649.99.

LG SL8YG: Price

The LG SL8YG was initially priced at $949, but it dropped to a far more affordable $610. When it comes to the vast amount of features available, there isn’t anything that compares to it at such a price. You can get soundbars that enable Atmos at this price point, but very few come with a wireless subwoofer.

The Verdict

The LG SL8YG outperforms the LG SN8YG in terms of sound quality. The LG SL8YG is a delightful bonus overall. It’s filled with features such as a wireless subwoofer, Atmos and DTS-X, and finished with a mirror coating of Google Assistant perfection, like an unexpected Bake-Off Stunner after a disastrous technical task. With a beautiful appearance and superb sound quality, there’s plenty of value here as well. The 3.1.2 SN8YG, on the other hand, performs better in terms of Atmos.

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